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Survey on Map Preferences in WoT

WorldofTanks9 - Survey on Map Preferences in WoT

Hello ladies and gents!

I am here today to ask for your help.

I am wanting to find out which maps are your favorites and which maps you despise. There are now 38 maps in the game as of patch 1.2. Because of this map variety, the survey itself could have easily been overly lengthy. This is especially true as I wanted to fine-tune the results a bit to see what sort of patterns or trends I could find. However, I have found a way to help shorten what would be an overly long survey for those that want to participate, but do not have a lot of time.

There are 12 pages on the survey. The first 2 pages are the only ones that require answers – Your Overall Favorite Maps and Your Overall Most Disliked Maps. The rest are a refinement of the first 2 pages – for example, your Favorite Maps in Light Tanks, or your Most Disliked Maps in Heavies. These pages are not required (you can simply bypass them with the next button), but it would be very much appreciated to have answers on those pages as well if you can. Each page allows you to make 1, 2, or 3 selections.



There is no personal info gathered. There is nothing to upload, so a Google Account login is not required. This is completely anonymous. Also, yes, I know Empire’s Border is a brand new map and few people will have an opinion on it. I can run this survey again in the future so that people will have had time to play the new map and decide on if they love it or hate it.

I am hoping to put together a neat article for you all based on the replies. I want to thank you ahead for your time in answering the survey! Hopefully, I can leave the survey open for a couple of weeks before closing it off to answers, and then at that time, get some cool data to pull out and share with you all!

Have a wonderful day tanking!


EDIT – Sorry, had the wrong link on the survey. Should be fixed now.


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