World of Tanks

Summary of feedback on True Vision complied by Wizard

WorldofTanks2 - Summary of feedback on True Vision complied by Wizard

True Vision, general feedback (From Discord)

Most users (80%) perceived the second iteration of the event negatively.

The main reasons for the negative reaction of the gaming community are as follows:

• Light tanks with good concealment, camouflage and pumped up crew perks could be located 50 meters from the enemy tank and not be displayed on the minimap

• The battles have become passive – the players take a place in the bush and do not move so as not to be noticed. During a few minutes of the fight, not a single shot may occur, battless become boring

• Current maps are not designed for this mechanic. It is necessary to redo all the maps, increasing their size several times and adding many bushes and hills

• Camouflage and all concealment -related perks need to be redone

• The advantage is given to users with good eyesight and large screens, on which it is easier to see enemy tanks

• The game turns into War Thunder (tank battles in which are much more difficult, which is why it is less popular than our game). According to users, if they want to play a game with such a mechanic, they will launch War Thunder, in which maps from the very beginning were created considering their spotting mechanics.

• Experienced players have a great advantage – they know all the positions on the maps, they occupy them at the beginning, and their inexperienced opponents, accustomed to the old mechanics, do not understand where they are being destroyed from, because they were not spotting. With the new mechanics, experienced players play even better, and inexperienced ones even worse


• Whole nations and tank’s tree lose their meaning of existence (Swedish tank destroyers, French tanks without armor, Czech tanks, etc.), since with the new spotting mechanic they become unplayable

• Tanks with bright camouflage become very visible and are the primary target (it is very difficult for them to hide)

• In the opinion of users, instead of replacing the current spotting mechanics, it is necessary to teach the mechanics of the game to users who cannot understand it. Breaking what works to please those who can't (don't want to) understand the game is a bad decision

• According to users, our game is good for its arcade style. No need to change arcade game to simulator

Positive feedback

• The new mechanics completely changed the gameplay and made you look at the game from a different angle, adding variety to the gameplay

• The mechanics are opposed by users who have spent many years studying the game and pumping crew perks. A new user (who has never played tanks before) does not care what the spotting mechanic was earlier – he did not see it

• Light tanks with good concealment in the hands of experienced players are now a very formidable force – the owners of such light tanks are happy

• According to some users, the new mechanics are more logical and understandable (but such users are in the minority)

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