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The New Player’s Guide to Tier 7 Vehicles

WorldofTanks1 - The New Player's Guide to Tier 7 Vehicles

Howdy ladies and gents!

This guide is part four in a series –

The Guide to Picking your Tier 6 Token Tank

The New Player's Guide to Picking Your First Tier 8 Tech Tree Tank

The New Player's Guide to Picking Your First Tier 10 Vehicle

I do wish to apologize for all the hopping around in tiers. My first intention was to cover the "Big 3" tiers – a.k.a. the tiers that WG does most of their competitive modes around. I am now going to start on the forgotten 'tweener' tiers. I will hopefully be doing Tier 9 next, and finishing up with Tier 5 (so all someone has to do is link to the Tier 5 post, and then have links to every other part of the Guide series).

Tier 7 is considered the "Break Even" point in WoT. It is at this point that the average player on a standard account will neither make credits nor lose credits over a span of hundreds of battles. Thus, if you have neither bought a premium tank nor purchased premium time in order to help you gain extra credits, then please remember to find one or two really fun Tier 5 or Tier 6 tanks to play a lot in to help finance your grinds beyond this tier. But, there is some good news! As you become a more skilled player, you will start to find that you can earn a small profit at Tier 7. Once you become skilled enough, then you can usually gain an OK profit at Tier 7, which is more than enough to finance your grinds past Tier 7.

Just like in the prior guides, I will be looking at each tank in a few categories. These categories will be:

  1. Easing In. Tier 7 tends to be the first "hard grind" for most new players. The amount of XP to unlock modules to upgrade the tanks is a jump up on what was needed before. Tanks that are easier to upgrade or that are already decent without upgrades are very helpful to the new player.
  2. Awkwardness. Weird technology experiments. Crew configuration changes. Tank type changes (from medium to heavy is a common one) which makes for harsher crew skill retraining. Tanks shoehorned into this position by WG because of lack of other candidates. Whatever it may be, this can be one awkward tier to play.
  3. Fast Lane. This is a measurement of how much shared research you will have that can accelerate your grinds in other parts of the same tree to quickly get other Tier 7 tanks. As an aside, Tier 7 is a perfectly fine 'temporary' stopping point to let you catch your breath, and bring another 2 or 3 branches up to Tier 7 as well. With shared research, those branches will hopefully be a lot faster to grind up.

I will be giving ratings for each tank overall 0-10 based on the above categories. 0 means that the tank needs tossed off the nearest cliff. 5 means it is perfectly average and doesn't stand out. 10 means that for a free-2-play player, this tank is perfect for them as a temporary 'top tier' vehicle while they start branching out to other grinds.

Note: I cannot talk about future tech tree branches (a la the upcoming French wheeled vehicles) because they are not in the game yet, thus myself and others have not had a chance to try them out and see how well they fare in this game.



TANK Rating More about this tank
M12 5 A decent upgrade over the M44. Shares engines and radios with several tanks in the tree.
T71 CMCD 5.5 After the split of the T71 into 2 different vehicles, this is often seen as the 'lesser brother'. Terrible lack of shared research. Higher DPM than its autoloading brother. Decent at sustaining pressure on enemy vehicles. Relatively easy stock grind.
T71 DA 6 After the split of the T71 into 2 different vehicles, this is often seen as the 'greater brother'. Terrible lack of shared research. Lower DPM than its single-shot brother. Clip gives great late game clean-up potential. Relatively easy stock grind.
T25/2 6.5 Not as speedy as the Hellcat at Tier 6. Plays well in the role of a medium tank, despite being a TD. Good amount of shared research. One of the easier stock grinds in the game. Not having access to the 105mm gun from the the T25 AT means your grind one tier up becomes harder.
T25 AT 6 Losing a turret coming from the Jackson makes for play style learning difficulties along with ease of play issues which causes the lower score than its brother. Very easy stock grind. One of the better TD's tier-for-tier when fully upgraded. A good amount of shared research.
T20 7 Decent medium tank for the tier. A massive amount of shared research. Stock grind rough, but thankfully, doesn't take too long to bypass. Uses the same 90mm that the T29 gets, which gives it great punching power.
T29 9 Stock, even with the 90mm from the M6 at the prior tier, is one of the most powerful tanks of Tier 7. Some players who use this tank competitively in tournaments prefer the 90mm over the 105mm because of the higher DPM. The relatively painful length of grinding to fully upgrade this tank is the only thing keeping it from a 10. Fully upgraded, this heavy is relevant in Tier 9 matches, which even some Tier 8's struggle with. When top tier, it rules the battlefield. Arguably in the top 3 best heavies in the game, tier-for-tier.



