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This game’s playerbase has lost its value. Battles are no longer won by one team being better than the other.

WorldofTanks5 - This game's playerbase has lost its value. Battles are no longer won by one team being better than the other.

Player Quality Has Dropped

I think we all know this and have all seen this for ourselves. Players yoloing, camping, suiciding, not shooting their guns, not helping teammates, not paying any attention to the map or flow of the battle, no situational awareness, not moving, excessive toxicity towards teammates, extreme selfishness, and an overall unwillingness to learn. These are no longer an occasional annoyance, but rather an expectation. When you finish a battle without these you're actually surprised. Think about that. If your team actually moves and shoots, it's surprising.

Battles Are Won Based On Which Team Is More Idiotic, Not By Who Played Better

Here are examples from my last three games:

  1. Mountain Pass: All of the paper tanks go to the ice road and the armored tanks go to the left brawling corner. The enemy has barely left their base by the time my team takes both skdes of the map. The right side holds off for a while but ultimately loses. The left side gaining the advantage decides to move, but not in the right direction. The full health heavy tanks fall back and sit to snipe at a hull down heavy they can barely see. This of course puts the left side at a massive disadvantage. I manage to leave in time to retreat to the hill at base and pick off what I could while the sniping heavies get surrounded and rushed. The enemy wins 5-0.

  2. Malinovka: I go to the top of the hill to spot and get early damage. The three tanks that came with me stop half way up. Seven tanks go to the field while the other four sit on the red line, too far away to do anything. Having no support I fall back and reposition to spot from the middle of the map as the enemy pushes into our base. My team at that point in time then decided to drive from our base to the enemy's. My team gets on cap while another tank and I defend and reset ours. We win with an early base cap 11-5.

  3. El Halluf: The majority of the team actually went to the corner to brawl. However, there were only a couple enemies. The enemy team then popped up in force at our base. Instead of turning around to defend our cap which they were closest to, the team push into the enemy base were there were no enemies. By that time I had already gone back, reset base, and gotten a few kills to which I was then called a "bitch piece of shit base camping clown" by someone who actually was camping base in a super heavy. When we finished cleaning up the enemy I drove across to the other side to engage the three remaining enemies. One of which single-handedly held off/farmed ten of my teammates in his bottom tier medium. My team capped early 8-2.


These games and many others like them were not shaped by good gameplay and teamwork. They were random and had no victors. The teams that won, won by chance. Battles are now based on which team just so happened to be slightly more idiotic than the other and when that line becomes too thin it comes down to circumstance, not skill.

Skillful play has diminished.

Remember when games lasted longer than 4 or 5 minutes because most players would use some level of strategy and tactics. Remember when a blowout meant that one team played so well that they couldn't be stopped. Remember when victories had to be fought for. Remember when the leaderboard would be full of numbers down to the bottom. Remember when the challenge of this game used to be playing better than your teammates. Remember when the top 5 was reserved for the players that played exceptionally well.

Now a long game is 5 minutes. Now it's 50/50 whether a game will be a blowout. Now the fight is figuring out how you'll survive the inevitable decimation of your team. Now there is just a void at the bottom of the leaderboard. Now simply firing your gun a few time gets you half way up the list. Now the top 5 just means that you played the game.

There was a time when nearly everyone would contribute and affect a battle. Each teammate was a valuable asset. The skill of each player and the team as a whole would determine the events and opportunities of a battle. Often times the advantage and power would shift between teams and positions multiple times a battle. These no longer hold true and now we have degraded to a playerbase that is devoted to willful ignorance.


While not every game is like I have described, it is now common place. There is a level of certainty in each battle the that it's going to be an absolute mess and that you know you'll have to work around the failures of your team. Idiocy and chance determine the "victor" now, not skill.

I'm not asking everyone to become unicums. I'm just asking that everyone plays the game when they play this game. If you're not that good but you at least try to play, that's fine. The problem is all the people that make no attempt to do anything like move, shoot, pay attention, or learn. They are ruining this game for everyone, new players and veterans alike.

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