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What I feel about current state of FV4005 Stage II (Nov 2018), & Discussion about possible buffs (crew skills & Equips too)

WorldofTanks4 - What I feel about current state of FV4005 Stage II (Nov 2018), & Discussion about possible buffs (crew skills & Equips too)


I was forced to close down my previous post about buffing FV4005 in different way (Just to suggest)

I lost more than 40 karma overnight due to Downvote Bullying by some ppl who feel that they are righteous and label me as Retard/Id*ot, and simply dismiss my idea as id*otic.

I did receive and include some of the sound idea of buffing FV4005 slightly ( such as aiming time), this shows that I not really stubborn as some SJWs in this subreddit who literally enjoying to treat me like their EMO trashbin.

Everyone makes mistakes, and some idea seems to look id*otic at first, but it can be thought-trigger and lead to something really constructive. For those SJWs, do I deserve all the downvotes while trying to express something different?

Main Subject: here is how I feel after 600+ battles in this FV4005 tank

  1. Turreted TD DOES NOT ALWAYS EQUAL to flexibility. Especially not a juicy, Gigantic ones with 14mm armor
  2. On top of that, Its aiming time is horrible despite there is nothing to protect its turret during the aiming: 2.88(2.4 after food/equips/perks)
  3. Indirect comparison: JPE100 enjoys 2.16 sec, while grille 15 enjoy 1.23 sec of aiming time, or even Deathstar enjoys 2.53 sec after all the buffs while having workable fixed turret to protect itself during aiming, Although I do understand that FV4005 is having a -90/90 turret which translate of "Flexibility", but FV4005's thin turret is so much more vulnerable against all type of tanks while the aiming phase have to be fully stationary to shrink the terrible Gun Bloom.
  4. As far as I know, the Gun itself is pretty derpy despite the 0.33 dispersion (after food)
  5. Shell Choices: Some might go for full HESH, but I more lean towards AP shell with Deadeye Perk, as 90% of my ammoracked mediums/IS-7s(yes it happen much more frequent on this IS-7), are caused by AP shot.
  6. For crew skills on this FV4005, I am pretty surprised that a lot of TD's crew skills works a bit differently on FV4005:
  7. Sixth sense, Ammo Stowage & BIA, is a must on this tank. (Yeah we all know that)
  8. Module damage & Crew Injuries are happening much more often in this tank.
  9. Thus, any effort to reduce these incidents is always desirable.
  10. Firefighting is surprisingly more useful than Repair skill (Food is occupying the Fire extinguisher slot).
  11. Armorer is surprisingly much more useful than Snapshot in this tank, (Damaged gun is occuring so frequent)
  12. Offroad + Clutch braking are much more useful than Smooth Ride on this tank.
  13. Jack of all trades is GREAT as this tank is always down with more than 1 crew injuries at least.
  14. Viewrange is not that important on this tank as LT/MT always can outspot you even if FV4005 is using a CAMO net.
  15. Deadeye or not, as I mentioned just now, if you the extra 3% chance on ammowrecking/setting fire on tanks. So far it serve me very well.
  16. HESH work less effective than AP on module damages due to lower PEN and have to burn thru the armor layer before reaching the modules. Correct me if I am wrong on this.
  17. Intuition VS Adrenaline Rush: between 34% chance of switching ammo type, and the 9% reload time reduction under 10% HP, I will pick Adrenaline Rush on both Loaders after Firefighting skills, as it works well with Jack of all trades in worst case scenario, 1 of the loaders is down and your tank HP is less than 10% (the perk will be inactive if the crew is down), as these situation is fairly often on FV4005.
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Future possible buff:

  1. Since suggesting to increase alpha is not even an option here, so its survivability will be the next focus to buff.
  2. As we know, FV4005 usually spend longer time to aim in full stationary mode, shorten its aiming time to 2-2.2 secs (after food) should improve its survivability quite a chunk but not OP
  3. Or Alternatively, make FV4005 turret smaller in size so that it can perform better in ridgeline sniping/trading hits.
  4. As FV4005 style is peek boom and retreat and reload, increasing its reversing speed to maybe 18-20km/h should allow it survive longer.

Constructive discussion are welcomed, and those who cant do that, please ignore my post. Thank you.


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