World of Tanks

Update 1.5 Patch Notes

WorldofTanks4 - Update 1.5 Patch Notes

Greetings tankers! Today, April 1st, we are happy to announce the details for our next upcoming patch. This will be hitting the test servers soon, with a planned release date of April 32nd.

Players have been giving feedback on our recently proposed changes, mostly in the form of expletive-laden rants, and we've heard you loud and clear. We are proud to unveil our new Balance 6.9, which aims to fix many problems that currently plague the game.

There's also plenty of new content to be enjoyed, for both new players and experienced veterans.

Matchmaking Changes

Many players have complained about the current template system, so we are revising it, to address two key issues: tier 8 matchmaking, and the presence of artillery.

Artillery is not liked by all players, in part because it can safely deal damage from a distance. For most of the match, the only vehicle that can kill enemy artillery is your own artillery, via counterbattery fire. With this in mind, all matches will now have a minimum of 9 SPGs per team, to promote dynamic gameplay.

The current template system has the unintended side effect of placing tier 8 vehicles in bottom-tier matchups more often than not. To address this issue, tier 8 vehicles will no longer be placed into matches.

Dynamic Weather

One of the most highly-requested features for this game is finally being added! Matches will now have a random change of exhibiting one of these weather effects:

  • Dense Fog: a thick white fog fills the map, reducing view range by 90%. The only way to detect vehicles will be by proximity spotting.
  • Flash Flood: the entire map is covered in a foot of water, reducing movement speed substantially.
  • Meteor Shower: large meteors will constantly rain onto the map, inflicting devastation on any vehicles it hits.
  • Screaming Sun: in 10% of matches, the sun will be replaced by a blindingly bright sun that screams extremely loudly.

Tier 10 Vehicle Changes

Some vehicles will have their parameters adjusted, to improve their performance.

Type 5 Heavy

Players have complained that this vehicle's weakspots are merely a nice gesture than an effective counter to their thick frontal armor, so we are removing the weakspots. Additionally, engaging this vehicle in combat is often a slow and laborious experience, so we are giving the 15cm gun a 3-round autoloader, to speed up engagements.


After careful consideration, we now realize that the vehicle's primary issue is that its HESH round is simply not powerful enough. Because of this, it is being improved, now offering 325mm penetration and 2750 damage per shot. Reload time and other parameters will be unchanged.

Foch B

Despite its impressive strengths on paper, players are struggling to use this vehicle effectively. To combat this, its gun will be replaced by a 3-round, 155mm autoloader, which offers 750 damage per shot and excellent penetration values. To compensate for this, the vehicle will have reduced gun handling and a much longer reload time. Finally, this vehicle will be renamed the Foch 155.



The cupola will be nerfed to 25mm thick. We will collect statistics on this vehicle for the next two to five years to see if further adjustments need to be made.

Leopard 1

Players are under the impression that this is meant to be a competitive tier 10 tank, when in reality, we've designed it to be a mediocre tier 9 vehicle. The vehicle will be nerfed, as it currently overperforms by a significant margin.


Gun handling will be further reduced, with its on-the-move, hull traverse, and turret traverse dispersion values changed to 0.75/0.75/0.69, respectively.

New Maps

After many years of development, we're revealing our latest map which is based on our latest and greatest designs: "Just One Fucking Corridor". As the name implies, there is a single L-shaped corridor spanning the length of the map, with thick bush cover at each base for snipers to utilize. Heavily armored tanks will be able to brawl in the central area, which has a single corner to fight over. Light tanks and other vehicles which utilize their mobility will have the opportunity to drown themselves, so that they can get onto a different map.

New Vehicles

TVP 65t – Tier 8 Czech Medium

An AMX 65 t hull with the turret of the TVP VTU. You're welcome!

O-No – Tier 8 Japanese Heavy

This extremely tough vehicle has the armor and durability of a Type 5 Heavy, and in a similar vein can only fire HE shells. However, it is only equipped with the Chi-Ri's top gun.

Chieftain Mk. 6 – Tier 10 British Heavy

This long-awaited vehicle is finally entering the game, and can now be found in the British tech tree! However, it cannot be researched, free XP'd, or obtained in any way. It will forever sit in the tech tree, mocking you.

End Game Content

Some dedicated players have managed to "beat" the game, by unlocking every single vehicle in the game. As a reward, any players who receive the Senior Technical Engineer badge will have their accounts immediately deleted. It's finally over. You're free.

Misc. Changes

  • As a reward for their bravery and heroism, all SPGs who drown themselves will be awarded with 50,000 credits and 100 gold per match.
  • Players with over 2000 WN8 will be permanently spotted, to make it easier for enemy artillery to focus them.
  • All tier 6 medium tanks will be replaced by the Chi-To.
  • The roadwheels on the EBR 105 will be increased to 250mm thick, as players were occasionally penetrating them.
  • The Ferdinand, Tiger (P), and G.W. Tiger (P) will periodically burst into flames.
  • Players who fire all APCR with their T67s or other low-tier tanks will receive a 3-month ban.
  • New premium tanks will become Epic Games Store exclusives.
  • Many players have complained about vehicles not performing the way they did historically, and are requesting the vehicles be removed. Thus, we are deleting the game.

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