World of Tanks

The potatoes guide to doing better, part 2

WorldofTanks3 - The potatoes guide to doing better, part 2

You can find part 1 here.

I've been continuing my improvement since the first instalment of this guide, and some days I'm doing really well, averaging 57% Win Rate and 2000+ WN8 over the last 200 games, while I've been playing mostly my British and American tech tree tanks, trying to do missions for the Excalibur.

But I digress, and this is about the easy and helpful things I wish I had known months if not years ago, that will help you do better, as it has done for me.

1 – The penetration indicator was changed in patch 9.19.1

The last year or so, the penetration indicator on your aiming reticle has taken the angle of attack into account, thus being SUPER useful instead of completely irrelevant.

I've been playing the last four months since returning to the game, simply ignoring the penetration indicator (Green, Yellow, and Red) and manually targeting weak spots, as the darn thing used to be more problem than solution, but no more.

Sure it still helps to know the weak spots, as it will save you time searching with the penetration indicator, but this makes the game soooo much easier.

2 – Sound/Graphics settings are stupidly important

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Now I can't put a number on how much this has increased my WR/WN8, and it takes some getting used to, but after using it a few weeks you don't really notice it, and suddenly you can hear where nearby enemies are, and see them much better.

3 – Install XVM, so you know who to listen to in chat

Someone is pinging the map, and telling you to go somewhere… but should you listen? XVM is actually fairly poisonous for many aspects of the game, but it's incredibly useful when someone is trying to get you to do something, because they're now colour coded for your convenience.

This is not foolproof as some people grind lower tiers for stats, so they can have a nice colour despite being sort of bad, but it's usually a risk worth taking.

If they're purple you should basically just clicks your heels and go do whatever they asked. Not only will this likely end up with you getting a ton more damage, because the unicum understands the flow of battle better than you do, but even if it doesn't it's likely the way to winning the game, which is good for your WR instead.


Blue players should be treated mostly like the purples, but expect them to be slightly more selfish in their desires to make you go somewhere. It's usually still worth listening, but there won't be AS much in it for you, outside a much higher chance of winning the game.

Green player pings should be taken as solid advice, but you should really take a look at the map and positions before you go where they want. I used to follow green player advice, but many of them are selfish and will send you to your death for their own benefit.

Yellow players usually don't know anything about the flow of the game, so only follow their pings if you can see why that would be a good idea. I myself am a yellow (for now) and my advice on the flow of battles is like 50/50 at best.

Orange players you should probably ignore, and if a red player tells you to do something there's a good chance you should do the nearest thing you can find to the entirely opposite action, and benefit greatly.

4 – Honourable mention.

Finally there's an honourable mention. This is not as easy as the other recommendations, but it does deserve a mention because it deals with another common recommendation for new players…

People recommend watching streams/youtube all the time, and I do, but most of them don't really teach me much. Quickybaby is lovely to listen to, skill4ltu is great if you can ignore the repeated phrases, but the only one that really teaches me anything is Lemmingrush.

He doesn't post that often on youtube, and I don't usually have time to follow his
stream, but he explains the game and mechanics in a way that no other streamer does.

Not only will he usually explain what he does, but more importantly he will explain why he doesn't do the "standard" thing in a particular game, and he will show you games where he fails while explaining what he did wrong.

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