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The repair price on tanks in an insult.

WorldofTanks1 - The repair price on tanks in an insult.

I understand that measures like the tank repair are there to make the grind less enjoying to make you want to buy premium. And I totally understand that viewpoint from a company's perspective. I just think that maybe it's a little bit too much sometimes. The cost feels like especially too much when you already have the silver reduction from a loss and maybe you werent able to do much damage because of a stock gun or shitty tank etc. It all just culminates to make a less enjoyful experience. I've also heard this sentiment from some of my friends who despite their best efforts being average players they will still regularly lose silver due to the repair cost. I felt the repair cost especially hard when I got my amx 100 50 and had to use the 90mm f3 gun against tier 9 and 10s. I had to use that thing till I had 16k xp for the the tracks to support the load of the better gun. And every game was just bullshit no pen shots against like any tank. So every single loss would be me losing like 1000 to 7000 silver and it just wasn't enjoyable. Isn't the whole point of a game to be enjoyable? So in conclusion I really feel like repair cost should be reduced even just a little by like 10 percent to make those hard grinds a little less shitty. And before you ask in the comments I'm a fairly decent player and usually I don't complain I just couldn't help noticing this feature of the game was especially annoying. Feel free to tell me to get better in the comments or whatever I just want to see if anyone else feels this way about the repair system.

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