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[WG]Can you bring this tier VI medium premium tank from console please?

WorldofTanks6 - [WG]Can you bring this tier VI medium premium tank from console please?

The only thing I miss from my console account when playing on my PC account is the tier VI T-34-88 premium medium tank.

It is like a T-34-85m premium but with the 8,8 cm Kw.K. 36 L/56 gun + more speed and a nice permanent skin with red fuel tanks and it is a dual crew trainer (USSR and Germany).

It has a massive punch at tier VI. 220 alpha at 5 second reload gives this tank 2,650 DPM but it lacks the punch when dealing with O-Is and O-NIs.

Still a powerhouse, a bit powercreeped, great when top tier.

* Fast
* Stealthy (if combined with camo skill can be easily hidden in bushes)
* High Alpha
* High DPM
* Good base view range 360 meters – can achieve 450 with food, vents, B.I.A, Situational awareness, recon and optics.
* Can train German crews and Soviet crews

* Lack luster Gun depression
* Armor not good. Don't rely on your armor for anything.
* Requires use of "special" ammo in tier 8 matches.

5 Things You Might Not Know About the T-34-88

  • It May Have Existed : WWII armies put captured vehicles into service, and the results were vehicles like the Marder series, the SU-76I/85I, and others. There were alleged reports that the 7th Panzer-Division retrofitted a captured T-34-85 with the Tiger's 88mm L/56, and thus the legend of the T-34-88 was born!
  • An Unorthodox Premium Tank : The T-34-88 is a mid-tier Soviet sharpshooter, which you don't normally find. One could argue other T-34 variants or the A-44 are sharpshooters, but they lack "German accuracy."
  • Dual Crew Trainer : Naturally, a Premium tank would train the Crew of the nation it belongs. However, the 34-88's mounted 88mm L/56 has legendary powers allowing it to train German Crews as well!
  • It Doesn't Care About The Monies : The 34-88 doesn't care much to fit in, and unlike every other Premium tank, it doesn't earn extra Silver. What it does earn is an extra 50% XP per battle, making it one of the best Crew trainers available.
  • Its Livery Implies a Double Life : The gun barrel reads " Nicht Kleckern sondern Klotzen!" a quote to explain German Blitzkrieg tactics. Plus there's several tank markings that match perfectly with the seven nations of the game. The original owner of the 34-88's gun is quite the mystery!
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When WG sold it on 2016, on console the price was 6,3K Gold (bundled) and 4K Gold only with crew and slot. They re-sold it on 2018 but I don't have the prices, sorry.

Pictures. Its effing beautiful.



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