World of Tanks

vBaddict status, and how to maybe give them some money?

WorldofTanks3 - vBaddict status, and how to maybe give them some money?

Used to use this site a heckuva lot. I know it went down, changed owners, was hacked, and on and on. Looks like, from the homepage (which is all that currently remains), it will be back up after the new year (well, maybe). I gave once and would like to do so again. I've always thought that if I'm giving a company (in this case WG) a bit of money for my enjoyment, for a hobby, then if others are adding to that enjoyment and ask for money as well, I'll give to them too. Does anyone have any idea what the true current plans for VBaddict are, and how I can shoot the guys/gals who are trying to get it up and running again some loot (real 'Murkin money in this case)?


In the past I've given to WOTLabs, Aslain, Anfield (back when he played tanks and he renewed his XVM mods with every update), and a bunch of others that have gotten lost in the mist (may soon give to QB and Skil, because I love their content and they both truly give back to the WOT community, and do so on a truly worldwide basis).

Anyone know if " Sonnenbrand " is the WOT IGN of the new admin/owner (at the bottom of the homepage explanation? If so, any idea which server (I'd assume EU)? Yeah I could go ahead and see if that username exists but even then that wouldn't mean it's the same person. But if it is I could contact him/her and ask for a potential status and if/how they will accept donations.

Thoughts? Ideas? Anything…???


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