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Suggestion for Improving the New Player Experience

WorldofTanks10 - Suggestion for Improving the New Player Experience

This suggestion is in response to QuickyBaby's recent video ( of changes to WoT if he were in charge. He rightfully claims that new players are discouraged and "clubbed" by "seal clubbers" (those who play low tiers agains inexperienced, new players) using better crews, equipment, consumables, etc. QB suggested that a way to solve this would be to give new players a 2-3 perk crew that can only be used in tiers 1-3 to "even the odds." I respectfully disgree as the new players won't know which skills/perks are best and they will undoubtably be confused when they can't carry their good crew to tier 4.


I would propose that WG limit the number of crew skills and equipments slots available per tier for tiers 1-4. advancing to the next tier would unlock additional equipment slots and raise the maximum number of crew skills. This would "nerf" the "seal clubbers" by limiting how good their crews could be at low tiers (e.g. their 5 perk T-100 LT crew is balanced to only its first 2 perks if put in the LTP) but would also teach new players which skills are the best to get first and how the (terrible) exponential (please stop this) crew experience grinding works. A similar concept would be applied to equipment: the number of equipments slots increases with the tier so as to gradually introduce new elements to of the game to new players (reducing the information-overload) and prevent seal clubbers from mounting rammer-vents-optics on their go-to seal-clubbing tank.


An example implementation might look like:

Tier Max Crew Skills Equipments Slots
I 1
II 1 1
III 2 2
IV 2 2
V 3 3
VI Unlimited* 3


Finally, I think implementing WoT Console's "Targeted" indicator would be more effective than giving players 6th-sense for free. the "Targeted" indicator is a default indicator that immediately goes off if you are spotted and in someone's gun-sights. However, it does not go off if you are spotted but no one is looking at you. This still gives the perk some usefulness for Lights and Mediums, but certain classes like Heavies may not need the perk. Regardless, it gives the new players a "6th-sense of sorts" without wasting precious crew experience (because exponential non-sense). Also, it might help you know when arty is looking at you…

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What do you guys think? Am I crazy?


TL;DR – change low tiers to gradually introduce crew skills and equipment by limiting how many skills a crew can have and how many equipment slots are available at lower tiers (1-4). Also, add WoT Console's "Targeted" instead of "free 6th-sense for everyone."

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