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What are the better brawler tanks right now?

WorldofTanks4 - What are the better brawler tanks right now?

Hi! Just got into this game from the Amazon Prime deal, and it's been pretty fun! Feeling a bit of buyers remorse though after buying the IS-6.

I've been playing around with the Valentine II i got from the Prime promotion. Being a completely new player to the game, gotta say its a fun tank. Small and maneuverable, although i hate how it struggles to climb hills.

I was looking for an upgrade, a tank that can go up to the enemy point-blank and deal damage, with thick enough armor to take multiple shots and make it back out alive. A close up brawler tank.


I was hoping the IS-6 heavy tank would fit the bill. I read good things about the tank, highly sloped armor, reasonably fast, etc. But after 10 rounds i'm really feeling buyers remorse. Maybe i don't know how to use it yet, but the gun doesn't seem to do any damage, shots seem to bounce nine out of ten times. And the armor i thought was near invincible is…definitely not.

So, what are the best brawler tanks in the current meta? Looking for a tank with high armor and high penetration, and don't mind low speed or maneuverability.

Side note, I made Commander Wells Russian to pilot the Valentine II. Did not realize you couldn't change her nationality later, I hope the Russian tanks are good!


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