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The potatoes guide to doing better.

WorldofTanks7 - The potatoes guide to doing better.

Hey, my name is Lamoron, and I'm a potato… or at least I was.

I've been spending the last two months trying to do better, increasing my 1200 WN8 and 52% Win Rate, but about a month ago I got the advice I just wished someone had given me 10.000 battles ago, and I hereby present the easiest advice you'll ever get in this game.

  1. View range
  2. Tracking shots
  3. Staying alive

Let me explain in more detail.

1. View range is super important on everything.

Yeah I had view range on my scouts, but I never even considered it on any tank that wasn't obviously good at it. This was a major mistake.

View Range allows you shots you wouldn't otherwise have, it allows you to shoot without being spotted in return (on vehicles with some camouflage), and it allows you to be useful when you're bottom tier. View range allows you to feed information to your team, and it's easier to get damage when you're winning.

It doesn't matter that you can't reach the 445 meter mark, as every little increase counts. I never run a tank seriously, without as much view as I can muster on it now. It doesn't even matter if you're good at using the view range actively (I'm not) as simply having the higher view range will help.

2. Tracking shots are pure greatness.


If you have team mates in tow, or other people are shooting at the target, just always go for the tracks first. Not only will the enemy have a tougher time escaping, or spend his repair kit that could otherwise have been spent on his broken ammo rack, but you also get a ton of assisting damage.

If we take an example where you fire every five seconds doing 230 damage, you might end up shooting three times and doing 690 damage before the two enemy tanks are dead, assuming everything penetrates of course. Now if you instead spend those three shots tracking those two tanks, you get maybe thousands of tracking damage.

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3. Staying alive is more important that doing damage.

Yeah I still fail this one many times a day, but it really does make a huge difference. Every single game you will be presented with the opportunity to take risky shots, and if you're like me that juicy damage is so tempting, even if I KNOW there a high risk of me getting tagged in return by multiple tanks.

Just don't do it. Getting a few hundred damage into a tank isn't usually worth it if you lose half your hit points. In the last part of the game those hit points could have let you farm ten times that damage.

So there you have it.

Following these three very basic ideas has let me increase my average Win Rate from 52% to 55%, and my WN8 from an average of around 1200 to an average of almost 1500 at the time I write this.

I still have MUCH to learn, but these three pieces of advice was a GREAT start.

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