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The New Player’s Introduction to Tier 5 Tanks

WorldofTanks3 - The New Player's Introduction to Tier 5 Tanks

Howdy ladies and gents!

This guide is part six in a series –

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Tier 5 is a great tier for new players to play. You are finally out of the chaos of the lower tiers. Tank designs and armaments start to make actual sense. Also, it does not hurt that it only takes at most a few hours of playtime to reach Tier 5 in almost every branch of every tree. If it turns out that you do not like the Tier 5 of the branch and it has turned you off to the rest of the branch, you haven't lost much time and you can grind up another branch extremely quickly.

When it comes to tiers lower than 5, even for a brand new player, you grind through the tiers so fast, that it doesn't really matter what tanks you play. You'll be past even the 'worst' tier 4 grinds in probably under 25-30 matches. Tier 5 is the first tier where you can start taking your time. It is also the first tier I would suggest that you not move past immediately.
You should grind your crew to at least 100% training so you can silver retrain them to 90% at Tier 6 to make the grind there (and earning 6th sense before you leave Tier 6) easier.

Now comes confession time. I have had the hardest time rating these tanks out of all of the tiers that I have done so far. I've had to spend a lot of time down at Tier 5 – both playing as and playing against – to recapture the essence of the tier. Once you hit around 37k battles (like I have), Tiers 1-5 fly by so fast, that it is extremely easy to ignore them because they take up so little of your time in grinding out a new Tier 10.

Just like in the prior guides, I will be looking at each tank in a few categories. These categories will be:

  1. Sharing is Caring. Shared research means a lot to new players. The more research a tank shares, the quicker you can reach tier 5 in other branches of the same tree.
  2. Starts Taking Shape. Does this tank play like the ones that follow it? Believe it or not, this can have a huge impact on your first opinions of a branch/line, and keep you from continuing on to some very good tanks just because of an awkward tank here at Tier 5.
  3. Shining Bright. Some tanks are just fine on their own, but they are heavily overshadowed either by other tanks in the same tree, or others in other trees.

I will be giving ratings for each tank overall 0-10 based on the above categories. 0 means you only wasted 3-5 hours to get here, so you can quickly forget it and move to something else. 5 means it is perfectly average and doesn't stand out. 10 means you need to be prepared to love this tank irrationally.

Note: I cannot talk about future tech tree branches (a la the upcoming French wheeled vehicles) because they are not in the game yet, thus myself and others have not had a chance to try them out and see how well they fare in this game.



TANKRatingMore about this tank
M41 HMC5Average SPG that leads into one of the more popular SPG's in the game at Tier 6. Shares engine and Radio research.
Chaffee5.5Used to be much better before it was nerfed when light tanks were expanded to Tier 10. Only shares radio research. Still decent in tier, but for those that played it before the nerf, it feels lackluster.
M75Changed from a medium to a light tank in the change of lights to Tier 10. Only shares radio research. Doesn't stand out, which means it is often overlooked.
T678.5TD is so amazing, that it is a favorite of seal-clubbers. Extremely stealthy, extremely quick, with great guns. Shares a lot of research in guns, radios, and engines. Very squishy and mistakes are punished harshly, which keeps it from a higher score.
Wolverine6.5TD that is very overshadowed by its brother, the T67. Has armor that will sometimes protect you from mistakes. Shares gun, radio, and engine research. New players have to remember that a 2 tank interlude – here and at Tier 6 with turrets – can make transitions in this branch awkward.
M47.5A very popular and fun tank. Shares a bunch of gun, radio, and engine research. Has a choice in 2 great guns, with many players loving the 105mm howitzer. Leads into 2 great mediums a tier up.
T1 Heavy5Very overshadowed in tier by other heavies. On its own, it is decent, if unremarkable. Shares guns, radio, and engine researches. Fully upgraded, it is surprisingly quick, and is decently tough. Good place to start learning hull-down tactics.



