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True Vision – True Objectivity

WorldofTanks9 - True Vision - True Objectivity

Having had 24 hours to digest the news which I reacted negatively to I think i'll try for some actual analysis viewed from both sides if I can ever be impartial.


Certain maps are going to have their meta considerably altered. It depends on your viewpoint on change and/or change-for-changes sake as to whether this is good. For example going to city on lakeville perma spotted is asking to get farmed. But to counter, the farmers are also visible and no longer ninja hidden arseholes. So… farm them back? I cant predict how this is going to go but playing conservatively is going to be harder. Dont try and cross mountain pass!


Newer players are going to be less discouraged when they dont understand detected and spot/render range and get farmed by a 2500 player in a T67 in a tiny bush with 25 skills. However this also renders all the thousands and thousands of better players who have understood and perfected the use of this fundamental system useless. Is this change really designed to make bad players better or is it just an attempt to make the game more accessible to newer players?


We can see artillery. All the time with our own eyes. The objectivity about this? There isnt one. Fuck em. Cant wait to rush spotting points with HESH and fuck the little weasels up.

Impact on classes

This makes the game super tough for camping style TDs with paper armour like borsigs, s1s, su130s etc. If they do not use a bush as opposed to just staying out of view range then they are getting nuked. I dont play these classes much at all so Im not fussed but to, what seems like, severely punish this style is very rough. Same with lights, they cant flank and ambush using moving camo etc as theyre are just flat out visible. Lights are already severely hampered by our map system and inferiority to mediums so this does them no favours. The flip side of this? You know when you play prok and all the coward retards sit at A2 and K2? Well you can mess them up this time. And when youre climbing the hill to Mali wondering if they've sent the majority of their force there or not? You can see! And if you are outnumbered, adjust your tactics. I think there is far more negative here than good but Im trying at least right? Also fuck the defenders on Mali assault on the hill finally.



This actually makes the game much more realistic as this is how a tank game probably should function as the spot system is very arcadey and makes no sense for vehicles to "pop" into existence. However our map sizes and lack of decent foliage, even after the death of 360 means this doesnt seem logical for WoT. I guess seeing as its only 2 days this is probably a trial for next gen or a much larger rework of the game. If so the question is do we want that? I like WoTs core mechanics. Not sure I want World of War Thunder. Or I'd swap to that.

Arty again

At least they didnt give perma spot to artillery BS view. That would break the game. Flip side to that if it had happened would be arty could see arty and I would hope all them clicker bastards would simply go for the opposing artillery first (unless they have some filthy clicker code). The team with the most arty in a lot of maps is going to have a significant advantage.

Tactic Changes

No longer will we not expect that sneaky medium to pop up on our opposite flank as we just saw him disengage from where he was and drive off in that direction. It nerfs better players ability to impact games with relocation and flexibility. The flip side is we get this benefit as much as we lose it. This whole thing is it makes it harder for us, but it makes it harder for the enemy, so the better players should still succeed….Theoretically?

Dumbing down

The fact you can always see tanks dumbs the game down for sure. But you cant always rb/rt them which is going to make it harder for bad players who use it as a crutch. The game will now reward proper aiming. So for all the better and educated players who know how to work these systems and aim/lead at tanks properly etc they should get more damage providing they can utilise positions without in return getting hammered. What is clear to me is you are going to need some armour. Whether it be a decent heavy or at the very least a hull down turret. You cant peek a boo as easily or poke a ridge with no armour. Ill be playing more things like valour/chisel/conq rather than something like an STA-2 or a shitbarn.

Ive calmed down now and so will give it a go. Its going to be hugely different but I am interested to see how it goes regardless of whether I want it or not especially as its only 2 days and if I dont like it I'll just play something else. All other judgements will be reserved til after I've played even though I honestly dont expect it to be good.

Disclaimer, this is only my take and I'm far from being a great player so dont read this and walk away from it like its gospel. Just trying to provoke thoughtful discussion and reasonable arguments.

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