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Tips and Tricks for Frontline: How to more reliable achieve General Rank

WorldofTanks6 - Tips and Tricks for Frontline: How to more reliable achieve General Rank

So yeah this is my written guide to my youtube video (

) about how to get General in the Frontline game mode. And some general Tips and Tricks 🙂 Again in the video I have live examples as I explain my tips and tricks during a replay.

But without waiting any longer lets jump right in:

Tip Nummero uno: Engineering > Inspire > Spotterplane > the rest

Engineering is the best Skill for Attackers or Defenders, period. Especially for Attackers its a broken Skill and makes you skyrocket in the points when you are able to cap through a base! Obviously you are not allowed to drive out of it or die as you would loose all the cap points in the progress! As a defender the Gain is not that much as compared to the Attacker side, yet it is still VERY GOOD TO USE. Not only do you restock quicker from the repair spot but also have it up twice as fast. You get also an additional 10 Seconds of Block to the standard 5 seconds!

Next I love Inspire as it simply gives me an extra Rations and Vents for 7 seconds. Plus it cheers on your allies around you and you get minimal point gain when they hit stuff!

Lastly I am a big fan as a third slot for my scouts of the Spotterplane. Basically there are A LOT of people out there which are damage hungry and just want to fap on people with air strike and arty strike. So why aren't you the fella which spots them from across the map for em? You can get absurd spotting damage points out of it which all go into your juicy levelup towards the mighty general!

I heard of people using Arty strike for decaping as it is a much safer route, YES it can work but sadly a lot of the time your artystrike is not potent enough to 100 to 0 an enemy tank when it isn't a light tank like the ELC EVEN 90. Plus it is very random ( see a pattern? I enjoy the things which give me consistency 😀 But that is personal preference!)

Tip Nummer ZWEI: Caping / Decaping = Easy General

Wanna get easy points as an Attacker? GO CAP YA COWARD! Play the gosh darn objective ( except for later, but I have a separat section to that!) Getting 120 Cap points on something like E or F gives you around 1 1/2 levels. So you jump from Leutnant directly to halfway through Major. So now it is just easy damage farm for half a level before you finally achieve General! As defender its harder but more consistent to get points out of caps. Nevertheless be happy when you are attacker my boys! Except on C, then move to the long scenic route and snipe the flankers on B

Tip nombre tres: Play MAX 3 Different Tanks and use Rations

Play a MAX of 3 different tanks and use Rations. You usually get A LOT more out of your rations then you would in a random game. A random game takes around 7 Mins on average. A frontline game can take between 17-26 mins. So we could take around 22 Mins as a base here. In 22 mins you can squeeze in 3 normal games. And you see now what I mean? Indeed my dear friend on average you will get more out of your rations in Frontline then in normal games. So don't be Old Mc scrooge and use em! ( except on the LT-432, gosh… I burn legit every game at least once in this tank… REEE)

Tip Nummer VIER: As attacker: If you are NOT general yet, do NOT shoot at the Pillboxes

Its a uniscum move. But while the caps give ridiculous points, which is great as they are the objective, pillboxes do not, which is dumb. So if you are at the last front and see you are just now major, do NOT attack the pillboxes, go either do more caps or farm damage of the defenders, Yes it is a dick move, but we want to achieve general! If you achieved general, go murder those pillboxes ASAP! To that I also got 2 more tips later.


Tip numero quint (? not sure if this is correct): Play in Platoon!

Just saying, when a unicum with like 60% winrate and 4k WN8 gets yoloed by 3 48% winrate and 600 Wn8 tankers, he ain't gonna do jack shit. He might kill one but thats about it. Play in a platoon my friends! You can cover your friends and can do coordinated caprushes / pushes! It makes the game also A LOT more fun 😀

Tip nombre six: Minimap on M Scorebord on N:

Use your freeking Minimap and scorebord and look at MY FRONT. Seriously guys. If you see that you have like 4 Tankers more as an attacker. KEEP THE MOMENTUM AND PUSH ONWARDS! Spam the map and talk in chat to keep on pushing. Some tankers WILL read it and will follow you. As an attacker be aware and see where enemies are and plan accordingly. Is your front overfilled with allies but no enemies? Maybe switch side, maybe even abandon your vehicle ( on J) but be aware, you will lose the vehicle for 5 mins and loose a respawn aswell as you gotta pay for the full repair!

Tip Nummer SIEBEN: Use your Personal Reserves / Boosters

Self explanatory. If you manage to squeeze in one more frontline game while your boosters only run for 2 more mins you get a MASSIVE USAGE out of em. Normal game 7 mins < Frontline game 22 mins. Not much else to say.

Tip Number ATE ( omnomnom): Take HE with you

Nacked Skorpion was sold. Butt of Spaghetto, SU-130PM's, Lynxs. All those tanks are pretty common at the moment. Take some HE's with you. Maybe 10 % of your load-out, and YES I do also mean your autloaders like ELC even, lorrain etc. You can pump out massive damage and can do clutch games with the next tip!

Tip Nummer NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN HEINEKEIN: Learn the Armorlayout off the Pillboxes!+

Look at those pictures and memorize it. Lower side 165mm, Back 90mm, Door 70mm. and what are those ventilation spots? TWENTY-FREEKING-5 mm OF ARMOR! Yes every tier 8 tank should have ENOUGH penetration to pen those vent spots! And yes it is ridiculous to see how much damage you can pump out on your LT-432 with HE ( which has 300 alpha OMEGALUL) and win a game off of that! Seriously this spot can lead to an easy 800-900 DMG clip in your cutsie little ELC even 90 when you shoot HE. And THAT is a force to be reckoned with!

My last bonus tip is: Mediums Top, Lights for skilled tankers, Heavy tanks for city or slow pushes. TD's situational, Arty for defending

So yeah, Lights are so awesome. They can do basically anything, the lynx is a blast to play with its HESH and great 80 KPH mobility! Mediums are also good, especially spaghetto and T-44-100. If you are a dick, play Defender.

So thats about it. Once again I am going to (butt)plug myself. I explained everything more in detail in my video linked in the beginning and we have some examples to work with like showing you how much you actually gain from caping!

Thank you so much for reading through it and I hope I was able to get you quicker to your dream general rank!

Also don't crucify me for the 4th tip D:

Cheers and good luck


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