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The changes to the Leopard 1 and STB-1 are garbage and leave both tanks worse than on live.

WorldofTanks4 - The changes to the Leopard 1 and STB-1 are garbage and leave both tanks worse than on live.

Take a look for yourselves.

The nerfs to the 430 and 430U are fine. The buffs to the AMX-30 are fine. That's not my concern. My concern is for the two tier X meds I have been waiting 4 years to recieve buffs, and when they finally see a rebalance, WG has made them WORSE.

Let's break down the issues with this one by one, starting with the Japanese tree:

Firstly, buffing the STA-1's dpm? Sure, but that tank needs more than that. Buffing the STA-2 more? It doesn't need it! It's better than the regular tech tree tank in every way other than 6mm of base pen….. more premium power creep please.

The Type-61 hasn't been mentioned, which is hilarious, because by these changes it will now have more pen and more damage than its tier X sibling. Just how badly are they screwing up the STB-1? Well, siege mode is a good start, until you realise they haven't mentioned buffing the armour on the turret. Let's be clear, siege mode on the STB-1 without armour buffs, is a direct nerf. It slows you down, it reduces the angle of the turret armour making penetration easier for the enemy, and it's designed for hull down dueling, in which respect the Swedish mediums will crush it without thickness increases to the mantlet and turret roof.

So that's not looking good. What else? Well, they start a trend of compensating every buff with a nerf that makes it meaningless. rate of fire increase? Slap the alpha down to 360 so it changes nothing. Better gun soft stats? Decrease the accuracy, velocity, and pen so it makes no difference. If you look, you'll see that the standard AP now has more velocity than the new premium APCR for the STB-1. Who even thinks of this crap? Power to weight increase? Nerf the top speed majorly.

This "improved" STB-1 is slower, easier to pen, has less alpha, no meaningful DPM increase, is less accurate and with lower velocity cannot snipe at all, and will struggle to pen anything frontally due to both awful accuracy and reduced pen. It's an overall NERF to the vehicle. The Swedish meds with siege mode will destroy this thing on the battlefield.

Then there's my first tier X, the Leopard 1. It's been in a sorry state for so long now, surely anything WG does will make life for it better? Wrong.

Continuing the trend of slapping major nerfs out to "compensate" for minor buffs, see how WG destroy the vehicle.


-10mm more base pen, now AP (slight buff vs slower, heavier targets, nerf vs small and fast ones)

-0.01 better accuracy (irrelevant)

-30 extra alpha (irrelevant, they nerfed ROF in the opposite manner to STB. dpm unchanged)

-5kph faster top speed forwards (irrelvant, it only reaches 65kph now when downhill)

-slightly, slightly better gun handling. So small as to be basically irrelevant, the tank will still be awful at snapshots.

-0.2s less aim time, probably the best change it gets.

-new premium APCR is fastest shell in the game.


So, with these minor buffs to the worst tier X medium and 2nd worst tier X in the game, WG feels that it needs compensatory nerfs that render the tank useless as anything but a P2W pseudo-tank destroyer.

-15mm less gold pen, plus pen falloff and increased chance of bounce vs HEAT. This is a significant nerf vs heavy slow targets, where the lower velocity of HEAT didn't matter but the excellent pen characteristics (especially vs sloped armour) did.

-lowered engine power so it will never reach new top speed. I can't even fathom why they want to nerf this.

-lowered traverse speed so it feels like shit to drive. Again, what possible reason?

-100hp lowered health pool, as if it wasn't fragile enough.

-lowered reverse speed by 3kph (it is 65kph historically, now 20 in game)

Leopard 1 after these changes is essentially a tank destroyer created to fire 100% gold ammunition. It is effectively going to be less mobile. It sees only tiny improvements to the gun handling, so will still be heavily outclassed by other mediums. Its gun buffs are aimed to make you do one thing, load the shiny new ultra-velocity APCR and camp. In their efforts to make these rebalances unique, WG has forgotten that the STB-1 needs to actually be competitive with the Swedes, and that the Leopard 1 ought to be able to function as a medium tank.

It's not impossible to fix this though if they listen, and see these changes won't help the tanks at all. Leopard will remain equally garbage, and STB-1 will likely get WORSE.


STB-1: speed buffed to 60kph, reduce a little of the engine power buff though. Armour on mantlet increased to 280-300 spaced. (170mm now). Pen returned to 258, velocity returned to current levels, DPM, alpha and ROF all returned to current levels. Gun handling buffs retained, 0.37 accuracy retained until siege is activated, then make it improve to 0.32 or similar. basically, stop messing with the ammo types and mobility! These tanks needed some buffs, not wacky reworks.

Leopard 1: return standard round to APCR, with the higher velocity of the new gold round, but the higher pen of the standard round. basically combine the two into a standard round with the 10mm pen buff, and velocity buff. Keep premium the same, HEAT. Keep the alpha increase, don't reduce the rate of fire at all.

Do not nerf the health, do not nerf the mobility. Keep speed at 65kph/23kph, but buf terrain resistances so it doesn't feel so heavy and slow.

Increase gun hnadling buffs, notably 0.27 accuracy, 1.5 aim time and better soft stat buffs that the pathetic effort from WG.

Add 10m to view range.

Compensatory nerfs? None. It literally needs no nerfs, even when buffed. It will be competitive, but still niche, and still hard to play, In no way would it need any further tuning.

I'm begging you WG, do not put these changes live without rethinking. At minimum, scrap some of the nerfs, lest you leave thes tanks worse than they were before you even started.

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