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The New Player’s Guide to Picking Your First Tier 9 Tech Tree Tank

WorldofTanks3 - The New Player's Guide to Picking Your First Tier 9 Tech Tree Tank

Howdy ladies and gents!

This guide is part five in a series –

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In this edition of the guide series, I will be covering Tier 9. Since MM changes to the template system, Tier 9 quickly became one of the favorite tiers of many a player, and a large amount of players will tell you that Tier 9 has some of the most fun tanks in the game available. I personally find that opinion quite agreeable for the most part.

Tier 9 is the "new 10" of WoT. This is a tier where a lot of players love to play at, and once fully upgraded, several Tier 9's are more like barely downgraded Tier 10's. Tier 9 is also considered by many to be one of the best balanced tiers in the game. I do want to take this time to remind you that unless you are in the top of the playerbase in skill, you are very probably going to lose credits every match at Tier 9, so you should make sure you have a couple of Tier 5-6 (or even a Tier 7 you like to play and can still make a profit on) tanks to play to finance your play at this tier.

Just like in the prior guides, I will be looking at each tank in a few categories. These categories will be:

  1. Curb Stomping. Tier 9 tends to curb-stomp new players. The grinds at this tier are the harshest in the game. Some of the most popular tanks of this tier often have the worst stock grinds, where being fully upgraded more than makes up for it. Mounting Torsion Bars equipment at this tier will help with this, as you can upgrade your tracks last.
  2. A League of Their Own. Some Tier 9's can get quite powerful with a few upgrades, with a few that feel practically like they are Tier 10's once fully upgraded.
  3. Game Over Man. Unfortunately, reality has to set in somewhere. In several branches, the Tier 9 tank either feels more fun than the Tier 10, or the Tier 10 feels like a side-grade at best, and a downgrade at worst. There is no shame in this, as Tier 9 is still great fun to play.

I will be giving ratings for each tank overall 0-10 based on the above categories. 0 means you wouldn't be blamed for hating the game after playing it 5 means it is perfectly average and doesn't stand out. 10 are tanks that you should ask to marry you.

Note: I cannot talk about future tech tree branches (a la the upcoming French wheeled vehicles) because they are not in the game yet, thus myself and others have not had a chance to try them out and see how well they fare in this game.



TANK Rating More about this tank
M53/M55 6.5 This has to be one of the most loved SPG's in the game by SPG players. Turret that helps with aiming along with a massive gun and great mobility help this one stick out. Many like this SPG a lot more than the T92 that follows.
T49 8 Easily one of the most fun to play scouts in the game. Just like the KV-2 of Tier 6, this tank is 'made' by its 152mm Gun-Launcher. The grind is quite easy (some people even strangely prefer the 90mm stock gun). The XM551 Sheridan that follows at Tier 10 is seen by many as not as good tier-for-tier or not as fun.
T54E1 4 Take the top gun of the previous medium (where it still struggled) and that is your stock gun here. Very harsh stock grind. Fully upgraded, this tank is surprisingly quite nimble and deadly late game. T57 at Tier 10 is still worth your effort.
T30 7.5 Years ago, this was the Tier 10 heavy of the USA branch. As a TD, it still plays like a heavy. Put on torsion bars and your grind will be very easy with the 120mm while you earn the 155mm boom-stick. This TD is one of the stranger hybrids, able to be a TD or a Heavy.
T95 7 One of the toughest tanks in the game. Very poor mobility and lack of turret cause the lower score than its T30 brother, because that makes play more difficult for new players. Fully upgraded, one of the few Tier 9's that will cause even a Tier 10 to hesitate crossing paths with. Like the T30, use torsion bars to make your grind relatively easy.
M46 Patton 5 Even with Torsion Bars mounted to help make stock grind easier, this one is still a terrible grind to max out, which the score fully reflects. Fully maxed out, it is one of the best Jack-of-Trades tanks in the game.
M103 3 Grind starts using the same gun you used on the T29 at Tier 7. While you can get to the T110E5 with only upgrading the engine, you will be miserable the whole time. Take the time to get the top turret and gun, and change this from a terrible heavy into an average heavy. Upgraded turret's roof is weak, so going hull down doesn't work after learning it at the T29 and T32. Hard to recommend this to new players, and the T110E5 has similar turret issues.



