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The Invisible Alpha Gun – an AMX ELC bis 3 mark review

WorldofTanks2 - The Invisible Alpha Gun - an AMX ELC bis 3 mark review

Hi to all the people on the subreddit and first of all thanks for the awesome useful content and memes I can browse here everyday!

player?id=1081630171&s=ps4&l=en - The Invisible Alpha Gun - an AMX ELC bis 3 mark review

I'm MOSCO-SAMA- in game, and I'm a filthy reroll who only recently picked up the game again.

player?id=1078067668&s=ps4&l=en - The Invisible Alpha Gun - an AMX ELC bis 3 mark review

(For the curious, this was the account I was using before, where I actually learned to use the ELC, currently used by a friend, because we shared the PS account in the past)
I'm a bit of a lurker around here, I comment sometimes, I maybe posted twice, but who cares, let's talk about the ELC and why it is my favourite tank.

zuHR4OK - The Invisible Alpha Gun - an AMX ELC bis 3 mark review

Picture of my enraged ELC deprived of its pen and juicy tier VIII opponents' health pool

My best game before the nerf, where it could see tier 8 games

My most damaging game post nerf, actually happened today

A bit of backstory: I started playing the ELC a lot of time ago, way before its nerf, where I was a total potato at the game and I was literally yoloing everything like a donkey. With time, a lot of YouTube, a lot of browsing this subreddit and A LOT of games, I started learning the tank and I 3-marked it on my old account. Having played a lot of different vehicles because the account had two players grinding and unlocking tanks, not only I realized I loved light tanks and their playstyle, but that the ELC was the vehicle that was the funniest for me to drive.

The Gun: You can actually choose between the 75mm and the 90mm on this tank, and a thing to note is that your turret becomes actually a real rotating one with the 75mm (the turret will rotate only 15 degrees left/right with the 90mm). With the 75mm, you can actually play the ELC more like a traditional light/scout, but in my opinion, with the 26 pw/wt you have post nerf (it used to have 36 pw/wt and 5 more km/h of top speed) it's a lot less viable and inferior to the 90mm. I'm sure someone out there plays the ELC with the 75mm and is a beast, but I do really think that the 90mm is the superior choice.
This is a gun you need to get used to, and it could prove to be very frustrating, especially if you aren't patient enough. You have horrible reload (14s flat without any bonus), horrible aim time at 2.9s, horrible soft stats (you move the tank, you abruptly move the turret, it blooms like if your gunner is dead) and mediocre accuracy (0.38). It has ok penetration (120/150, you will bounce the front of various things, positioning is everything) but then, what is the redeeming quality of the gun?
The alpha damage. You have 240 alpha on this little beast. You will DELETE the life bar of same tier opponents, and even tier VI or VII won't take it like if nothing happened.
One thing to note is that the APCR rounds have a very good shell velocity: 1163 m/s. While the AP shell velocity certainly isn't that bad at 930 m/s, the APCR rounds are super good MAINLY for this reason alone, because missing/not penning with this gun and being stuck in a long reload can be atrocious.
What you need to do with this gun is a lot of pre-aim, positioning to possibly get flanking shot on heavies, and RB RT from close distance enemies in the late game to clean up.
Even if the accuracy is not that good, the ELC gets good result if used like a very mobile sniper: you reposition easily, you have fantastic camo.
I give the gun a solid 7/10 because if you learn how to treat it, it will reward you. I cannot descrive how satsfying it is to take out a huge chunk of life from those pesky sealclubbers on the Pz. V/IV.


The Armor: you have the same amount of armor of a bicycle, and you only have 360 hp. In short: don't get hit. Conserve your hp because in the lategame surviving a specific hit from someone could save you the game. The camo and the extremely low profile will help you immensely though, so abuse of the bushes/view range mechanics and be unpredictable on your trajectory if spotted. If some other light tank or agile tank (fast mediums etc) gets to you, you're back to the garage, unless they are super incompetent (it happens sometimes, madman on a chaffee who can't shoot and can't drive so you win the encounter) or they are oneshottable by the gun. 2/10 because the tracks will eat shells from time to time, but remember, your armor is your camo.

The Mobility: you have 26.67 pw/wt and a 60 km/h top speed. You have nice mobility, but you're nothing exceptional. You can reposition very easily and this fact alone adds flexibility to a tank which is not that flexible after all. Be mindful that you weigh less than 5 tons. Apart from the fact that if whatever rams you you're dead, when maneuvering or fleeing from someone, pay attention to destructible obstacles and trees. They will slow your tank considerably, and you will be an easy target.
8/10 because even if it used to be a lot better, it is still serviceable and you will get in position fast, plus you're so small and low profile, you will be a difficult target when zipping around.

Camo and view range: you have fantastic camo (0.38) and a view range that's nothing exceptional (360m). I personally use binoculars on my ELC because you're stationary while passive scouting/sniping behind bushes, so they can be very effective. The camo/view range combo on this thing is absolutely amazing: a skilled crew and proper equipment will outspot nearly everything, and having the view range advantage is wonderful on this machine. You will punch for 240 and then disappear. 10/10 because if you're asking for more in this area at tier V and with this gun, you clearly want something completely broken.

Equipment and Consumables: you could run food of course, but I personally don't do it atm, because I'm firing a lot of premium rounds (a lot more post nerf, sadly) so I don't want to lose too much silver, and I run with two repair kits and one med kit. Small kits, because I'm a coherent person who runs full APCR and then gets picky with the large kits.
Equipment wise, I personally run Rammer, Gun Laying Drive and Binoculars. You could argue that the tank could benefit from vents or from optics>binos, but personally, minimizing the glacial aim time (it could really provide you an additional shot) and having maximum view range while stationary it's what works wonders for me.
Now, speaking of crew skills to use on the tank, the ELC really benefits from a moderately skilled crew. Sixth Sense (if you don't realize you're spotted you're DEAD in 2 seconds), BiA are obvious, but Situational Awareness + Recon + Camouflage are disgusting together on this tank.

TL:DR; I think that the ELC is still a wonderful machine even now. If you master it, you could really get away with some monstrous games. Find good positions (and note, you could get away with some really aggressive spots with the tank as long as you don't fire mindlessly, especially behind a bush, it's REALLY invisible), passive scout for the greens, punish the reds with a 240 alpha 90mm shell actually fired by the bush because they can't see you, and then reposition when needed to take even more shots. You're not much flexible and you suffer city maps (where you need to play the opportunistic gun and farm some damage from distracted opponents) but you will have a blast playing this little evil thing.

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