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The Lansen C and its 3D Skin

WorldofTanks6 - The Lansen C and its 3D Skin

So with the release of the Lansen C and the option to add on a skin for afaik 11€ ( or 13$, correct me if I am wrong). I want to start a discussion about such 3D skins. I already discussed that in a video on my channel. If you rather want to listen to what I write here feel free to

and treat it like a podcast 😛

I heard from a lot of people so far that it is a steep price and is not suited to them. I want to point out that 11€ is somewhat close to what you would pay to fully customize a T10 vehicle with the ingame methods without a discount. Yes T10 vehicles do cost more to camo then T8 vehicles but the 3D skin for the Lansen C does has unique features and 3D elements. Someone had to go out of their way to look up nordic runes and a bit of viking history ( like not to add horns to the helmets :P) Yes not everybody will like the skin, plus I am sure modders will quickly make the skin aviable for free. My point is that such skins though are a good way to monetize the game without introducing OP tanks ( yes it just got introduced on a new premium tank.). But we already got such skins from the christmas boxes ( and warhammer 40K) and I hope those skins will get continued. To maybe even make them more attractive for customers I would like to point out that in WoWs ( your sister game WG 😛 they have some great concepts which would work well in WoT too~) camos can give a minor bonus on repair costs or give more exp, free exp, crew exp etc. Definitely NO COMBAT BONUSES as mentioned by u/Dillan3355 because then we would run again into a pay 2 win scenario.


I would definitely think something like this in WoT would make those skins much more appealing for the broader audience. You don't have to overdo it with bonuses like 50% more credits or so. But something like 10% more crew EXP or 50% more Free exp or 20% less repair costs could definitely make skins on other tanks much more attractive.

My personal opinion on it is. Lets take the 430U which is at the moment a pretty strong tank and played by a lot of people and probably liked by a lot of ( russian) players. Adding a special 3D skin which make the tank look tougher without altering weakspots ( lul if there where any… kappa) . You could add a small bonus to the skin like 20% more crew exp and 10% less repair costs ( as an idea) and sell the 3D skin for 15-20€ Maybe even. Why is this better then adding OP premiums? Quite easily, if WG decides to nerf the 430U they can. Yes some players will be mad because hurrdurr its their favourite tank, but its a tank they didn't brought for real money, they added costumisations to it but thats it. A counter argument might be that with added bonus more people would play those tanks and with already strong tanks… well… this could destroy balance too. I do think that adding credit bonuses is quite risky while small exp bonuses are not such a big risk.

Well yeah, that is my personal opinion on the 3D skin and what to do with it.

Thank you for your attention and let me know what you think.

Now back to doing mechanic lectures :V



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