TANK Rating More about this tank
GW Tiger 5 Big gun that you should have researched a Tier earlier. Not mobile. Hits extremely hard. Radios shared by a lot of the German tree, and engines shared with German heavies.
WT auf Pz IV 7 The best part of this turreted TD branch. Like the RHM before it, both top guns are good choices and change your playstyle. Relatively easy to grind, and very devastating once you learn how to use spotting/camo mechanics. Extremely fragile, especially to HE, so prepare to lose crew and modules every time you get shot. Mistakes you make are punished harshly.
Jagdtiger 7 Gets one of the best TD guns in the game. Surprisingly mobile for a large TD. Decent armor. Shares engine and radio researches. Many people still love this tank after they leave it.
VK 45.02B 5 Rear turret and poor gun depression make this rough for new players. Stock grind is extremely harsh, even with Torsion Bars. Fully upgraded, it is extremely tough. Recent nerfs have reduced frontal toughness, thanks to lower front plate being made weaker. Tier 10 after it not seen often, so if you earn it and buy it, enjoy a rarely seen tank.
Mauschen 6.5 Easy stock grind. Fully upgraded, it is decently powerful. Like the VK100.01 before, and the Maus after, it is slow and has thick armor that you need to learn to angle. The turret weakspot on top keeps the score down, otherwise, this would easily be the best Tier 9 German tank. The Maus after this is well worth your time and effort.
E-75 6.5 Stock grind – even with torsion bars – is very bad until you get the turret upgrade. Once you have that, you are many times more durable. Fully upgraded, this heavy is one nasty customer.
E-50 5 Torsion bars first or don't even bother. Stock grind beyond miserable otherwise. Fully upgraded, it can become a pocket heavy in a pinch. People love this tank fully kitted out because it is probably the 2nd best ramming tank in the game.
Leopard PT A 6.5 Stock grind quite easy – especially compared to others in German tree. No torsion bars needed. Very mobile. Fully upgraded, this is easily the best tank in the entire branch, and can actually be quite competitive at Tier 9.
RU-251 5 Torsion bars, then engine, then grind out the tracks, as you probably don't want to play the Tier 10 past this until it gets a buff from WG.
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TANK Rating More about this tank
Object 704 5 Extremely easy to grind through – no torsion bars needed. Not so great mobility and armor that only works when using your full gun depression hurts this TD and these combine to lower the score. Easily the best in this branch, as the Object 268 past it isn't much of an upgrade, if any.
Object 263 7.5 Extremely gentle grind. Very mobile (especially with engine upgrade), and highly armored frontally. This used to be the Tier 10 of the branch. Very poor gun depression makes it awkward to play for new players. Open top and very weak sides make this a magnet for HE/HESH/SPG's. Not as good as it used to be at Tier 10, but once fully upgraded, this tank is a monster in the right hands.
T-54 ltwt. 8 Torsion bars help a bit so you can get the top gun before you get the tracks. One of the toughest turrets of any scout in the game – quite capable of getting bounces. Poor gun depression makes it awkward. Aside from that, one of the best pure scouts in the game.
T-54 9 One of the worst stock grinds in the game, even with torsion bars, which is the only real knock against it. Once you get the turret and either gun upgrade past the turret, it quickly becomes one of the most powerful tanks in the game. Only reason it doesn't get a 10 is because of the stock grind.
Object 430 8 One of the easiest stock grinds of Tier 9. Tracks aren't even needed, unless you really want them. Very good gun, and quite tough turret. Poor gun depression and strange armor profile that takes a while to learn can make this hard to play for new players. Prepares you well for the Object 430U at tier 10.
Obj. 430 II 4 Torsion bars help out the stock grind a bit. Still not great. Rear turret and poor gun depression make this hard to learn/play for new players. Armor and mobility not great, especially compared to its Russian brothers. Only shares radio research. Really only worth it if you want to get the K-91 at Tier 10, one of the best snipers in the game.
Obj. 705 4.5 Torsion bars not needed until you want the top turret. Tank's armor is all in the upgraded turret, and rear turret placement along with poor gun depression make this tank awkward for the new player. Fully upgraded, this tank rules in city fight brawls, especially where it can go hull down behind rubble and use its turret. Otherwise, it can be a struggle to play – especially on open maps.
Object 257 5 Torsion bars not needed until you go to unlock top turret. It can struggle, especially without top turret. Top turret takes it from an up-tiered IS-3 into a very tough hull down warrior that is great in city brawls. Poor gun depression does hurt.
T-10 8 Torsion bars needed to get all the guns before you upgrade turret/tracks. Fully upgraded, this is one of the best heaviums in the game. Lack of gun depression and poor hull armor can make this hard to play for new players, but if you stick with medium tanks in match, you'll find you can do amazing things.
ST-I 7 Torsion bar required until you at least get the top turret and gun. This tank is quite forgiving of new player mistakes. It may be slow and lack some of the punch of other heavies in the tier, but it is extremely tough, and has probably the toughest turret in tier. Many feel like this tank is better tier-for-tier than the IS-4 a tier up. Hold off on grinding past this tank until we know WG's plans on how they officially plan to buff the IS-4 this upcoming year.
212A 5 Using the same gun you've had since Tier 7. However, the soft stats more than make up for it. Hits quite hard. Decently mobile.




