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WorldofTanks4 - Thoughts from a new player

Hi. First, a short introduction.

This is my 3rd attempt at playing WoT and sticking with it. First 2 attempts ended up with me giving up after few days of playing, but this time I'm more determined to give the game a proper chance. If nothing else, I promised by best mate who has 30k+ games in WoT to play the game at least for one month and then decided whether I continue playing or not.

This post is just my way of giving feedback from perspective of newcomer, as I saw Quickybaby trying to experience the game from the newcomer point of view, and even though he got some things right, by the nature of him knowing maps and tanks and being a really good player, he is missing lot of small things.

Now, I've played my share of competitive online games, but this one was probably the hardest one for me so far. The game for some reason has very few tutorials and really doesn't tell you anything about the type of tanks, type of gameplay, spotting mechanics, defenses…T1-T3 battles for me were pure frustration. Absolute hate-this-game frustration. I would get killed by unseen tanks every single match, not understanding what I was doing wrong, getting frustrated to the point of deleting the game and then reinstalling it again next day (happened 3 times in 3 weeks so far).

The tanks I would play felt awful to drive, many of them moving at top speeds of 15km/h which would lead to hillarious situations of me driving to some point on the map for 2 minutes, only to get smoked upon arrival. Back to garage. Next mission. The biggest offender being the French duck tank…(I really don't understand why that tank is in the game and why it apparently leads to a nice tank that I see zoom zooming next to me quite often. Not sure I have the mental fortitude to grind games on that duck.)

So, I kept playing, kept losing. Losing to the point of having 42% win rate and realizing I'm so bad that I'm basically dragging 14 other players down with me from the normal 48-50% win rate. Most games I would be first to die due to not knowing the map and being exposed from some random side. Other games I would intentionally sit behind but then I would end up with 0 damage and 0 spotting, for a measly 80-90 battle experience. That felt even worse than dieing.

I felt like quiting. Actually, I did quit 3 times and then started again for the 4th time.

And then I installed QuickyBaby mod. And then it dawned on me.

I , with my 200ish games, was playing matches with and against players with 20-40k games. I was playing matches against players with fully skilled up crews and fully decked out tanks. I was what they call 'a seal'. I was being clubbed. Mercilessly.

If not for my promise, I would have probably quit at this point. But I kept grinding. I've set myself a goal. Get a captain with a Sixth sense. No matter what, I will play until I get Sixth sense on one of my captains and then see if I still die as much.

Little did I know that to get the Sixth sense, you first need to get the crew member to 100% and in that time I would have enough experiences to move to next tier tank. I would then move the crew and drop down to 75% and then grind all again to the 100% to start on Sixth sense, and this kept happening until I hit Tier 5, where the Crew experience kinda gets in line with combat experiences. Still, 500ish matches into this game, I'm only at 82% Sixth Sense on ONE of my captains. There's still a lot of grinding ahead to fulfill my goal. I still don't have a single skill on any of my crew members.

T4-T6 the matches became a bit better. I learned few of the maps, but would every often be thrown out of the loop due to spawning on the opposite side, so had to re-learn the map. Some matches I played kinda ok, but most of the time I would still get killed in situations where I don't see any opponents near me and not realizing that there's a light tank hidden somewhere lighting me up and putting a big target mark over me.


Right now, I'm still grinding experience, but now I also have to grind money because I went bankrupt. How? I didn't realize that the Chocolate in my german tank is being resupplied after every match. I thought it was a one time purchase!

So now not only do I not have experience for new tanks, but I also dont have silver coins to buy them. Fun, right?

So I will grind. Grind and grind hoping the game becomes better at one point. I will grind to get that Sixth sense and grind to get to higher tiers. Or I will quit in 13 days when my premium runs out. We will see. Until then….

My suggestions would be:

1) add a short tutorial explaining type of tanks and what kind of gameplay each tank brings. Warn a new player that Light tanks require extensive knowledge of maps and so on.

2) add a short map tutorials showing the most common flanks and tank movements (you know those arrows that basically every history doc uses to show the movement of armies over the land?) Something like that. Heroes of the Storm had nice map overviews for every map. For T1-T3 matches put a mini map overlay that shows suggested spots to be (green area) and the ones you want to avoid (red area)

3) add a death recap (last 10 seconds of your life) showing how you died from a point of view of enemy tank that killed you. That way I wouldn't die from unseen tank, not realising what I did wrong. I would see where the enemy was, if I was completely out on the open of maybe I was in a good spot but just barely showing my tank…anything but the current state where you die and don't learn anything from that death.

4) Give Sixth sense to captains in T1-T4 tanks. I tried few games with purchased Sixed sense and it felt so much better to play.

5) Suggest some good tanks or tank lines to research.

6) Make out of the box tanks a bit better. Playing a tank without any upgrade feels horrible. Most of them move at speeds below 20 km/h and feel horrible to play.

7) Reduce P2W aspects. I've played Path of Exile for 7 years now. PoE is a F2P game that has microtransactions, but mostly cosmetic ones (only stash tabs you could argue are giving advantage over other players). WoT it seems everything can be bought. Tanks, experiences, skills, higher damaging ammo…everything. I'm not sure why Wargaming doesn't only sell tank skins. For example, this latest Swedish tank with that Viking skin? Why not sell only that skin for 5-10 euros? I would buy it. Have it apply to tank of the same type and that's it. Sell decals, paints, banners….if Path of exile can do it, I'm sure a game like WoT could do it as well. Right now as it is, the P2W aspects are really off-putting.

8) Improve matchmaker. Why am I in a game with 30k matches players? I know the influx of new players is probably too small to have 30 players who played less thank 1k games all be in the same match but try not to match me with those experienced players. Of course I will get destroyed. Prevent seal clubbing. I hope the MM takes into consideration the ELO of the player? I refuse to believe these players have a lowly 1500 match rating so I can't understand why I get matched with such players.

And that's it from me. Off I go to grind few more percentages on my Sixth sense!

My stats for reference:

v1Chvx8 - Thoughts from a new player

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