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WorldofTanks3 - Want to be a Unicum?

You play World of Tanks? We all play it here .. Wanna be a unicum? Want to be a unicum? You're in luck. I'm drunk and going totell you but let's face it. You don't really want this do you? Want to be a UNICUM?


Want clans PMing you nonstop? Want the guys saying “is this the real _____?” when they see you in game? Want people to take screen shots and brag about killing you in game to all their friends? Really?

Yeah, most guys do but they don't want to work for it. Faceit. Most guys are lazy, don't want to sacrifice and can't play for aweek. I'm not going to bullshit you guys in this thread. I will lay it all outbut the truth is we don't really want it bad enough. We say we do until we are 17 hours into our tenth play session that week. WE say it until our mind is fried so bad there are tears in our eyes and we give up. We want it until wehave to play on mines for the 4th time that day…I say I want it but I fucking lovesleep more, so I sleep…I say I want to be a UNICUM but I don't want to work forit. I'm 2 weeks into a tech tree grind and my will feels broken…I can't go on, or canI??? Do I really want this life? No time but time to train. Time to play, Timeto study, Time to read forums. Fuck!!! Not Malinovka and three arties again…FUCK my life.

Guys ask me what Mods I run . I can't takeit. i’be played 30,000 battles and spent 7 years on this game but that's notwhat they want to hear. They want to hear what mods I installed…You PM me everyfucking day. Same questions over and over. ITS NOT THE MODS DUMMY!!! Or isit??? Yes and no. Does it matter anymore?

Really??? 2 fucking weeks from now you will PM me againwhining. I can't play. Arty has been focusing me. I can’t play being stunned all game. Ican't. I can't… THEN STOP PM'ing ME!!!! I can't help you. You don't fuckingwant this! Just admit it! You don't fucking want this. Its hard. It hurts. Youhave no social life. You are in your room when your buddies are drinking beer.You are doing strongholds when guys are lying on the couch. You spend your last $100 on premium time and a new premium tank. I know all this because I am you. Iwant it for 2-3 months then I give up. Fuck 10 sessions of gaming a week. Fuck playing ruinberg. Fuck arty focus and horrible map design.

It’s ok. Get some sleep. Wake up and load up and play. Fuck I love Russian meds. Go hull down and farm. I love it. My lunches are packed. Off to work. Play after work. Get the blood flowing. Here they come. What mods do you run??? Not this again…I'm on a crazy train. Fuck my life but fuck I’m good and I can farm a lot of damage. Go ahead, fuck with me. I will make fast work of you…

So IF IF IF you can handle the work and grind not tomention the social isolation. Then what??? XVM of course.

You want to farm mad damage but you are an average gamer like me?? Its actually quite simple but it takes a focus so strong andfocused most give up in a few months if not sooner

Fuck, where am I? Oh yeah the mods. One word… XVM. How lo0ng can you take it??? Don't cry to me in 3 weeks when you can't play. Idon't give a fuck. I can't play with arty either. Time for some Redbull. Maybe somewhiskey. Most guys give up on XVM right when its getting good. 9 weeks in andman your mind is changing. Your mark % increased. Give me some spotted mods, some aimbot…How high can my damage average go. 4000 average per week and I look in the mirror.Who is this??? I don't even look the same. I need some T95 cheftian or 279e. Fuck my three marks look sexy…I’m drunk but its all true. Do youwant to be a unicum? Man the fuck up and start working for it bitch. XVM, warpack and an aimbot is a good start. The question is HOWLONG CAN YOU RUN THIS??? Three accounts banned and you are crazy. Eat,play,sleep….over and over. I’m feeling insane just 6 more weeks. Its 4months now….. I’m 3500 wn8. Not yellow. Dark purple…How muchlonger can I go. I want to become a top streamer on twitch.REALLY??? Play some more encounter on mines and face more arty…Fuck Fuck…


>Do you really want to be a unicum??? Really..? I see them everyday in game. Same guys doing thesame old shit with the same old stats as they did 3 months ago. Playing tier fours while talking about “tactics”. It isn't work, it's fucking social time forthem. I can't be social in the game. I'm not built for it and I don't want it.I'm there to work, to train, to push my damage beyond what the average guy can do.

A few guys are there playing their asses off push long for another mark. I see the pain in their faces and the strain on theirbodies. My turn mother fucker. Time to WORK. I think about my tank deployment, imagining how the game play will out during the countdown phase. My mods cluttering my screen. XVM showing the win percentage. God how I love seeing the colors of all the players.I have been pushing the caffeine and getting in the zone. I'm ready. I don't run stock settings. I'm jacked to the max. 4k at tier 10 is ass. I need topush in just a little more.4200dmg, 4500dmg this session. Maybe a bit more.Fuck it, I’m just going to red line and shoot. I am making changeseveryday. I don't want to be the same. I can't be the same.

The mouse is cold in my hands. I play out a few fast games. Ready up and queue some more. Maybe I will get 4 games. Maybe 5. I look at the BLUJO guy trying to pick up players in randoms. He’s a mere 2150 blue player. What a fucking joke. This isn'ta bar its a fucking place of employment. I'm here to WORK. Fuck the recruiters. Idon't need a clan right now. I need to train. I ready my batchat. I grind out 6 games . Hell yeah! I'm just getting started. OH fuck.Here comes some random telling me how good I am. Looks like he has never mastered a tank in his life. I ignore his questions and turn up my music. I'm trying toconcentrate. Get the fuck away from me my mind screams. I have to be cool.Don't want to get muted….again…I feel rage inside me. Good.Channel it. Put it to use. Hit the battle button again. I don't want to be the guy whoshows up and goes through the motions. I want to make changes. God the pain isbad tonight. 3 loses in a row. Ok, enjoy the pain. Like it.Its good. Trick your mind. I like the pain. I want the pain. I'm grinding outslow heavy ass games. It burns but I tell myself its good. My rest between games minimal. Results came back, i did 10k damage but the BLUJO talking to the random has done none.Fuck he is bad.

I load up my next tank and load up. I see a purple player next to me. He has three marks. He invites me to a platoon. I accept.Nothing is said. We are both in the same place. We are there to train not talk.He asks for a spot with one word. spot? I hit affirmative and drive there. He hits 3 shots on the tanks crossing. My turn. The night goes by slow. Itswork. Its hard but I got a few more marks.

Its late now and barely anyone is playing . Everyone is so bad. I can't believe how slow everyoneis. They are tomatoes. I am in a world of stupid people. How can these lazy fucksstand it? I feel hate. Why do I hate these retards? Its weird but I feel likeyelling at them to wake up. I’m getting more private messages. One messaged me and says that he’s the best player he’s ever seen. Its funny but he’s right. I probably am. I'm a unicum. Itsexactly what I want. I'm walking art. My art. My sculpture. Its who Iam….Just another day…a day of work to become a UNICUM

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