TANK Rating More about this tank
Centurion 7/1 5.5 Extremely easy stock grind, even though torsion bars make it easier. Fully upgraded, this become a ridge warrior that has decent mobility. Shares a lot of radio and engine research. Like the rest of the Centurion branch, it is slightly above average, but nothing outstanding.
Conqueror 9.5 Very good when stock. Torsion bars help you get to 120mm quicker (past the upgraded turret with spaced armor). Shares a lot of engine and radio research. Very tough, decent mobility, easily the best brawling/snap-shot/hull-down heavy of the tier. It does not get a full 10 because it requires torsion bars (if you do not want to unlock tracks first) to unlock turret upgrade and then top gun.
Tortoise 8 Extremely easy grind that requires no torsion bars. Shares radio and engine researches. Fully upgraded, this is one of the most well armored tanks of the tier, and it has the 2nd highest DPM in the game. It is a fearsome foe, especially after armor buffs by WG. Like the other TD's in the branch, it has poor mobility.
Conway 5 Extremely easy grind – no torsion bars needed. Radios and engines shared. Is perfectly fine with either the stock 120mm, or the 'upgrade' of the 5.5 inch gun. This used to be a not well liked TD, but the buffs it received recently helped it a lot. The addition of the 5.5 inch gun with HESH rounds gave it a chance to be just as meme-tastic as the 4005 a tier up. It went from a very poor, to an average TD, with great potential in the right player's hands.
FV3805 5 Very poor stock grind, even with torsion bars. Top gun helps it out. Great gun traverse arc makes this one of the easier to play SPG's in the game. Leads into probably the best – and at same time most hated – SPG of Tier 10.



TANK Rating More about this tank
Foch 5 Easiest grind in game – you don't even need to research any upgrades to move up in tier. Shares an engine with the AMX 50-120, and Radio with several tanks. 2nd autoloading TD in the branch. Worst ammo pen of any TD of the tier. Like the Foch B above it, when the clip on this gun works, this tank is deadly. When the gun doesn't, this tank falls flat on its face.
AMX 50-120 6 Torsion bars help you to use the 100mm from the prior AMX 50-100. The 120 on this tank makes it. Fully upgraded with top engine, this is a very mobile, if extremely squishy tank that is better suited to go play with the mediums. Leads into a good mobile heavy. Poor armor similar to the 50-100 makes mistakes by new players punished very harshly.
AMX M4 51 8 Stock grind very easy. If you have ever heard of the light at the end of a very dark tunnel – this is it. This tank makes every bit of pain of the prior AMX 65t worth it. Fully upgraded, this is one of the best brawling heavies in the game. It is often seen as better tier-for-tier than it's successor at Tier 10.
B-C 25 t AP 5.5 Stock grind even with torsion bars is very bad, which is fully represented in its score. Shares top gun with a couple other tanks in the tree. Fully upgraded, this is a very strong late game tank.
AMX 13 90 8 Stock grind not great, but no torsion bars needed. Fully upgraded, this becomes not only one of the best scout tanks of the tier, but it becomes probably the deadliest scout – especially late game with its autoloader.
AMX 30 6 Torsion bars needed to help with this grind, especially if you already have the 100 mm SA47 from the AMX 65t. Similar to the Leopard Prototype, this tank is definitely better than the Tier 10 that follows it. Shares a gun with the heavy branch, but no shared researches on radio and engine hurt. Fully upgraded, this medium is decent, if forgettable (mostly because of other great mediums of this tier).
B-C 155 55 5 Extremely easy to grind through. Turret makes this easily one of the most accurate SPG's you'll ever play. Poor alpha/splash hurts, especially when you hit a Superheavy for almost no – and in some cases, no – damage. Quite mobile. Some prefer this over the Tier 10 because of quicker reloads and not having to manage a clip.
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TANK Rating More about this tank
Skoda T 50 7.5 Torsion bars help a tiny amount, but grind is still very tough and keeps this tank down from where it can be. If you stick to it, fully upgraded, this becomes one of the best mediums of the tier. Armor is quite soft. Until it gets the top gun, it is an average medium. With the top gun, it suddenly becomes one of the better mediums in the game, tier-for-tier.



