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Suggestion for a Crew Skill re-design

WorldofTanks5 - Suggestion for a Crew Skill re-design

Crew Skills need a rework, or better said the Crew grind should be a lot more user friendly

Looking at the other game (World of Warships) one get an idea how it could look like

Now Copy&Past would not work but the basic concept will work.

WoWS is easy, there is one Commander and one Skilltree. WoT has different types and numbers of Crew members which would need different Skilltrees.

This can be worked around and also solve a current problem with unequal numbers of Crew Members and available Skills.

General changes:

  • Crew members earn Skill Points with each level up to a maximum of 19 (non linear xp curve, a good player should get a full crew with 500 battles without retaining).
  • If a Crew reaches 19 points, Accelerate Crew Training will convert earned Crew XP into Elite Crew XP which can be used to train/retrain any Crew Member, or reset a Skilltree (additional to Gold, Credits+Elite Crew XP for a 100% Crew after changing a tank should be possible)
  • there will be 5 different Skilltrees for each type of Crew (Commander, Radio Operator, Gunner, Driver, Loader)
  • All Crew Members will earn Skillpoints for all Skilltrees. They are only able to see the Tree and spent points on them if they are trained for the specific role and only the respective Tree will be active
  • If the role of a Crewmember changes, also the available Skilltree changes, but Skillpoints spent will not reset (a Commander that becomes also Radio Operator after switching tanks will have both Skilltrees available and can spent points, if he becomes a pure Commander again, his Radio Operator Tree will be deactivated. If he is retrained to a pure Radio Operator, the already filled Tree becomes available again)
  • If a tank has 2 Crew Member with the same role (2 Loaders) both need to have the same skills (or they won't work with 100%)

A 0-BiA Crew could become a 10 point Crew (XP earned with such a Crew would be on top of that)

Crews that would already have more XP earned than for 19 points needed would transfer their overflow into Elite Crew XP

The Skilltree:

4 Levels of Skills, 1 Skillpoint for lvl 1, 2 SP for lvl 2 etc.


With 19 points you can have 1 lvl 1 Skill and 2 from each other level, or 3 lvl 4 Skill, 2 lvl 1 and 1 Skill from lvl 2 and 3.

There should be always a choice and the chosen Skill be a mix of tank type and playstyle. Therefore some new Skills are added (while I tried to use all of the existing ones) with a short description

Skills without a specified Crew Member are only active if all Crew Members have them, and work as long as 1 of them is alive

Level 1:

  • Sixth Sense
  • Incoming Fire Alert (additional Warning if a shot <300m away is fired on your tank)

Level 2:

  • Preventive Maintenance (reduced chance of module damage including Ammo Rack and Tracks)
  • First Aid (reduced chance for Crewmembers getting killed/stunned)

  • Mentor (Commander)
  • Deadeye (Gunner)
  • Signal Boosting (Radio Operator)
  • Controlled Impact (Driver)
  • Safe Stowage (Loader)

Level 3:

  • Recon (Commander)
  • Jack of all Trades (Commander)
  • Priority Target (Commander), Number of Tanks that are currently aiming at your tank

  • Snap Shot (Gunner)
  • Armorer (Gunner)
  • Designated Target (Gunner)

  • Situational Awareness (Radio Operator)
  • Call for Vengeance (Radio Operator)
  • Relaying (Radio Operator)

  • Smooth Ride (Driver)
  • Clutch Breaking (Driver)
  • Offroad Driving (Driver)

  • Adrenaline Rush (Loader)
  • Demolition Expert (Loader), increase change to set target on fire
  • Expert Loader (Loader), Accelerates shell type switching if main gun is loaded.

Level 4

  • Brothers in Arms
  • Repair
  • Concealment
  • Firefighting (and reduced chance to take fire)


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