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Update 1.4 1st iteration preliminary patch notes

WorldofTanks4 - Update 1.4 1st iteration preliminary patch notes

(Translated from Russian so there may be some errors)

Edit: fixed translation mistakes.

Preliminary patchout version 1.4 WoT.

CT1: List of changes from version 1.4 versus 1.3.

Detailed and complete list of changes.
Major changes.

– The tasks of the second operation of the Second Front campaign are rebalanced.
– Added support for multi-threaded display of all graphics of the game, which will increase performance due to more uniform loading of all available cores of the CPU.
• Some players will notice a noticeable increase in FPS (frame rate per second).
• Increased performance will be particularly noticeable on the most modern and powerful PCs, as well as on computers of average performance.

– Work on the speed of the in-game store.

Changes in wheel equipment:
– Fixed a number of problems in the work of wheel equipment.
– Optimized motion physics settings.
– Balanced changes made.

New customization:
– Added a new type of appearance elements – tactical numbers (three-digit numbers with the ability to manually enter and select the font).

Changes of maps:
Climbs to hard-to-reach / non-playing places on all maps are closed.

– Fixed errors on the following maps:
• "Karelia";
• Live Oaks;
• Lakeville;
• "Cliff";
• "Murovanka";
• El Halluf;
• "Airfield";
• “Steppes”;
• “Minsk”;
• "Empires Border";
• Klondike;
• Nebelburg;
• "Abbey".

On the "Empires Border" map, the "Assault" mode is disabled.

• The “Lost City” map has been added for random battles (including assault and encounter), as well as for the “Attack / Defense” type of team battles. A deep processing of the card for these modes and types of battles was performed. An IV – X level technique will appear on the map.

Changes in equipment parameters:
• The spread of the implement from the running gear is reduced by 17%.
• The spread of the instrument from turning the chassis is reduced by 17%.
• The spread of the gun was changed from 0.38 m to 0.36 m per 100 m.
• The aiming time was changed from 2.7 to 2.5 s.
• Review changed from 360 to 380 m.
• Projectile flight speed AP Mk. 1 increased by 30%.
• Projectile flight speed APDS Mk. 1 increased by 20%.
• AP Penetration Mk. 1 changed from 202 to 218 mm.

Read:  Great team damage system you got there wargaming - i will use what i learned :)

“Object 279 (e)”
• The dispersion of the instrument was changed from 0.38 to 0.36 m per 100 m.
• The dispersion of the instrument when the tower was rotated was reduced by 25%.
• The aiming time is changed from 2.5 to 2.3 s.
• Reinforced booking bottom of the case.

– Added technology branch with wheels. The branch takes its start from the ELC AMX bis tank.
Level VI: Panhard AMD 178B.
Level VII: Hotchkiss EBR.
VIII level: Panhard AML Lynx 6×6.
Level IX: Panhard EBR 90.
Level X: Panhard EBR 105.
– Added a level II wheel machine AM 39 Gendron-Somua for testing with supertesters.

– Added Lansen C machine (for testing with supertesters).

* This list of changes is applicable only for 1 iteration of the General test.

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