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The game needs fixing

WorldofTanks4 - The game needs fixing

In my opinion the game is broken and it needs a fix in a big way. The amount of ghost shells I have received since this summer slam update is honestly beyond a joke and I’ve seen many posts about it on here. The worst ones is where you fire and nothing even comes out your barrel. Imagine playing cod or a FPS of some kind and you fire lets say a sniper rifle and no round comes out your barrel except with tanks it’s not that simple because you have to wait 10-20 seconds before you can fire again (tier X perspective). Wargaming keeps pushing out all these premium tanks but will refuse to fix the game. I’d rather not have any new tanks for 6 months if that meant they were going to fix this problem.

How do you manage to not have a problem like this in Xbox 360 days but have the problem on Xbox one and PS4. We are on the verge of being on the next gen of consoles and we are having these problems. I really hope that next gen won’t have these problems when wargaming releases it’s Xbox series x and ps5 edition of the game.

This next complaint is not about wargaming but about the player base (I’m sure I’ll get downvoted for this part but it needs to be said). THINK FOR YOURSELVES! The amount of lemming trains going on at the moment is honestly ridiculous and I have never seen anything like it. The amount of times I have been left on a right or left flank with 1 or 2 teammates to fight off 8 tanks is mind blowing, all because everyone decides to follow a medium tank. STOP BEING SHEEP!!! And this has only been since summer slam that I’ve seen it so bad sure every now and then you’d see it but now it’s like 80-90% of games I go in people are lemming training.


This one is for all the new players to world of tanks. Earn your first tier X legit. Don’t go out and get a tier X straight away like Andre the giant. Because I can guarantee you now you will have no idea what you are doing and you will get blasted. Also why would you want to just go buy a tier X where is the sense of pride and enjoyment of getting your very first tier X that you tried so hard to get. A tank that makes you feel a sense of achievement because you know you worked your ass off to get it.

There is so much more wrong with this game at the moment and I absolutely hate to see it. I have been playing wot since day 1 Xbox 360 and I have been in love with it ever since sure I’ve taken some brakes off the game just like I’m sure everyone else does but this game will always have a special place in my gaming heart. Some of the player base needs to wise up. And wargaming please for the love of god do something about your game other than adding new tanks. Else what’s the point in adding them if no ones going to play them.

Peace out fellow tank commanders ✌️

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