World of Tanks

What I learned after coming back to the game after more than one year away.

WorldofTanks2 - What I learned after coming back to the game after more than one year away.

I used to love this game but got fatigued with it. I haven't played consistently for about two years although about a year ago I played for a few days.

Here is what I learned:


  • Lots of new HD maps. The game looks fantastic now.
  • All tanks seem to be HD. Again the game looks great.
  • Cool destruction physics.
  • Arty is a bit less powerful.
  • Loads of new tanks.


  • Atrocious super-heavy tanks with no weak spots almost mandating gold round use
  • Atrocious super-heavy tanks spamming large caliber HE rounds which is an incredibly one dimensional way to play and play against.
  • Much more gold spam than before. This to me is the deal breaker of WoT as it now stands. Playing tanks with a bit of armor (but not super-heavies) one can very often just see all yellow in your hits received tracker. It feels unfair and it makes me angry. I think this is why I stopped playing WoT in the first place.

I think back to how WoT's used to be when I first stared playing it. Take for example the now maligned Tiger 2. This was a well balanced tank even with machine gun port weak spot removed. You had a weak lower plate, a weak hatch and a turret face which could be penned by some enemies but the face wasn't that large and was a tough shot at any range. To mitigate this, knowledgeable Tiger 2 drives would learn to angle armor, hide lower plates and even could hide the hatch a bit on right hand corners and could wiggle the turret and stuff, and you could side-scrape corners. It's involving and satisfying game play to participate in. Contrast this now with super-heavies which just derp HE center mass, players gold spamming at center mass, and a general trend to remove weakspots etc. and there is much less involvement for me. If anyone remembers armored warfare? One reason it failed was because at higher tiers game-play was frontally invulnerable MBT's slinging HE at each other. It's incredibly boring.

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I've moaned before about gold rounds and was told the usual crap: 'they are in the game', 'anyone can buy them', 'they are necessary', but like I said, they feel unfair to me. I don't even care to define them as P2W. When I get spammed with gold I feel like something unjust is happening to me and I never get that feeling in Warships or War Thunder to same degree. I don't even care about some of the map design in WoT. It's the gold rounds – and the way WG have encouraged a gold round meta with their design choice – which means WoT will probably go back in its box and be placed back in the attic for me, maybe to take out once again on a rainy day in a year to so to see if anything has changed.

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