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Tech tree premiums to spend lootbox gold on, yay or nay?

WorldofTanks5 - Tech tree premiums to spend lootbox gold on, yay or nay?

I've been playing this game off and on for several years now. I don't play consistently enough to get a premium account. Then again I don't really need it, I don't think, since I stick to tier 6-7 mostly. I'm doing this (perhaps) weird thing where I'm playing everything that looks interesting to me at tier 6 first before moving up to tier 7, where I'll probably do the same before moving on to tier 8. I currently only have a handful of tier 8's unlocked, but none bought yet.

I bought lootboxes this year and last year. The allure of gambling was too much to resist, but the buy-in wasn't high so I don't mind. I didn't get any tier 8's either year though. I have about 14.500 gold sitting in my wallet, so I decided I might as well get some tech tree premiums for fun and credit making. Now, most guides and write ups reccommend people to get a tier 8 tank for maximum credit making. However, since I don't have any regular tier 8 tanks myself I'm hesitant to suddenly get a tier 8 premium. So I ask you, what tech tree premiums are worth it? Here's what I've been looking at so far.

– Panther/m10: I like the panther, and the history behind the /m10 makes it even neater in my eyes. I'm somewhat concerned about the penetration of the gun, but then again I do fairly well (pen wise) in the Cromwell, vk3001p, t-34-85 etc, which have comparable penetration so maybe I'm worrying about nothing.

– T-34-85M: I liked my T-34, I like my T-34-85, so I'm assuming I'll like this one as well. Probably the least special/interesting tank of the bunch, but it just seems all around solid.


– Type 64: I don't usually play lights. I played the ELC a bit before it got changed, and these days I sometimes take the luchs out for a spin. This tank seems like fun though, and has a good reputation. I did get the T-50-2 from having an old account, but I'm not sure how they compare.

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– M56 Scorpion: Okay, I realize this thing seems to have a bad reputation. I also barely ever see any. But I can't help but wonder if maybe this tank isn't so bad? The Hellcat is one of my favourite tanks to play, scooting around from hiding spot to hiding spot and taking cheeky shots. And this kinda looks like very tiny pocket Hellcat. I might be missing something that makes this hot garbage though.

– SuperPershing: This seems kinda the closest to the T29, which is my most played Tier 7 tank.

I don't enough about other tech tree premiums to really have a firm opinion about them. My current idea was to get the Panther/M10, M56 scorpion and either the t-34-85M or Type 64. I could also get a bit more gold and get both of those latter ones, but I don't particularely want to spend more money on WG. Alternatively, get both tier 6's and drop the scorpion if its bad reputation turns out to be deserved. The Panther/M10 and Superpershing is also an option with the 15% off currently. Any reccomendations and/or thoughts are appreciated.

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