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Wheeled rebalance idea

WorldofTanks2 - Wheeled rebalance idea

A lot of people hate wheeled vehicles, and for a good reason. They are very hard to hit while moving at full speed, they like to take 0 damage to their wheels, they deny positions to regular LT's, and they seem to be crucial for any team to win. So, without further ado, here's rebalance idea that should make them more fair, and fun to play against:

  • Top speed remains high
  • Nerf to acceleration
  • Somewhat nerf medium ground resistance
  • Ultimate nerf for soft ground resistance
  • Implement huge energy loss while turning at high speed
  • Buff view range to near normal LT's, but still worse
  • Nerf to accuracy on the move to be on par with other LT's
  • Damaged wheel will drag the vehicle to it's side, higher the top speed, more drag
  • 2 or 3 damaged wheels should stop the vehicle, like normal tracking

Taking damage

After this rebalance, wheelies are no longer YOLO-WAGONS that drive circles around the map, dodge enemy shells without problem, and take damage to wheels like a boss. Now, taking damage to single wheel will not only slow you down drastically, but also (in case you were driving fast) will swing you to the side of damaged wheel, possibly smashing you into a wall, or even a body of water, if you're unlucky. If no such disaster will happen, you will have to compensate for drag of damaged wheel, by constantly correcting your direction to the other side. Also, two or three damaged wheels should bring you to full stop, since currently wheelies are impossible to stop (seriously have any of you seen wheeled vehicle brought to a full stop? Perhaps if it had more than half wheels damaged…)


Now mobility should still be their major upside, but only if used well. Acceleration should be bad now, so if we're talking about small repositioning, normal LT will be there first. However, if we're talking about reaching other side of the map, high top sped should allow wheeled vehicle to be there first, despite lower acceleration. About ground resistances: My idea is that wheeled commanders should know map very well, more so than any other player: By remembering positions of all the roads. Road have hardest ground resistance, and therefore should be easy to pass, and wheeled vehicles should excel at that. But medium ground should be not so forgiving to them, and soft ground (bogs, think valley on lakeville) should put them to near stop, and be avoided at all costs. This setup would require players to think outside od the box, and instead of taking the shortest route, they might want to follow roads and hard ground, to reach destination faster than anyone else, and avoid soft ground at all costs, as it will slow them down like hell. (Similar thing is implemented in War Thunder for wheeled vehicles, some of you might know that). Due to this, combined with energy loss happening during high speed turns, active spotting should be no longer so easy, and left to regular light tanks.


New gameplay

After these changes, wheeled vehicles should be best ones at taking far passive scouting positions (hence buff to view range, to make them competitive at passive scouting), as well as quickly repositioning to other side of the map. They would require greater knowledge of maps, and placement of all hard ground they can use for their advantage. On medium and soft ground, light tanks will outpace you. Active scouting is now very dangerous, as your wheels are prone to devastating damage, and you can't turn very well at high speed.

Armament (?)

I think that nerf to accuracy on the move is welcome, since they are best in class right now in that regard. Not sure about all other statistics. I think that big HE guns with slow reload could be kept, to let them have something special. Perhaps they could have good accuracy, but very long aim time, so that passive spotter gameplay is reinforced, where you need to stop, take your time aiming, surprise your opponent with big smash in the face, and instantly start retreating.


I get that yall hate wheelies right now, and want them gone, but this is supposed to be rebalance, not complete nerf to the ground, that would effectively remove them from the meta, and game. Before introduction, a lot of people in forums were asking for wheeled vehicles, and i think there is place for them in our game, but not as blatantly overpowered like they are now. Instead, they should fill their own niche, and when put against other lights, should be equal opponents.

Please share your opinions, and i welcome constructive criticism regarding this topic. I hope you like my take on the matter! And thanks for reading this wall of text 🙂

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