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True Vision friggan rocks…seriously

WorldofTanks2 - True Vision friggan rocks...seriously

I'm sure this is unpopular, but True Vision has inspired me to come back to play, as a premium-time player, after protesting the stupid WWE branding. Hot Wheels annoyed me as well, but I was willing to come back and give it a try. Bah…same old stuff. And then I played the True Vision test this weekend. WOW!

First, it's not perfect. I get it. Many maps start us exposed. Many maps have little cover or even camo. Many maps are simply not designed to support True Vision. And yet, those CAN be fixed, and i'm a huge fan of the effort.

I just got blown up by a TD that peeked over a hill, 500m away, with no one spotting me, and I'm in full camo. Why? Because I was an idiot sitting on top of a hill in a bush like I'd always done in the non-TV game. I felt safe. In a bush…full camo…out of sight…unspotted. And yet, you could see my fat ass if you looked at me. So…I got killed and rightfully so.

I was later able to hide in thicker brush on a different map, without drawing fire, because attention was on my teammates. I was able to farm some damage, and then my shots got spotted, not my chassis, and I had to back off.

I was later able to identify a TD that was positioning itself at the top of a hill, without a light tank being necessary, because I was watching the terrain through my zoom. I was able to chase it out of its position before it could camp.

I share this because I was the victim, and benefactor, of the True Vision mechanics, and I loved it. Everyone drives different with TV on. You no longer charge across open areas because you feel that you're invisible. Folks no longer hang out on the top of hills (unless you're a moron) and counting on the game mechanics to keep you invisible. Tanks peek out, fire, and then relocate because they can be seen. Tanks expose themselves to fight in situations that they normally wouldn't, and use the terrain to mask movements.


As I said at the start, it's not perfect…but it's not necessarily about True Vision. It's that it exposes how bad the maps are configured. There's too little foliage. There's not enough character in the landscape. There's not enough rubble, or boulders, or trees, or towers, or grass, or weeds…there's not enough stuff on the maps to actually disguise movements and enable more creative gameplay. The maps are designed and refined to support the legacy model. True Vision suddenly requires players to care about being seen from afar. Screw getting "spotted"…if you charge across an open field, you deserve to be killed.

True Vision cases people to play the game differently and more cautiously, and more intelligently. The biggest issue with it is that the maps are terribly ineffective for True Vision. No tank commander would choose such shitty terrain to fight on. No one would choose to have a tank battle in the middle of flat terrain with 3 bushes. No one in their right mind would engage there…which is why a lot of folks are irritated at having to play True Vision.

TLDR: True Vision is great. The problem is not TV, but the lack of detail and character in the maps. The non-TV gameplay made up for the lack of map quality, as you could be "invisible" just by being out of range and unspotted. True Vision shows the lack of quality cover and ground in the current maps…and THAT should be the focus of WG…in order to make TV a more viable feature to add to the game. Until then, TV will be torture to a lot of players.

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