TANKRatingMore about this tank
Grille5Average SPG. Shares radios with a lot of the German tree, and shares an engine research.
Pz.SFL. IVc5.5A really strange TD. Shares only radio researches, and an engine with the Tier 9 of the branch. Extremely soft and squishy, and the top gun can be skipped, especially as it has a very restrictive gun traverse arc and isn't shared with any other tank. Extremely quick and mobile. Armor non-existent, so expect any mistakes to be punished harshly.
StuG III G6After the Hetzer a tier before, it can seem like a downgrade at first. However, once you get a few upgrades installed, this is an extremely effective TD. Lots of shared gun, radio, and engine researches. Quite mobile. Can be deadly in the right hands.
Pz. IV H7.5Aside from the M4 Sherman, this is another well loved medium of the tier – especially with the 105mm howitzer. Shares a lot of gun, radio, and engine research. Leads into 2 tanks that are also quite good.
VK 30.01 H6Overshadowed by the Pz. IV H. Shares a lot of gun, radio, and engine research. Worth your time if you plan on going up the Panther branch.
Pz. III/IV5Heavily overshadowed by its brothers. Shares gun, radio, and engine research. Hard to recommend this branch as most tanks in it are not very good.
Leopard7.5One of the most fun scouts of the tier. Either gun is great. Fully upgraded, this is a deadly opponent. Rest of the line plays similarly, though the upper tiers fall behind the other light branches in the game.



TANKRatingMore about this tank
SU-857Deadly TD in tier. Shares Gun, radio, and engine research. Quite comfortable to play, though it doesn't hold a candle to its big brother a Tier up, the SU-100.
T-503.5Since moving to Tier 5 from Tier 4 in the great light tank expansion to Tier 10, it has suffered greatly. Hard to recommend to anyone. Skip this and instead research light branch off of the T-34. Only reason play this tank is for ease of crew training by transferring up a light crew silver retrained at 90% instead of creating a new crew silver trained at 75% at Tier 6.
T-345Decent medium that is heavily overshadowed by others of the tier. Shares gun, engine, and radio research. It will be very worth your time to fully elite and research all 3 branches from this tank.
KV-1S7Quite mobile for a heavy. Leads towards many well loved heavies. Shares gun, radio, and engine research. Has to be researched from the KV-1. Is unfortunately overshadowed by its brother, because of lack of (comparative) toughness and lack of gun choices.
KV-18None too quick, but well armored. Has 3 great gun choices for top gun. Shares gun, radio, and engine researches. Is well worth your time to elite and research all 3 branches from this tank, and definitely worth your time to grab a KV-2 along with continuing up either of the other 2 branches of your choice.
SU-122A5Average SPG. Shares engine and radio research.




TANKRatingMore about this tank
Crusader4.5Eminently forgettable, especially compared to Cromwell a tier up. Even in tier, not a great medium. Gun choices not good. Shares gun, radio, and engine researches.
Churchill I5Very slow. Decent armor for the tier. Shares a lot of gun, radio and engine researches. Decent heavy, but very overshadowed by other heavies in the tier. Better get used to being slow with low alpha guns, because it doesn't change until Tier 8.
AT 25Before nerfs, this would easily have had a score of 8. Armor no longer impenetrable by most Tier 4/5/6 tanks. Very slow and immobile. Shares gun, radio, and engine researches. Can be frustrating to play. Line starts to become worth it at Tier 8, and Tiers 9+ are worth your time and effort.
Sherman III7.5Basically the same M4 Sherman from the USA tree, but with a few new (and very British) gun choices. Shares a lot of gun, radio, and engine researches. Not as memorable as the M4 Sherman because it is typically not in the first 2-3 branches researched by most players.
Archer4Very awkward TD – gun is mounted backwards, thus you have to drive backwards to have any speed at all. Very soft armor that heavily punishes mistakes. Great guns for a TD of the tier. Shares gun, radio, and engine research. Is worth the trouble because the rest of the branch is decent-to-great.
Bishop3.5Cannot recommend UK as a first SPG branch because of extremely short ranges. New players are still struggling to learn vision/camo mechanics, and this is exacerbated by this line. Worth coming to as a 2nd SPG branch, once you are more comfortable with game mechanics. Shares radio and engine research.



