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The New Player’s Guide to Picking Your First Tier 10 Vehicle

WorldofTanks7 - The New Player's Guide to Picking Your First Tier 10 Vehicle

Howdy ladies and gents!

Note – I did receive help on this portion of the Guide. I have yet to play every Tier 10, even though I own 26 of them and have played several more on family members' accounts and a handful more on test servers. Thus, I sought some insight from members of the Community who deal with Tier 10 (especially competitive modes) all the time, and I value their input highly. Thanks to all of you who helped me with this!

This guide is part three in a series – The Guide to Picking your Tier 6 Token Tank and The New Player's Guide to Picking Your First Tier 8 Tech Tree Tank being the prior two. This is a guide for the new/newish players about the penultimate tier and tanks of this game: Tier 10. When it comes to Tier 10, there are a couple of considerations that you – the new player – will need to keep in mind.

First Consideration– Unless you are one of the best players in this game, you are extremely likely to lose a lot of credits in about 95% – 99% of your matches at Tier 10. Tier 10 is expensive to play and this is by design. If it were profitable to play Tiers 8, 9, and 10, then as the player base and game matured, there would have been fewer and fewer players left to play low/mid tiers. With very few people at low/mid tiers for you to play against, you would have had a lot of trouble being able to grind to this point. As a result, with fewer new players because of nobody to play against as the old players leave, there would be fewer and fewer people to play with, and the game would die out quickly. WG foresaw this happening and set up the game's economy around this in order to help keep all of the tiers populated. Of all of the decisions WG has made over the years, this is one of the few that I agree with wholeheartedly.

Continuing this line of thought, at this point, you have likely put in 100+ hours or more into the game. This is a good point in time to start checking out premium tanks or premium time to help you earn more credits while you play. Remember, it is never a bad thing to support the developers of a game that you enjoy playing. If you still wish to remain a completely free-2-play player – more power to you! However, you will need to heed the advice from the Tier 8 portion of these guides and keep a couple of Tier 5-6 tanks in your garage that you love playing, in order to help grind credits for your Tier 10 fun.

Second Consideration – These are Tier 10 tanks. No matter how poorly rated they are compared to their peers, they are still the most powerful tanks in the game. Playing them against Tier 8's and 9's will demonstrate this to you clearly. Even the "worst" Tier 10 is still quite powerful compared to Tier 9's, much less Tier 8's. It is hard to go wrong with any Tier 10 as your first choice. HOWEVER, choosing the "wrong" Tier 10 can make your first Tier 10 experience not as fun as it could be, thus putting you off from grinding a second one.

That is what the rest of this guide is about. The information below is going to be heavily based on helping you find a first Tier 10 that is usually great fun to play, has a lot of upsides (especially for competitive modes), and helps put that itch in your mind to keep grinding and get your 2nd, 3rd, etc. Tier 10! I want to see you new players stick around and enjoy this game for years to come.

I also want to congratulate you – the new player – for reaching this point!

Just like in the prior guide, I will be looking at each tier 10 tank in a few categories. These categories will be:

  1. Does it rise above. Tier 10 is supposed to be the best of the best of the branch you just finished grinding. It is possible for the Tier 10 to feel underwhelming after a long grind to reach it. Even worse, some Tier 10's can feel not as fun to play as the Tier 9 before them.
  2. Competitive. You have already been told prior to this that Tier 10's are the most powerful tanks in the game. Even the "worst" tier 10 is going to be exceedingly powerful against all tanks Tier 9 and below. So at this point, it now becomes how well they compete against other Tier 10's.
  3. Still grinding to do. As a new player, you have finally reached the pinnacle of this game. Yet, even at this point, a handful of Tier 10's require further research to elite them, which can be a turn-off. Some of these researches are side-grades, some make a good tank even better, and some are needed to make it competitive.

I will be giving ratings for each tank overall 0-10 based on the above categories. 0 will mean don't bother researching this one until WG buffs it. 5 means it is perfectly average and doesn't stand out. 10 means that you wouldn't be blamed if you spent money to convert Free-XP to get this tank sooner.

Note: I cannot talk about future tech tree branches (a la the upcoming French wheeled vehicles) because they are not in the game yet, thus myself and others have not had a chance to try them out and see how well they fare in this game.



