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What other wheeled lines are possible besides the French one?

WorldofTanks4 - What other wheeled lines are possible besides the French one?

So, with Christmas and all, I went to teh internetz looking for wheeled vehicles good enough (or old enough) to fit into WoT. Thing is, I didn't find quite as much as I'd expect. Here's what I've found, if you are aware of other stuff that could fill in the blanks, please let me know.

Main point here – practically none of those vehicles have power/weight ratio to support the playstyle WG propagates with French tanks. Sans few exceptions, all these vehicles have power/weight ratio of medium tanks – around 20 at best. Their top speeds are way higher though. (Also, it's hard for me to tell if the guns on cold war era vehicles are actually rifled >_>)

USA US can actualy put together a complete line, though top tiers are somewhat sketchy (stuff from late 1970s at best).

  • Tier 2: M8 Greyhound (37mm M6) 89kph @ 13.9hp/t
  • Tier 3: T17 Deerhound (37mm M6) 97kph @ 15.2hp/t
  • Tier 4: T18 Boarhound (57mm M1) 80kph @ 9.3hp/t // this one is really underpowered, but it actually has some armor and probably can ram pretty well going downhill at 27 tons)
  • Tier 5: T17E1 Staghound (2-pdr with Littlejohn or 3-inch howitzer) 89kph @ 13.9hp/t
  • Tier 6: Staghound Mk.III (75mm OQF) 89kph @ 13.9hp/t
  • Tier 7: M38/M24 (90mm D-925) 97kph @ 19.3hp/t // M38 Wolfhound with M24 Chaffee turret. The 90mm isn't very historical, it's from Norway's upgraded Chaffee.
  • Tier 8: LAV-300 (90mm) 105kph @ 18.4hp/t // From here on I'm pretty much borrowing stuff from Armored Warfare. I don't know the details of the tier 8-10 vehicles and they look pretty similiar, so I've just ordered them based on their engine power >_>
  • Tier 9: LAV-150 (90mm) 100kph @ 20.4hp/t
  • Tier X: Dragoon 300 (90mm) 116kph @ 23.6hp/t


  • Tier 4: M38 Wolfhound (37mm M6) 97kph @ 19.3hp/t
  • Tier 8: M20 H-90 (90mm) 89kph @ 15.2hp/t // Greyhound with Panhard AML turret + engine upgrade from some other Greyound variant.

There's also a T27 Armored Car, though I don't quite see a place for it.

Germany Germany was … disappointing. There might be some paper plans, but I couldn't find any.

  • Tier 2: SdKfz 231 (20mm KwK 38) 85kph @ 21.2hp/t
  • Tier 3: Panzerspähwagen DAF 201 (h) (37mm Bofors 1939) 75kph @ 18.7hp/t // Dutch vehicle used by Germans.
  • Tier 4: SdKfz 234/2 (5cm KwK 39 L/60) 80kph @ 18.8hp/t //Could prolly also weild the 3cm autocanon from Luchs – same turret. This is the (not-really-called-that) "Puma".
  • Tier 4 TD: SdKfz 234/4 (75mm KwK 40 L/43) 80kph @18.3hp/t // Doesn't have a turret.
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  • Tier 2: 39M Csaba (20mm Solothurn AT rifle) 65kph @ 15.1hp/t // Hungarian, good enough for a gift tank.
  • Tier 8: SIMBAS AFSV-90 (90mm) 100kph @ 20hp/t // German design, built in Belgium. Again, these cold war AFVs with 90mm guns are kinda low on details.

There's also a SdKfz 233 – could be a tier 3 TD with 75mm derp, but it seems kinda pointless. Same with some other 20mm designs, including the cold-war era Spähpanzer Luchs. And that is it. Practically nothing from tier 5 upwards afaik. (The tier 4s could be streched to tier 5 I suppose.)

United Kingdom This one is almost as good as the US, but I have nothing particularly solid for top tiers.

  • Tier 2: Humber AC Mk.IV (15mm BESA or 37mm M5/M6) 80kph @ 12.9hp/t
  • Tier 3: Daimler AC (QF 2-pdr or 3in howitzer) 80kph @ 12.5 hp/t
  • Tier 4: Marmon-Herrington AC Mk.IV (OQF 6-pdr or 3in howitzer) 80kph @ 14.2 hp/t // Biult in South Africa, includes modifications from Jordan.
  • Tier 5: Coventry AC (75mm) 68kph @ 16.9hp/t
  • Tier 6: AEC AC (75mm OQF) 65kph @ 12.4hp/t
  • Tier 7: Saladin (76mm L5A1) 72kph @ 15.5hp/t // Couldn't find much on the L5A1 gun, except that it probably does HEAT/HESH/HE instead of rigid shots.
  • Tier 8: Fox 76 (76mm L23A1) 104kph @ 28.1hp/t // Fox with Scorpion turret and gun. The gun is apparently based on the L5A1.


  • Tier 7: Saracen NGAC (77mm OQF Mk.II) 83kph @ 14.4hp/t // Experimental South African vehicle built on the 8×8 Saracen chasis with Comet gun. 1979. One of the failed early prototypes in project that eventualy led to Rooikat. There were 2 more similiar prototypes, but this one is based on british APC.
  • Tier 8: AVGP Cougar (76mm L23A1) 100kph @ 25.7hp/t // Canadian AFV with Scorpion turret.

Couldn't find anything old enough with larger caliber guns. There are some South African options though, which I didn't include, since South Africa left the Commonwealth in 1961:

  • Eland 90 – tier 8-9 material with 90mm like the one on french tier 8 car. 15-ish hp/t ratio ain't the greatest though.
  • Ratel 90 – same stuff, newer, less fancy chasis.
  • Cheetah Mk.II – de facto Rooikat prototype using powerful 76mm gun… not sure if 76mm gun can work at tier 9. Also, its 1982 stuff.
  • Bismark – heavy variant to Cheetah with modified 105mm L7 gun. Besides the gun and weight (over 30t), I've found very little info. Again, 1982.
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Soviet Union Again, underwhelming. Guess Soviets liked tracks on their armor?

  • Tier 2: BDRM-1 (14.5mm KVPT autocanon) 90kph @ 16hp/t
  • Tier 3: BDRM-2 (23mm GSh-23 autocanon) 100kph @ 18.2hp/t

  • Tier 7: BTR-60/PT-76 (76.2mm D56-T) 80kph @ 18.4hp/t // some engine upgrades available

  • Tier 8: 2S14 Zhalo-S (85mm 2A62) 80kph @ 19.2 hp/t

  • Tier 9: BTR-60/AML-90 (90mm) 80kph @ 18.4hp/t // Djibouti or Yemen modifications of BTR-60.

  • Tier X: BTR-60/T-54 (100mm D-10) 70kph @ ?? // Apparently someone on Cuba has managed put a T-54 turret on BTR-60 chasis, after heavy modificatons to both.

And that's it for Soviet Russia, besides a number of old big slow and pointless armored cars from 1930s and before. I was honestly expecting more here.

Italy Could have Autoblinda 41 with 20mm autocanon and its planned upgrade Autoblinda 43 with 47mm, but what would be the point?

Japan Besides Type 73 jeep with .50cal and some ugly old lumbering thing using front-facing 37mm, there is nothing.


I honestly hope that we'll get a Toyota Technical at least in form of an April Fools event 😀 Hilux or Land Cruiser, with either a .50 M2 Browning or 14.5mm KVPT.

Anyways. This is what I see in terms of possibilities so far and I'm not as thrilled by it as I'd think I'd be. Anyone has any vehicles to fill some gaps?

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