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The current state of tournaments (NA) is absolutely unacceptable. WGNA continues to treat their customers like trash.

WorldofTanks9 - The current state of tournaments (NA) is absolutely unacceptable. WGNA continues to treat their customers like trash.

So, we know that there have been issues with tournaments ever since they've returned – But just how many issues have there been? Let's take a look:

#1: June 22nd tournament started at completely incorrect times & was eventually cancelled.

#2: June 29th tournament (The re-do of the 22nd's tournament) didn't have any battles pop up.

#2.1: June 29th's tournament battles were re-scheduled… And failed to pop-up, again.

#3: July 1st's tournament battles started 2 hours earlier than scheduled.

#4: July 20th's tournament was over-loaded and teams were unable to submit their teams for the touranment.

#5: July 23rd's tournament had no display of teams, battles or brackets. Domo fixed this after being made aware, but the issue had impacts.

#6: Soccer tournament had major delays occur, which caused matches to be pushed back as far as a full week.

#7: August 10th's tournament had incorrect prizing given out to players.

#8: August 11th's tournament took place on the wrong map.

#9: August 12th's tournament didn't have any battles pop-up.

#10: August 18's tournament had incorrect times displayed on the tournament page.

#11: August 19th's tournament gave draws to all of the teams.

#12: August 24th's tournament was the wrong Tier, at the wrong time, without correct brackets posted.

#13: August 31st's tournament was the wrong battle mode.

#14: September 2nd's tournament didn't give any point credit for draws.

#15: September 8th's​ tournament wouldn't allow teams to register.

#16: September 9th's tournament didn't have any battles scheduled.

#17: September 14/15/16th's tournament's registration were delayed substantially.


#18: October 13th's tournament gave tech-defeats to teams that showed up 1-player short to the first battle, but allowed 1-player short for the other matches.

#19: October 18th's tournament didn't have any battles pop-up.

#19.1: October 18th's tournament then gave technical draws to victorious battles.

#20: October 19th's / 20th's tournaments were listed at the wrong dates / times.

#21: October 20th's tournament gave technical draws to teams readied up with the correct number of tanks.

#22: October 24th's tournament had 13 minutes in-between battles, instead of 3 minutes.

#23: October 26th's tournament stopped popping-up battles half-way through. The schedule also disappeared.

#24: October 27th's tournament for the Mastery bracket stopped popping-up battles half-way through.


#25: October 27th's tournament for the Challenger bracket also stopped popping-up battles half-way through the tournament.



Do you get the idea, WarGaming?

This is absolutely unacceptable. How much compensation have we gotten for all of these issues combined? 2k Gold and a dozen or so boosters? It's ridiculous, it really is.

25 different tournaments since tournaments returned have had various issues, some ranging from just annoying and bothersome, all the way to completely breaking the tournament and wasting everyone's time.

I'm sorry BigBrother1984, but saying that "We've gotten used to these issues" is an under-statement. We're all fed up with week after week having issue after issue. Compensation has been minimal or non-existent and the communication about these issues has been absolutely abysmal.

Hell, sometimes the compensation itself has been delayed! (Remember how Jambijon said we'd get compensated for Monster Mash the next day? You know how it's been nearly 2 weeks since that tournament and we've still gotten nothing?)

There have been tournaments where battles never popped-up, and WG staff didn't answer for up to 2 hours after the tournament. There have been multiple tournaments that just proceeded with issues and were never compensated for. And we've seen tournaments with up to 1 week delay in battles, and those tournaments still had issues of their own even after the numerous delays.

What is going on, WG? There's only so much you can blame on the "new tournament system". What about the lack of communication? The lack of compensation? You can make Threads after-the-fact all you want about these issues, but it's been several months of constant issues and not only do the issues continue to occur, but there continues to be an appalling lack of responsiveness from WG. You say we'll get information "the next day", then nothing happens. You say we'll get compensation, but then it never comes through. You say that these issues "will be fixed", only for them to come back the very next tournament.

How many hours have we collectively wasted on tournaments, just to be shafted on the compensation & prizing, or have delays upon delays, with even "re-do's" of tournaments having delays of their own?

That's the end of my rant. WG – You must communicate with us, compensate us for the issues and ultimately fix these problems – At the very least, have a fail-safe in case things do go wrong with a tournament. We're your paying customers afterall. So far, we've been treated like scum at the bottom of a barrel.


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