TANK Rating More about this tank
T92 HMC 5 Biggest gun in the game, which many SPG players appreciate. Often seen as a bit of a downgrade from the M55/53, because of lack of turret which makes aiming harder.
Sheridan 5 You should have unlocked the 152mm on the T49. The stock gun is arguably the best of all the Tier 10 scouts, and where this tank shines. In all other ways, it struggles to stack up against the better scout tanks of the tier. After the massive fun that was the T49, for some players, this tank can feel like a downgrade.
T57 Heavy 5.5 This tank used to be amazing, but a wave of balance changes brought it back down to earth as an average tank. It is still a decent brawler. It is quite dangerous late game with its autoloader and best in class DPM. It’s 340 pen HEAT rounds make it a nice counter to super heavies in CW.
T110E4 6.5 Amazing gun. Restricted turret movement makes this feel less comfortable than the T30 at Tier 9. Aside from that, it often plays better as a heavy than a TD.
T110E3 7.5 One of the toughest tanks in the game. Amazing gun. Mobility not very good. Is a good upgrade from the T95 at Tier 9.
M48 Patton 7 One of the best "Jack of All Trades" tanks in the game. Thankfully, a few patches back, WG removed the requirement to grind a better gun, which makes this a much better overall value for a new player than it used to be.
T110E5 4 This used to be a very powerful heavy, but balance changes turned this into one of the least liked heavy tanks of the tier. Turret has a large weak spot which makes the strength of the tank (going hull down) into a terrible weakness. Often unfavorably compared to the Super Conqueror.



TANK Rating More about this tank
GWE100 3.5 The reason this SPG gets rated so poorly is because of the terrible mobility it has. Makes relocation (for self preservation or to find alternative shots) an arduous process. Its bulk does make it resistant to counter battery fire, though, so it does see limited use in CW.
Grille 15 4 It is quick. It hits hard. However, turret limitations and gun handling issues after getting hit with a heavy nerf can make it feel like a downgrade from the preceding Tier 9 Wft Pz. 4, which is an amazing turreted TD.
Jg. Pz. E-100 5 Great gun with the 2nd highest alpha damage of all TD's. Tough, thick armor. However, lack of mobility and long reload time take this from being a good TD to an average TD. Still can be quite fun to play just for the damage numbers it can put up.
Pz. Kpfw VII 6 Toughness comes from lack of knowledge/rarity. Because of rear turret design and an unfortunate weakspot on both sides just under the turret, this tank's armor is meaningless against a knowledgeable player. Against average players who rarely, if ever, see it, it is still good. Good thing most players you face will be average – or worse. Its alpha (560) sits between the 490 of the Maus and 750 of the E-100, but it has the lowest DPM of all the German super heavies. Often compared unfavorably to the VK 72.01K (a CW reward tank).
Maus 8 Not very mobile. However, this is the toughest tank in the game, and you will often find yourself laughing as people waste 10's of thousands of credits in premium ammo to still bounce off of your armor. This is especially true once you learn how to properly angle the tank and turret.
E-100 6 Stock, this isn't very good. With the upgraded gun, it turns into a heavy hitting foe that enemies will do all they can to avoid trading shots with. Can be surprisingly tough, but the armor doesn't hold up well against skilled players or premium rounds.
E 50 M 6.5 Would be a decent heavy tank in any other nation's tree, with the good armor and good mobility along with a decent gun. As a medium, it lacks a bit. However, it does one magical thing, and that is being THE best ramming tank in the game. People will play this just for the very massive damage they can do with a single ram.
Leopard 1 2.5 On paper, the stats look good. In practice, this is the worst Tier 10 in the game – with one of the lowest winrates of all tanks across all servers to back up this claim. Try to hold off on getting this one until WG buffs this tank, unless you really just want an iconic German tank.
Rhm. Pzw. 4 Like the Sheridan of the USA tree, this light tank feels like a downgrade from the Tier 9 prior to it. Everything (aside from raw speed) it can do, the other lights at Tier 10 – including the Sheridan – do better.
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TANK Rating More about this tank
Object 268 4 The gun is great. That's it. The rest of the platform was nerfed heavily many patches ago, and it still suffers from that nerfing.
Object 268 4 8 If this guide would have been put out before this tank's nerf, this would be the only rated 10 tank in any of my guides. Since the nerfs, it isn't as strong as it was, but it is still quite powerful. This TD is still one of the toughest tanks in the game, and has surprisingly good speed.
T100 LT 8 The best Tier 10 scout in the game. Amazing at almost everything that is asked of it. Only reason to not go for this as a new player, is because new players tend to lack knowledge of vision/spotting/camo mechanics. Very much worth getting once you get a better understanding of vision/spotting/camo mechanics.
T-62A 6 Great medium tank, like almost all of the other Russian mediums. However, its brothers are just a bit better at everything, which makes this one feel comparatively disappointing.
Object 140 8.5 One of the best and most versatile tanks in the game. As good as the T-54 is at Tier 9, this is even better at Tier 10. Not much else that can be said.
Object 430u 8.5 Very tough medium – tougher than many heavies. Good gun. Great at brawling. Awkward gun depression can be a turn-off for new players. If you can work around the gun depression, this tank is one of the best pub stomping tanks in the game due to its mobility, armor, and hard hitting gun. The HEAT rounds it has access to also make this tank fantastic for ranked battles.
K-91 6.5 Amazing sniper tank with some of the best shell velocity in the game. Score held down because rear mounted turret can make for awkward gameplay for new players.
Object 705A 6.5 Very tough heavy. Rear mounted turret can cause awkward play for new players. Very good at brawling in cities.
IS-7 6 A good first heavy tank. Near invincible when hull down. Doesn't score as high as its brothers because of gun handling issues.
Object 277 7.5 One of the best mobile heavies in the game. It is quite capable of keeping up with medium tanks and helping ally mediums out-brawl enemy mediums. A favorite of many highly skilled players. Used often in competitive modes. Interchangeable with the WZ-111 5A
IS-4 3.5 Years ago when this was Tier 9, it was considered very OP. Now, it is the worst Tier 10 heavy. Easily over-matched turret roof, poor mobility, and awkward gun handling hurt. If you somehow forget to mount the top gun (has to be researched at Tier 9 to get to this point), you will be in for an even worse time at Tier 10, playing with only 175mm of pen. For now, hold off on this one until WG's plans are confirmed to either buff this, or drop it back to Tier 9 as they have hinted may happen.
Object 261 5 Mobile, quick firing, and accurate. Going down in gun caliber can make this SPG disappointing compared to the Object 212 at Tier 9. Very limited ammo capacity at 18 rounds.