TANKRatingMore about this tank
S35 CA6Great guns from the start. 105mm is often considered the best to use on this TD. Very soft, so mistakes are punished harshly. Decent mobility. Shares Gun, radio, and engine research.
G1 R3.5Heavily overshadowed by other mediums of the tier. Isn't as mobile as other mediums. Large turret weakspot. Comparatively better gun handling doesn't make up for the negatives. Don't go up this tank to the ARL-44, because that grind is awful with the stock 76mm because you skipped the 90mm from the BDR G1 B. Shares gun, radio, and engine research.
BDR G1 B5Very soft heavy. Has one of the best guns in the tier. It is about 50/50 if you will struggle with it or soar high while playing it. Strongly overshadowed by other heavies that have much better armor in the tier.
AMX ELC bis4Pre-Nerf, this would have easily been a 9. Post nerf from the light tree expansion to Tier 10, it is just a wisp of what it used to be. Poor acceleration, less than stellar mobility, terrible armor, terrible view range, radio nonexistent. Choice in top guns allows difference of fully rotatable turret (75mm SA44L) for more traditional scout play, or limited traverse of turret with the 90mm D. 915 which allows you to play more like a TD. Shares radio research only. Rest of tanks in tree past this are well worth your time.
AMX 13 AM5Very quick SPG. Lowest alpha of class at tier. Closest to a tech-tree LeFH18B2 that you can get.



TANKRatingMore about this tank
Skoda T 243Very low DPM. Very poor armor. Its best gun and engine are stock parts on the Skoda T25. If nothing else, the Skoda T25 at Tier 6, and the Skoda T 50 at Tier 9 are both very worth it.



TANKRatingMore about this tank
Chi-Nu5Soft armor. Mobility leaves a little to be desired. Good gun selection and good gun depression help a lot. Shares gun, radio, and engine research. Rest of line probably not worth your time until we know what WG plans to do with STB-1 when it is buffed this upcoming year.
O-I Exp5What used to be the most powerful tank at Tier 5 was nerfed and is now at best average. Great armor helps you survive through newbie mistakes. The O-I a tier up, and Type 5 Heavy at Tier 10, are both worth the effort. Spend the time here to get the engine upgrade – trust me on this. Shares gun, radio, and engine research.



TANKRatingMore about this tank
60G FT4Very poor armor makes mistakes very painful. Good mobility. Guns just OK for a TD of the tier. Unfortunately, most of the rest of the line is average at best, so it is hard to recommend this line to new players.
Type T-345A very average medium. Shares only radio and engine research. Worth your time because many tanks in all 4 branches (by Tier 10) past this one are well worth the time and effort.



TANKRatingMore about this tank
25TP4Poor armor. Gun is good. Extremely quick. Shares a gun and a radio research. Stock grind is plain bad. The Polish tree is the hardest to recommend to new players, as it has the hardest stock grinds in the game until you reach Tier 8.



TANKRatingMore about this tank
Ikv 1036Has one of the strangest ammo loadouts, with only HEAT on its top gun. Can dish quite a bit of damage. Very mobile. Lack of armor means it is punished very harshly when you make a mistake. This branch worth it for the UDES 03 and the STRV 103B.
Strv m/425Decent medium on its own, but very overshadowed by others of the tier. Shares gun, radio, and engine research. Tier 6 past this is well loved. Rest of branch past Tier 6 not seen as worth it to many. Buffs this upcoming year to the Kranvagn at Tier 10, as well as the high possibility of a medium branch extension to Tier 10 may change things.



TANKRatingMore about this tank
P.435.5Surprising armor in tier, which can let it brawl while top tier. Decent guns. Shares gun, radio, and engine research. Rest of branch definitely worth your time.

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