TANK Rating More about this tank
G.W. Panther 5 A fine SPG in its own right, but nothing outstanding. Shares radio researches with most of the German tech tree.
St. Emil 3.5 What an awkward TD. Both guns are great, but if you mount the top gun, you have the most limited shell count in the game, which makes any miss/bounce extremely painful. Poor mobility and terrible armor round out the 'fun'. Thankfully, the Rhm.-B. WT at Tier 8 is worth the heartache.
JPanther 6.5 A good amount of shared research. Relatively painless grind. Easily forgotten and left behind by the JPanther II at Tier 8. Long grind to research both Tier 8 TD's to elite this TD. However, if you do so, expect to have a very experienced crew.
Tiger (P) 3.5 Massive amount of shared research, which is this tank's saving grace. Stock grind annoying. Armor is mostly an illusion. Poor mobility and awkward gun handling make this rougher to play than need be. One of the harshest grinds in the game to fully elite and research all tanks that branch off. This grind length alone makes this one of the more disliked tanks in the game.
Tiger I 7.5 Massive buffs by WG turned this from a poor heavy into a fantastic DPM pumping machine. Mobility is ok, and don't trust the armor except when top tier against Tier 5's. Massive amount of shared research. Stock grind not great, but is quick enough to get through and forget.
Panther 6.5 Decent amount of shared research. Stock grind not fun, but doesn't take too long. Fully elite, this is a great sniper tank, and when top tier, can do deadly amounts of ramming damage. The very low alpha of the top gun can be a massive turn-off for players who like big numbers.
VK 30.02 D 4 Good amount of shared research. Gun choices feel lacking in the shell penetration department, especially compared to the Panther. Is quite mobile. Stock grind harsh.
SP I C 6 What an unfortunate tank name. Stock grind normal for the tier, if forgettable. Almost no shared research hurts the score. Is considered by many to be a fun scout for the tier.
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TANK Rating More about this tank
SU-152 7 One of the easiest stock grinds in the game, which helps the score. No need to research either 122mm gun unless you really want to – though the top 122mm is a good gun in its own right. Shared researches limited to radios and engine. Not very mobile and not very tough. One of the most accessible and fun TD's tier-for-tier.
SU-100M1 6.5 Very little shared research aside from radio and engine. Harsh stock grind for a TD, but overall not that bad. Quite mobile. Poor gun depression hurts this TD's playability for new players. The armor is quite good for a TD.
LTG 5 Horrendous lack of shared research. Decently mobile. One of the strangest looking tanks in the game. Stock grind is average. Other than looks, not really a memorable tank for many.
T-43 4 Average amount of shared research. Stock grind is harsh, especially considering the upgrades struggle to help this tank feel more powerful. What really hurts this tank is that even fully upgraded, it doesn't feel much better than the preceding T-34-85. However, it is well worth your time and effort for the rest of this branch.
A-44 4.5 Decent amount of shared research. Stock grind is harsh. Rear turret and poor gun depression makes this hard to play for new players. Fully upgraded, this tank becomes surprisingly powerful and hard hitting for a medium, which saves it a bit.
KV-13 7 Shares a good bit of research. Stock grind not great, but is bearable. This is one of the best hybrid tanks in the game. Often overlooked by many, this is one of the gems of Tier 7 that when fully upgraded, can be a force to be reckoned with.
IS 7.5 Not the easiest stock grind, especially for a heavy. Massive amount of shared research. Fully upgraded, is a good heavy for the tier. Takes a while to research both branches from it, but it is worth your time, as both branches are full of good heavies.
KV-3 6.5 Massive amount of shared researches. Stock grind relatively easy considering the cheap tracks. Very tough. Mobility not great. Forgiving tank for new players to grind through.
S-51 4 Researched from the KV-2, which lets you skip the SPG grind to this point if you wish to get into this SPG branch. Fully upgraded, has a dangerous gun. Poor mobility and worst in class gun traverse arc hurts. Stock grind pretty easy.
SU-14-1 5 Poor mobility. Extremely limited gun traverse arc. Massive gun when fully upgraded. Stock grind pretty easy.