TANK Rating More about this tank
Centurion AX 6 Like the other Centurions before it, it is above average, but nothing outstanding. A great ridge-warrior.
Badger 7.5 One of the toughest tanks in the game. Best DPM in the game. This tank is a nightmare for enemies to dig out of a well defended, hull down position. Poor mobility, and a very weak lower front plate are the big negatives against this tank.
S. Conqueror 8.5 Takes the toughness and good guns of the prior two tanks in the branch and becomes one of the best hull down, snap shot, brawling tanks in the game with 2nd best in class DPM. This tank alone makes the harsh mid-tier UK heavy grind worth it. Highly skilled players often love playing this tank, and it is great for ranked battles.
FV 4005 5 Not a great TD by any means. It is very soft and easy to destroy. The large size makes it hard to hide. However, you play this tank for 1 reason, and 1 reason only: 183mm HESH. The chance to do 1,750 damage (or more) in a single shot makes this one of the most fun tanks to play in the game. This comes at a cost, with the single highest per-shell cost in the game of 8,000 silver per HESH round. Worth the grind just for the grins when you get a HESH pen.
Conqueror GC 6.5 Arguably the best SPG of Tier 10. Also probably the most hated SPG of Tier 10 because of its shell arc, wide gun arc, massive splash, long stun times, and massive damage potential. When an SPG is called for in a competitive mode, this one is usually first up to bat.
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TANK Rating More about this tank
Foch B 5 Can be a very devastating tank in the right situation. However, the worst pen in tier for a TD, along with awkwardness of having a casemate mounted gun makes this autoloading TD a feast or famine tank. Great when it works, not so great when it doesn't.
AMX M4 54 5 After the amazing Tier 9 tank before this one, this heavy can feel like a disappointment. It is a tough and decent heavy in its own right, but just not as tough tier-for-tier as the preceding tank. The second gun it has available can be considered a side-grade as it is not required. The larger second gun does allow you to take better advantage of 3x overmatch mechanics if you decide to mount it.
AMX 50B 7.5 Very mobile. Good gun handling. Surprisingly good hull armor, but it has weak armor on the turret which can be a hindrance to new players, and that is the only reason this doesn't score higher. In the hands of an experienced player, potentially the most game-changing heavy in WoT.
Bat Chat. 25t 8 Ever since its introduction in patch 0.7.1, this has been the gold standard against which all other autoloaders are measured. Has lackluster gun handling which can be painful for new players, and has a very limited ammo capacity. Do not forget to mount the 100mm from the Tier 9 while grinding to the 105mm top gun, which is the gun that makes this tank the deadly burst machine it is.
AMX 13 105 6.5 Everything it can do, the Bat Chat 25t can do just as well if not better, so players tend to ignore this tank. However, on its own merits, it is a pretty good light tank. It is not quite as good tier-for-tier as the AMX 13-90 at Tier 9.
AMX 30B 4 This tank has the potential to be so much better than it is. However, it tends to be awkward to play (large turret weakspot), and for many players, feels subjectively worse than the Tier 9 AMX 30.
Bat Chat 155 58 5 Only autoloading SPG in the game. It can be powerful in certain situations. If you hit the same tank with all 3 shots in your clip, expect a 'love letter' after the match. However, its relatively low caliber, low splash radius, and low damage can make it frustrating to play, especially when you hit a super heavy for nearly no – and sometimes NO – damage.



