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Every one is talking about WOT dying off and new players not staying around. At 3,000 battles I still consider myself new to the game.

Toxic Levels on some people in this game are getting out of hand. Private messages just trash talking after a battle is out of hand.

I've set a personal goal for myself. Try and 3mark the whole US turret TD line and then this happened.

I was shooting him at a range of 400m or so and swapped to fire a prem round to pen him at that distance. This game was in a T67 at the time and I got this afterwards.

If this is how people with 60k+ battles are treating people, how can any one want to keep playing this. Almost as getting as bad as LOL is.

TL* 60K+ battle guy trash talks me and reports me for hitting him with a gold round when it would be needed. Proceeds to say I'm the reason people leave this game and wants to quit. I have 100's of hours watching all things WOT. ( I know the weak points on tanks, I know what my tanks can and cannot do. I play 1 tank line for the most part )

Guy(3:16:31 AM) In our Highway battle, apparently you can't win with skill, so you have to abuse/use Premium rounds trying to BUY a win! Firing Premium rounds at my tank with only 100 mm of, “armor”? Really? Was that really necessary? Imagine how bad some players would be if they didn't have Premium rounds to abuse as a crutch for their lack of skill! Don't be lame, learn to aim! With all due respect, YOU SUCK! Guy (3:16:40 AM) Premium round abusers do great harm to this game, making untold numbers of players quit the game in frustration, which is not good for the game of course. But clearly you don't care about anyone or anything else in the world other than *yourself*, or you wouldn't be abusing Premium rounds in the first place. There *are* other people in this world. Check it out sometime and join the rest of us. Have you no shame?!Reported for Premium round abuse/unsportsmanlike conduct. Guy (3:16:45 AM) LOW LIFE REROLL! Guy (3:16:50 AM) >>> TERRIBLLE PLAYER <<< Guy (3:17:16 AM) REPORTED Me (3:23:14 AM) im just trying to 3mark every tank in this tree? Me (3:23:19 AM) what did i do for a report? Guy (3:27:47 AM) Imagine how bad some players would be if they didn't have Premium rounds to abuse as a crutch for their lack of skill! Don't be lame, learn to aim! Guy (3:27:55 AM) Oh good grief. Guy (3:27:58 AM) Scroll up. Guy (3:28:00 AM) Sigh... Me (3:32:57 AM) if you saw how far i was shooting you from the prem rounds gives me the extra pen at the fall off range Me (3:33:54 AM) and considering i only carry 10 apcr rounds and the other 35 rounds are normal Guy (3:34:00 AM) Not necessary, especially when my team was obliterated. That was total waste. Guy (3:34:02 AM) Not needed. Guy (3:34:06 AM) Stop abusing Premium rounds. Me (3:34:12 AM) im not.... Me (3:34:35 AM) im buying them with credits like any one else can. Even if i use all 10 rounds i still have postive net per game Guy (3:34:56 AM) Firing Premium rounds at 100 mm of armor is abusing them. Guy(3:35:00 AM) Not necessary. Guy (3:35:08 AM) Extreme overkill. Me (3:35:37 AM) not at the distance i was at. it would have less then 90pen Me (3:35:42 AM) but oh well Guy (3:36:25 AM) It's because of Premium round abusers like you, making armor irrelevant, buying wins instead of AIMING and using skil, that after over 60,000 battles I am on the very of quitting this game. Not that you care about the game of course or you would nto be abusing Premium rounds and starting a reroll account for your insecure ago. Guy (3:36:29 AM) Patheitc. Guy (3:36:33 AM) *Pathetic Guy(3:37:18 AM) Reroll accounts are for little children trying to impress their little pimple faced giflriends on the yellow bus how, "great", they are. Talk about insecure. Sigh................ Me(3:37:42 AM) im not even a reroll account Me (3:37:55 AM) Im just trying to 3 mark the whole turret TD us line Guy(3:38:00 AM) R-I-G-H-T. Guy (3:38:11 AM) I may have been born at night, but I was not born last night. Me (3:38:17 AM) lmao Guy (3:38:21 AM) A 52.33% winning percentage *rookie*. Guy (3:38:26 AM) RRRIIIGGGHHHTTT. Guy (3:38:31 AM) You're not fooling anyone. Me (3:38:33 AM) -.- Guy(3:38:44 AM) Not everyone is as stupid as you think. Me (3:38:52 AM) buddy im not a reroll Guy(3:39:00 AM) A Premium round abuser, an insecure reroller and a liar too. Me (3:39:03 AM) i just dont play every fu*king day and I only play one fu*king line Guy (3:39:09 AM) I detect a teenager. Me (3:39:22 AM) lol you can think what ever you want Me (3:40:24 AM) I basicly play 1 line. US turreted TDs and Im good at it. But thanks for assuming alot of things 

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