TANK Rating More about this tank
Comet 5 Decent amount of shared research. Many feel it is a downgrade from the Cromwell because of poorer mobility. Has much better gun handling than Cromwell. Great gun depression. Harsh stock grind hurts it, and having a not so great top gun doesn't do it any favors. A surprising favorite of a lot of skilled players.
Black Prince 3 Bad stock grind. Even fully upgraded, it struggles to do damage. Does have extremely tough armor. Terrible speed and mobility. Only OK when top tier. It is terrible when bottom tier. Tier 8 and up in this branch are all very much worth the difficulty of this grind.
AT 7 5.5 Awkward gun placement. Poor mobility. Stock grind is bad, even though a touch memetastic for what the stock gun is. Decent amount of shared research. Pretty tough for the tier. Fully upgraded, can dish the damage quickly. AT-15 at Tier 8 starts to make this grind worth it, and Tiers 9 and 10 are completely worth it.
Challenger 7 Good amount of shared research. Relatively easy stock grind. Turret helps with ease of play. Recent buffs have given this TD a new lease on life with its new 32-pdr. Fully upgraded, this TD becomes quite good.
Crusader SP 5 Awkward to play at first because gun is mounted backwards, meaning you have to drive backwards to get your best speed. Once you learn this, it can actually turn into an advantage in certain situations. Otherwise, is an average SPG.
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TANK Rating More about this tank
AMX AC 46 4 Poor stock grind does this TD no favors. Does have 2 great choices for top gun. Good amount of shared research. Armor has massive weakspots that negate that theoretical frontal toughness this TD can have. Last TD in grind before the autoloaders at Tier 8. Fully upgraded, it is decent, if forgettable.
AMX M4 45 4 Relatively average stock grind. Extremely quick to upgrade, especially if you researched all the guns on the prior ARL-44. Good amount of shared researches. Much better gun handling than the ARL-44, but bad mobility and terrible armor, along with long grind to unlock both branches after it, hurts this tank.
AMX 13 75 7.5 Stock grind hurts, but quick enough to get past. Massive improvement over the AMX 12t. Great scout for the tier, and dangerous late game.
Lorraine 155 50 5 Shared radio and engine help. Very easy stock grind. Quite mobile, especially with upgraded tracks and engine.



TANK Rating More about this tank
T-34/100 3 One of the more awkward tanks in the game. Basically a Tier 5 T-34 placed at Tier 7 with a 100mm it can upgrade to. Very harsh stock grind. Even fully upgraded, it still struggles. The Tier 9 in this branch is worth the struggle.



TANK Rating More about this tank
Chi-Ri 5 Stock grind is plain bad. Not much shared research aside from radios. Is a very soft medium that is larger in size than most heavies. However, fully upgraded, it does turn into a unique tank with its autoloader. Quite a few players find this tank fun with the top gun. This uniqueness and surprising fun factor help the tank out just enough to be average.
O-Ni 8 Painless stock grind thanks to the DERP and engine upgrades from the O-I. DERP means even when bottom tier, you are going to dish the pain. One of the easiest grinds in the game. Armor holds up well except against Tier 8 TD's and most Tier 9's in general. Is a nigh-invincible monster to Tiers 5 and 6. Poor mobility and being so large that even a Maus can hide behind it keeps it from a higher score. Seriously, this tank is so large, that it completely fills the aim circles of all SPG's it fights against, which means it rarely dodges arty fire.



TANK Rating More about this tank
T-34-2G FT 7 Easy stock grind. Fully upgraded, this is easily the highlight of an otherwise very average, very boring branch. It is quite mobile and hard hitting when fully upgraded. No shared research aside from radio, which does hurt quite a bit.
WZ-131 7 Easy stock grind. Fully upgraded, one of the better scouts of the tier. Shares a small amount of research. Leads into one of the best Tier 8 scouts in the game. Can be very awkward to play because of poor gun depression.
T-34-1 5 Shares quite a bit of research. Hard stock grind. Fully upgraded, it is decent and hits very hard for a medium. Often overlooked because so few people want to play this branch. Poor gun depression does make for some awkward play.
IS-2 8 Very easy stock grind, especially compared to the Russian IS. Good amount of shared research. Has a strange side-grade in a turret research that doesn't upgrade anything aside from a couple soft stats. Leads to some very well liked heavies at Tiers 9 and 10.



TANK Rating More about this tank
45TP 6 One of the harder stock grinds of the tier. Fully upgraded, it packs quite a punch. Lack of shared research is painful. The tail end of the harshest Tier 1 – Tier 7 grind in the game. The branch above this is generally seen as worth the pain of the grind.



TANK Rating More about this tank
Ikv 90 B 4 An average stock grind. Armor so bad, a butterfly farting can damage this TD. Shares only radio researches. Mobility is above average after fully upgraded. Good top gun. This TD is extremely unforgiving of mistakes that new players often make.
Leo 6.5 Stock grind isn't great, but is bearable. Fully upgraded, this is an extremely mobile medium tank with 2 vastly different playstyles depending on if you prefer the best 7.5cm gun (it plays a lot more like a Comet) or the 10cm gun (plays a lot more like a T20). Lack of shared research outside of 1 gun and the radios hurts.



TANK Rating More about this tank
P.43 ter 7.5 Stock grind not good, which hurts the score a little. OK amount of shared research in own branch. This tank goes from average to tremendous with the final engine upgrade coupled with the top gun upgrade. Easily the best medium of the tier.

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