TANK Rating More about this tank
TVP T50/51 6 Everything about this tank appears to be a slight upgrade over the Tier 9, yet in practice, it feels slightly worse. It is still a good medium tank, but tier-for-tier, is not as good as the Tier 9 TVP T50.



TANK Rating More about this tank
STB-1 4 On paper, this should be a good medium. However, in practice, it has awkward gun handling, mobility issues other mediums don't have, and a general overall feeling that you are fighting the tank too much in order to do good in it. It does have a very strong turret when using full gun depression over a ridge.
Type 5 Heavy 8 Arguably the most powerful Super Heavy in the game. Questionable balance choices by WG (check out the ammo on the 15cm) have made this tank not only 2nd to the Maus in toughness, but able to do massive amounts of damage, no matter how thick the armor of the enemy it faces. If you bypassed researching the 15cm DERP on the Type 4 Heavy, be prepared for a less than fun time grinding to unlock it while using the 14cm.



TANK Rating More about this tank
WZ-113 FT 5 Like the rest of the branch, this is an average, if underwhelming TD. Can't say much more than that.
WZ-132-1 7.5 A great combat light tank. A great choice as a scout, though it is still about a half-step behind the T100 LT as an overall scout at Tier 10. Otherwise, treat it like the T100 LT.
121 4 No longer unique for alpha as the Object 430 and Object 430u were added to the game. Extremely poor gun depression and some gun handling issues can cause this one to not be fun or desirable to play.
WZ-111 5A 7.5 One of the most powerful mobile heavies in the game. It it is very good at keeping up with mediums and helping out-brawl enemy mediums. This tank and the Object 277 are practically interchangeable. A favorite of many highly skilled players. Used often in competitive modes.
113 7 Until the WZ-111 5A and Object 277 came along, this was THE heavy tank to use in competitive modes, thanks to its great mobility, good gun handling, good armor when using full gun depression, and overall brawling ability. While still good, it fell out of favor a bit thanks to the aforementioned WZ-111 5A/Object 277.



TANK Rating More about this tank
60TP 7 Very tough tank that plays like a Super Heavy, while at the weight of a regular heavy. Hits hard, and has good armor that a new player can take advantage of. Many feel like it has obsoleted the E-100.



TANK Rating More about this tank
STRV 103 8 One of the deadliest TD's in the game. Armor is auto-bounce to many guns in will face. Very mobile, very stealthy, and a great gun.
Kranvagn 5 More mobile than the two heavies preceding it. Like its brethren, is only strong when hull down. Has weak standard pen and weak pen on premium rounds. Can be powerful late game thanks to its autoloader allowing it to assassinate low HP tanks.



TANK Rating More about this tank
Progetto 65 7.5 Auto-Reloading mechanic practically at its peak. This medium tank is very versatile. It has sneaky good armor when using its gun depression. It is decently mobile. Since its release 1 year ago, it has silently become one of the more well liked tanks at Tier 10, and over time as more people earn it and learn it, it may become a crowd favorite.

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