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State of the game from a good player

WorldofTanks1 - State of the game from a good player

This is a comment from a crazy bat that plays tanks and is a good player not a super unicum or a great player. Just a bat that has been at it for a little more then 2 years and has improved the old fashion way by grinding and getting help from my clan mates.

First, let me start with the game play. Since 6.0 was dropped on our collective heads. I have a noticed a big change in game play. This is due to a few factors. One is the lose of the veteran players that were so disillusioned by the update that they quit playing the game. Two, the jump in the number of new players entering the game. Three, WG giving away premium tier 8,9, and 10 tanks to these new players. So now we see the game play in the upper tiers become sporadic and wonder why we see more camping in the back, tanks blocking other tanks from backing up to get out of danger, and/or just plain, straight up bad decisions.

Second, the game mechanics. There has been many changes to the game mechanics. The biggest ones that I see that have been detrimental to the game are the new HUD, the spotting mechanics are spotty at best, and the clunky UI. We all know what everyone says about the HUD and I won't beat a dead horse. The spotting mechanics have been goofy since 6.0. I see a tank in my viewing range and watch it disappear right in front of my eyes or I got shot by a tank that is in my viewing range but doesn't become seen until it shoots. I understand if he is behind a rock on below a dune. But, out in the open?? Third the CLUNKY UI. Taking commanders down to 9 skills is one thing. But, changing how to get into a tank is dumb. You pick the Commander, then you have to find the tank you want to play, which when you go into the tanks they are not in country order. The only thing that does make sense is that the tech tree tank he commands is always the first tank in the upper left hand corner. It would of made more sense to pick the tank and then put the Commander of your choice into the tank.


Lastly, and this has been beaten to death and seems to fall on deaf ears. That is Maps, maps, maps. They systematically took maps out of the game under the guise of upgrading them graphicly because of not supporting 360 consoles and high definition for the new series XBox and Playstation. They upgraded the current maps we do have when 6.0 dropped and 3 months later they gave us Highway and Vineyards. 3 MONTHS, MY question on this is. How come they could upgrade the maps we have to drop 6.0, but can't give us maps back after 4 MONTHS now? Sure they say we will get 4 new maps and three of the old ones back soon but have not given us a date.

Now it is being rumored that they are going to drop another big update on us. They should fix things with 6.0 and get it running smoothly before bringing us another ill fated update. Just my humble opinion and observations.

GuanoLoco63 the crazy bat.

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