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This is the actual problem with MM (Lots of DATA)

WorldofTanks5 - This is the actual problem with MM (Lots of DATA)

For a while now, actually for years, I've always been bothered by the powercreep and MM problems that have been plaguing this game. Like many, I've taken to the forums to voice my concerns and to advocate for buffs. Every single time I posted about buffing certain tanks I was inundated with trolls and frankly idiots. All trying to hijack my threads and solve my problem by telling me "historical accuracy" prevents me from asking for such buffs and "X thing must be fixed first" before my suggestion should even be looked at. This always irritated me since I could not believe how so many idiots could not see the problem as clear as I could. So I started looking at the hard data.

I know I am not crazy! The more I kept looking at why some tanks felt OP while others didn't, I began to realize something…

Now, frankly, I do not know how to put any of this into words, so I will post some graphs, then explain. And if people are interested, I could post the data.


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IpbksQf - This is the actual problem with MM (Lots of DATA)

QZ89Z5N - This is the actual problem with MM (Lots of DATA)

9XPWZSW - This is the actual problem with MM (Lots of DATA)

qJwBQYN - This is the actual problem with MM (Lots of DATA)

oIuCsFr - This is the actual problem with MM (Lots of DATA)

NOTE: Excel Spreadsheets / Google Sheets are not my expertise. I'm a simple man with a bit of math and science knowledge. I realize that this data may not be perfect, but there is just way too much data to actually look at. I attempted to only look at the important statistics that determine how a tank will perform. Also, all of this was obtained from
tanks - This is the actual problem with MM (Lots of DATA) using only 100% crews and no equipment. I also took the liberty of looking at the same tanks with alternative popular guns.

Now, what is the problem?

The problem is the scaling (or growth) in power, based on TIER, just isn't as linear as I had hoped and in some instances isn't linear at all.

What the hell does this mean?

It means that, like many have figured, a tank ONE or TWO tiers higher than you will feel significantly more powerful, but this growth happens faster when jumping from tier EIGHT to tier NINE or TEN. Okay, okay, I know what you will ask…

Why should this even matter? Its been known for years! You idiot, you figured nothing at all!

Exactly, its been known for years, but never has the hard data EVER been looked at. In all my years on the NA forums, have I seen a thread looking into specifically this problem, and I've been active on the forums since 2011. Never have I seen this discussed in other places too, like The Armored Patrol, Rita Blog, The Daily Bounce, etc. People always complain that +2 / -2 and the format of 3-5-7 or 5-10 (in recent times), etc are the problem, but the way I look at it, that isn't the problem at all! Its never been a problem with the tier spread (though +4 and +3 are kinda stretching it a bit).

Currently, there are huge gaps between tier EIGHT vs NINE and TEN. In fact, there is a huge gap from tier SEVEN to NINE! When looking at tank performances and characteristics tier by tier, there appears to be a plateau effect from tiers FIVE-EIGHT (tier V through VIII); DPM, Alpha, and other characteristics don't explode like they do when you reach tier NINE+.


What is the point of this? What am I trying to get at or achieve with this?

My point is that, we need to look at the hard data. This game was originally made, so that once you hit tier SEVEN (tier VII), you'd start losing credits and the grinds would get a lot harder. This was achieved by making the power jump at tier IX+ really big. You would get owned by the higher tier tanks and they would aspire you to chase them. The tier X grind was meant to be the end point and the highest peak in performance you could reach.

This formula might have worked years ago, but now it just does not. Being bottom tiered makes you feel pretty useless, especially when you face something new that is OP, like a 430, 430U etc while you are just trying to grind something like your T-34-1 / T-34-2. You feel insignificant in those battles as something like a 430 or 430U can make quick lunch of you and there is pretty much nothing you can do against them.

Additionally, we are currently experiencing a decline or stagnation in terms of newer players picking up this game. As someone who has lost about 8 friends and family members to this game, whom left because they just could not deal with the difficulty curve and toxicity, I feel as though I can give my two cents on this. Wargaming, you need to fix this problem for your newer and current players. The lower tiers have become a lot more important now due to player retention, tier specific events (Grand Battles, Frontlines, Strongholds, etc) and the introduction of many tiered premium tanks.

We spend the vast majority of our time in the lower tiers, from tiers V-VIII as we grind credits, new tank lines, or participate in tiered events. The power difference becomes more apparent the longer you play across these tiers. It has always been wrongfully believed, in my opinion, to be the fault of +2 and 3-5-7 MM. Looking at the numbers, I can tell you that it is not. I have some suggestions…

  1. Introduce, across the board, tank buffs from tier V to tier VIII!
  2. Make power jumps more consistent and linear!
  3. Standardize gun calibers, HP, alpha damage, etc. Make all same tier Xmm guns have the same alpha and similar penetration values. Balance tanks based on armor and mobility.
  4. Introduce buffs more frequently. Waiting a year or more for you to buff a tank or look at data just completely kills momentum and most new players will not wait that long!

At Wargaming, I know this seems like a monumental task, but you can do this. Here is how you can do this:

Ask WG RU devs to give you access to create and modify tanks as well as to open up some kind of test environment. For example, if you are buffing something like the M26 Pershing:

  • Create a duplicate tank (with all the top tier modules), but with modified stats.
  • Play it on the test environment and modify stats accordingly.
  • Introduce it to live server via super testers and get player feedback as well as super test feedback.
  • Introduce these buffs in batches and coordinate with EU, NA, ASIA, and RU to each test different batches of tanks at the same time. Then look at data again and introduce buffed tanks into live server once enough data is obtained. If something proves too strong, then bring it down a notch and test again.

Whatever you do, it has to be done soon and in monthly updates. There are a ton of tanks that need to be updated and I fear that you will just continue to ignore the problem until it reaches a point of completely being unplayable for the vast majority of your playerbase.

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