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Suggestion for an artillery change – Barrage Mode

WorldofTanks4 - Suggestion for an artillery change - Barrage Mode

Yes, artillery is going to remain in the game. But there are lots of complaints about it from people who don't play it, and those who do play it enjoy it. So we need to come to a happy medium. This isn't a suggestion for a nerf, per se, but it is a suggestion for an alteration to the game play.

With the implementation of wheeled vehicles, we have a precedent for a vehicle to have two modes; in their case, a speed mode and a maneuver mode. I would like to suggest something similar for arty, but give it two firing modes: assault and barrage.

Assault: As it is currently, but remove the stun effects. The shells being fired are being fired to damage, so let them stick to damage.

Barrage: Barrage is a suppression-style attack. It's not meant to cause extraordinary amounts of damage, but instead to support a push by allies, or as a defensive measure to inhibit an enemy push.


Mechanics: In Barrage mode, the unit will be firing three of it's primary (first ammo slot) ammo, or premium ammo. It will not work with any secondary ammunition. A barrage hits a larger-area diameter on impact, but does not deal actual damage. It only applies stun effects within the area.

I'm not the greatest mathematician to state percentages increases, but in general; if a normal shell deals damage in a 10m diameter area, a barrage will hit a 30m diameter area. Stun duration decreases the further from the center of the impact area. For premium ammo, stun duration is static across the entire area (cause hey, you just shot three gold shells).

This gives the artillery player a choice of mechanics: does he want to single out a tank pushing against his platoon, or does he want to stun 5 attackers to let the three heavies moving in have an advantage in the attack. And for the other players, this splits the artillery effect he is receiving, so he doesn't have to deal with taking 800 damage and being stunned for 12 seconds on one hit.

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