World of Tanks

The new tanks and what I think they mean

WorldofTanks2 - The new tanks and what I think they mean

First let me say this is not my actual account, so yes this is a throw away. Why? Because I don't trust WG, I signed an NDA but that expired over a year ago.

This stems from the cancelled Project Excalibur by WG Seattle, the Seattle office has since been closed. I took part in a super early alpha test of the game, it was fun and showed promise however it just wasn't all that good. Forgive me if I don't perfectly remember everything as this was some time ago.

First: the tanks, MBTs, APC/Support, TD like vehicles, and Helicopters but that's for later. MBTs did what you think they'd do, played the role of main line fighters and played similar to heavies and mediums of WoT. TDs played the same long range fire support they do in WoT, mostly. The support vehicles had the most potential for fun and interesting play but ultimately fell short as they were incomplete, stuff like, placing an encamped position of troops to fire from or deploying troops.

Second: The Helicopters, useless. Literally useless, they couldn't hide from the enemy tanks, couldn't cap bases, had about 1/4 the health of the other vehicles, couldn't spot tanks without being almost directly over them, could get shot down by the co-axial machinegun everyone had, and the missles they were equipped couldn't be "dumb fired" meaning you have to achieve a lock-on. Problem with the lock-on was it took FOREVER and the slightest blockage would reset it. Heli's were only good for fighting other Heli's.


Third and MOST important: There was no arty. WAIT! Before you celebrate let me clarify, there was no playable arty vehicle, however there was on I think all ground vehicles a arty consumable. It would rain fire on a designated location for a few rounds, some testers would clump their consumables on one tank, I'm not sure if it worked as everyone thought or not. Everyone (I think) also had a smoke consumable, similar to DDs in WoWs, I believe it stopped that arty consumable but I'm not sure anymore.

The main takeaway here is, the whole time I was confused on why they'd spend development money on making a new game instead of just slapping this on WoT as some kind of tier 11-15 or someting. Lo and behold, Update 6.0. I've been meaning to talk about this for a while I just never got around to it, so if you have any questions feel free and I'll do my best to answer. I know this wasn't a whole lot of info but I thought it was interesting enough, so as I remember more I can answer whatever questions.

TL:DR I played an alpha test years ago of what I think the new tanks from Update 6.0 are about.

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