TANK Rating More about this tank
Type 61 4 One of the easier stock grinds, though torsion bars help you get through the turret to get the top gun quicker. Very soft armor. Even fully upgraded, it struggles because of the poor armor and poor (for a medium) gun handling.
Type 4 5 Stock grind not horrible, but torsion bars help in upgrading the guns before you get tracks. The 127mm stock gun is actually good for a Tier 9 stock gun. Engine upgrade from prior tank helps, but still, you move about as well as Jabba the Hutt in a bowl full of super glue. This is one of the least mobile tanks in the game. Add along with this its size, and lack of armor against Tier 10's (armor really only works against everything lower tier and equal tier that isn't a TD), this heavy leaves a lot to be desired. However, fully upgraded to the 15cm gun, it suddenly becomes extremely dangerous to even Tier 10 tanks. Type 5 Heavy at Tier 10 is worth the time and effort.



TANK Rating More about this tank
WZ-111G FT 5 Torsion bars will help you get the top gun a bit quicker. Even with top gun, this TD struggles to feel more than an average TD for the tier.
WZ-132A 7 Torsion bars definitely help this grind out. Top gun turns it into a good combat scout. Poor gun depression hurts newer players. While great in its own right, it just doesn't stand out like the T-54 Lightweight or the AMX 13-90.
WZ-120 8 Torsion bars help with grind, but not needed until you want to upgrade turret. The top 122mm takes this medium from being a clumsy T-54 clone into its own special niche. This is a great brawling medium, especially fully upgraded. Definitely the highlight of the whole branch and feels much better to play than the 121.
WZ-111 1-4 8 Torsion bars needed to get turret and top gun before you get tracks. Fully upgraded, this is one of the best heaviums in the game. Lack of gun depression and poor hull armor can make this hard to play for new players, but if you stick with medium tanks in match, you'll find you can do amazing things.



TANK Rating More about this tank
50TP 6.5 Torsion bars needed for top gun and turret before you get tracks. Even then, this isn't an outstanding heavy, though it has good enough armor to save from a few newbie mistakes. You can pretty much call this the Polish equivalent of the E-75



TANK Rating More about this tank
Strv 103-0 5 You can safely skip torsion bars and get the tracks first on this one. The stock gun has amazing amounts of pen on the regular round. This TD suffers from slower speed than its predecessor (UDES 03) and still not thick enough armor for auto-bounces like its successor (Strv 103B). Because of this, this TD can feel quite awkward for new players. However, the Strv 103B is definitely worth your time, if you like the playstyle.
Emil II 5 Torsion bars not needed. Like its brother before it, it is very strong hull down, but otherwise, struggles to find a place in matches. Good when late game against weakened tanks. Much better tier for tier than the Kranvagn.



TANK Rating More about this tank
Standard B 8 Torsion bars needed until you upgrade the tracks after you upgrade turret. The Italian version of the Leopard project. Auto-reloader is very good here. Gun depression terrible over the rear of the tank, but otherwise is good. This tank has poor armor, but the mobility, top gun, and auto-reloading mechanic more than make up for it.

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