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Was this Update really needed and what Wargaming don’t understand. My Review of things

WorldofTanks2 - Was this Update really needed and what Wargaming don't understand. My Review of things

Yes, its another one of these reviews of Update 6.0. There are many issues with it but the main issue I have with it is still doesnt fix the issues the game had before which I will now go on to explain.

As people were aware the game before 2020 was great in every way,(HUD,UI, Garage ETC) but the issues plaguing the game was a stupid Matchmaking system, Platoons which WG ruined and the controversial Artillery. Matchmaking Is still an issue as you can start a base tier 6 tank with a tier 4/5 gun against a top level tier 8 meaning you don't stand a chance of doing anything in the match. I am not sure if they have increased the number of platoons back to 5, something that WG don't understand that having a platoon does give an advantage but the game is centered around team work so unsure why they penalize this.

So onto a few other things that update 6.0 changed that really didn't need to be changed

Sounds – After watching old clips of mine, the sounds in the old update sound a lot more refined and detailed compared to the new ones, all the new sounds are just so generic where as the older ones were unique to the game and felt they had a purpose. Sounds maybe should have been updated in quality to help support the 4K graphics for newer consoles but completely changing the sounds to poor generic sounds, I just don't understand why they chose to use these.

UI – The old one wasn't perfect but it had everything you needed in the right place so you didn't have to look all over the screen to see what health you were at or gun reloading as everything was central around the aiming reticle but still didn't obscure your vision, The new reticle for me is terrible as you cant get a good aim on targets as the UI blocks what you are aiming at.

Commanders and Tech Tree – Was there any real need to overhaul these? There was nothing wrong with the system in place for commanders, Maybe it was a long grind to get your commander to level 15 but that was the reward for playing the game. Now limited to 9 levels which takes a fraction of the time to unlock, WG seem to have been going for a more balanced Commander system, which I understand but it limits a lot of perks that people lost when the update dropped. As for the techtree, What a mess it is. I cannot navigate my way through this as i get lost when trying to find a premium tank I would like to preview.

The new XP System – Again, Why was this needed to be changed? The XP system previously was the perfect balance of grinding mixed with overall playtime. Now the system has 4 types of XP, Commander, Tank XP, Free XP and overall XP. I am not too sure what has happened but the majority of tanks XP to unlock has rocketed up from 200,000 for some tier 10s to over 400,000.


Graphics- Possibly the only thing that WG got right in this update, The graphics overall look amazing but are let down by the UI overlaying them. I love the way that everything is getting 4k textures to look super realistic, Down from the tracks to the sun rays hitting the metal shining off. One thing puzzling me is why they only have released 6-7 High textured maps, which in a game of so many tiers is not enough. I would prefer if they released the old maps in rotation but removed and updated them when they were ready with the new updated textured map.

Garage- This is the most confusing section for me, Why are the tanks on Mars? Did WG forget about the garage and fix up something at the last minute? The garage back on the Xbox 360 Beta was a lot more detailed than what we have now. I was never a fan of the open field garage we had for the previous 2-3 years but after comparing that with the new Mars garage, at least it felt like it had a place in the game. Sadly the Mars garage for me doesn't feel an authentic part of the game, where you are likely to spend 50% of your time with your tanks.

To sum up this post, Has WG learned from the past with this update?
No, The games 4k graphics may make the game pretty and look amazing but with a stale UI and mobile game like sounds, The game feels mishmashed together to create what we know as update 6.0 . The problems which we had previously still have not been touched at all and matchmaking is still as bad as it has always been. With Platoons and teamwork, Wargaming have no clue what they are doing Limiting the platoons to three when the issue of platoons is when you have a full platoon of Artillery. This update has been a disaster for the game but after playing games after each Tuesday update I feel that Wargaming are slowly listening and understanding that if players don't have what they want, they won't play the game. WG need to understand this before they go ahead and make changes again that alienate most of their playerbase. Asking the question again was this update needed, you could say yes and no, but lean strongly towards no. Apart from graphics, the rest of the choices made to change everything else weren't needed as the community have shown with no response from WG to fix the main issues of their game.

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