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Suggestion to Tier 10 Rebalance

WorldofTanks10 - Suggestion to Tier 10 Rebalance

Hello guys i thought of some rebalances in Tier 10 as i dont enjoy the meta at the moment.

How would you change Tier 10 and what do you think about this changes.

Amx 13 105: -Decrease Dispersion from 0.40 to 0.36

-Buff Terrain resistance from 0.86 hard ——->0.77

0.96 medium—>0.86

1.53 soft ——–>1.34

Rheinmetall Panzerwagen: -Increase Alpha from 320—>360

-Improve Gun Handling

T-100lt : -Dispersion from 0.44—>0.4

Wz-132-1: -Dispersion from 0.40—>0.36

-Gun Depression from 5–>6

-Rate of fire from 5.61(rnds/min)–>6(rnds/min)

Sheridan: -Improve Dispersion from 0.40–>0.38

– Rate of fire from 6.5(rnds/min)–>6.66(rnds/min)

121: -Aim Time from 2.7(sec)–>2.3(sec)

-Power/weight 14.87(hp/t)–>19(hp/t)

Amx 30b: -Penetration from 248mm–>258mm

-Shell Velocity 1.100(m/s)–>1.525(m/s)

-reverse armor buffs from patch 9.20

E-50M: -Increase Turret Armor from 185mm–>250mm

Leopard 1: -Rate of fire from 6.90(rnds/min)–>7.17(rnds/mim)

-Improve gun handling from 0.18 moving —>0.12

0.18 traverse–>0.12

0.08 turret—->0.06

-Aim time 1.90(sec)–>1.6(sec)

Obj.140: -Reverse Armor buff on Turret from patch 9.20

Obj.430u: -Nerf Hull Armor from 160mm–>150mm

-Make Cupolas a weak spot :300mm–>220mm

Obj.907: -Reverse armor buffs

Stb-1 : -Improve gun handling from 0.16 moving—>0.13

0.16 traverse->0.13

0.14 turret—>0.12

-Penetration from 258mm–>268mm

E-100: -Buff Turret Armor from 250mm–>270mm

IS-4 : -Improve Aim Time from 2.90(sec)–>2.5(sec)


-Improve gun handling from 0.25 moving —>0.18

0.25 traverse–>0.18

-Buff hull Armor from 140mm –>160mm

Kranvagn: -Intra Clip reload from 3(sec)—>2.73(sec)

-Improve Power/Weight from 15.63–>17

Super Conqueror: -Nerf Gun Depression from 10–>7

-Rate of fire from 6.9—> 6.7

T110E5: -Reverse front wheel nerf and buff Cupola from 209mm–>230mm

Type 5 Heavy: -Remove 15cm Derp gun

-Nerf armor on the cheeks from 270mm–>250mm

-Buff 14cm gun penetration

Wz.111.5a: -Rate of fire decrease from 5.36(rounds/min)–>5.1(rounds/min)

Amx M4 mle. 54: -Improve premiumrounds penetration on 130mm gun from 280mm–>300mm

FV215(b)183 and FV4005 Stage II: -Rework of HESH rounds

Grille 15: -Nerf Top Speed from 60(km/h)–>45(km/h)

-Gun Depression buff from 7–>8

-Improve gun handling from traverse 0.30–>0.26

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turret 0.40–>0.25

-Give the Grille 15 2 gun choices –>12.8cm which gives it a fully traversable turret with 560Alpha

15cm with same stats as now

Jagdpanzer E 100: -Damage from 1.050–>850

-Rate of fire from 2.33(rounds/min)–>3(rounds/min)(DPM from 2451–>2600)

-Improve Armor of Superstructure from 250mm–>270mm

Obj.268: -Power/weight from 15.69(hp/t)–> 18(hp/t)

Obj.268v4: -Nerf hull armor from 300mm–>270mm

-Improve Dispersion from 0.42–>0.38

-Rate of fire from 3.53(rounds/min)–>3.7(rounds/min)

T110E4: -Some armor buffs to hull and turret weakspots

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