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The Peasant Bot: 1 Mark Review Bretagne and Wojtek

WorldofTanks1 - The Peasant Bot: 1 Mark Review Bretagne and Wojtek

I’ve been kicking around this idea for awhile, so let’s see how it turns out.

This will be a ‘common man’ review of the journey to get 1 mark (65% damage standing) of a particular tank. Depending on the amount of downvotes and hate mail, I may make this a recurring event.

If you want a purple stat 3 mark review of a tank, there are many others here who routinely soar in that rarified air. I’m looking to provide a different perspective for players in the middle of the bell curve, either working hard to bring up their stats or just playing to have fun.

For the first column it’s a double feature. The Tier VI Polish Panther Wojtek and its beautiful cousin the Tier VI French Panther Bretagne. I've had the Wojtek for a while but had only played it 5 times up until 2 weeks ago. When the Bretagne dropped I decided to make a run at putting a mark on both of them.


  • Cost: 3650 full price
  • Premium Bonus: 125 silver/130 xp
  • Perks: Wojtek comes with the special Bear crew that growls when a shell is loaded.


The Wojtek has thicker front and side armor, more hp/t, but less hit points (90 less). Because, reasons.


Optics, Rammer and Vents. This tank can’t mount a stabilizer. The accuracy is good enough that even if it could, you probably get more overall from vents than the focus on gun handling.

Both of my crews had fire fighting trained, so I ran large repair, large med, and food. I tried to reserve the repair kit for an ammo rack hit or if an early shot took out 2 or more modules. BIA, Repairs, vents and the boost from the large rep kit kept unassisted track repairs down to a tolerable timeframe.


These are Panthers. Big hulls with frequently accurate rapid fire German guns. Decent top end speed but it can take a while to get there. Slow going uphill. Being Tier VI, they rarely see Tier IVs (unless you come across an unlucky Valentine or other tank that was immune from the lower Tier -1 rebalance). You’re going to face RamPanzers, Absolutions, Minutepersons, Patriots, Chrysler Ks, and DreadNaughties. You are essentially -2/+1 when it comes to matchmaking.

You are a one-shot for KV2s with the derp and Dreads. Avoid them. You are a juicy target for M44s and George Washington Panthers if out in the open and not up to full speed. Even though you are one tier higher and the same tank family as a Panz V/IV, they still have more HP than you (again, reasons). You are not going to bully many premium and fully upgraded TT tanks. Your play is to stay at a comfortable distance from the big guns and use your accuracy and ROF to chew at them. Keep your sloped upper plate pointed at the danger and you will be rewarded with bounces. This tank rocks very well (it seems to accelerate quicker in reverse than forward). Use that to keep your turret and cupola from being focused.


I started down the path with the Wojtek and worked in the battles while doing other grinds without much of a focus. I was very disappointed with the number of battles it took to get to 65%. For the Bretagne I locked in and played this tank almost exclusively until I hit 65%. That focus seemed to pay off: over the final 30 battles I averaged a damage standing increase of nearly 1% per battle, and only 4 battles with a negative impact to standing (yes, #$%@ arty indeed).



  • overall 2000 WN8, 64% WR, 67 battles to get the MOE.
  • Survival rate: 33%
  • Trees cut: 123
  • Damage: 1320 (992 direct, 328 assist)


  • overall 1516 WN8, 57% WR, 98 battles to get the MOE.
  • Survival rate: 32%
  • Trees cut: 188
  • Damage: 996 (778 direct, 219 assist)

-Final Thoughts-

Both tanks are solid and clearly allowed me to perform above my career stats. By WOT standards they are obviously in need of a nerf. My favorite here was the Bretagne. That may be due to having a better crew (who has a 5+ skill Polish crew?), playing the Wojtek first and getting into a groove, or just good karma from being nicer to the forest. Although the survival rates aren’t that different, I do recall ending a lot of battles in the Bretagne at 50 hp or less. Seasoned players know the true currency in this game isn’t gold or silver, but hit points. You take your damage to the market and try to find the best trade you can get. The extra 90 hp doesn’t seem like a lot, but at Tier 6 that is the difference between one lucky shot from a T-34 being a nuisance or sending you back to the garage.

Looking at the Tank Tree, Bretagne is the only French Premium at Tier VI. And I would argue the best ‘all around’ medium French premium tier for tier due to the issues with CDC being power crept and the Ravioli/M51 having great guns but weak hulls. The silver bonus won’t make you rich but will keep you from going broke. The XP bonus isn’t black tank territory but if you like mediums and mid tier play, this is a very serviceable crew trainer for France.

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