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The general toxicity of people in online games has changed me, and I realized that tonight.

WorldofTanks1 - The general toxicity of people in online games has changed me, and I realized that tonight.

I'm grinding low-tier stuff that's come out since I quit playing a year a half ago (I've been back to this game for two weeks, maybe?). Was playing my Sav m/43 (I love this machine for a tier 4 vehicle), and the game on Mountain Pass had come down to six on seven or some such. While the east side pushed north towards the enemy cap, me and this little Valentine were all that remained of the west flank. We let the east push, as they requested, and just waited for an enemy to come around the corner.

As we should have expected, the east all died (though they took all but three of them with them. That left me, this little Valentine, and our M44 against a StugB, StugG, and a Hummel.

The Valentine goes around the corner to push up into their base, so I pull out in the valley at the bottom of the hill and set up to cover. He goes up, spots all three, and pulls back just enough to be out of shot. Then pulls up again. And immediately dies.

He immediately starts ranting in chat about me being a damn coward or some such. So I rant back that I'm a half-dead, lightly armored TD and had been covering him. HE screwed up by pushing instead of drawing them to the edge of the hill where I could shoot, too.

That's the end of the relevance of the in-game events to my story (the rest happens post-game), though I killed both Stugs only to flip my tank on a rock hunting the Hummel with a minute left on the clock. Game over. Ended in a draw. I was heart broken.

Anyways, I'm about to send him a verbal middle finger and block him for being such a dick, when suddenly he messages me first.

His simple message was "next time just tell me."


And I immediately knew he was right. I hadn't said anything to him during the match about him not pushing over the hill. I usually don't type instructions or requests in chat. I might ping the map to draw attention to something. But generally the responses you get in this game are "Fuck off, I'm going to do what I want." So I just quit doing it.

And I was wrong. Sure, there are a metric shit ton of toxic people in online gaming. It's sad that's it's become the expected standard, but it's just the way things are. But we shouldn't stop trying to be good teammates just become someone might get butthurt by it (just don't be a dick in the way you're talking to people). Either they'll respond and you'll work together, or they'll ignore you and nothing changes. At worst they talk about sleeping with your mom and you go about your business.

Anyway, this interaction actually made me stop and think about how much fault I actually had in the exchange that occured between us. I apologized, both for not saying something and for getting defensive. We wished each other well and went on.

Thought maybe someone might appreciate this, or might need to hear it themselves.

Good luck, and good hunting. o7

Edit: I say all that, then get this scrotum a couple games later.
fewN10p - The general toxicity of people in online games has changed me, and I realized that tonight. Spent the entire time (in my AT 2, in a tier 7 match mind you) trying to get -to- the fight, only for the other flank to suddenly collapse. So I turn my fat ass around and start heading back to cover base. SP I C and VK 30.02 kept me tracked trying to get up the hill, and I couldn't spot either of them.

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