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Why 6.0 is here to stay, nostalgia is dead

WorldofTanks2 - Why 6.0 is here to stay, nostalgia is dead

OK so without reheating all the reasons that 6.0 is a bug-ridden shitfest, I have been trying to consider why WG have gone down this road and their future intentions. I am a pretty average player on PS4 pro + 55" 4K TV, have about 12000 battles since the end of 2019 (Mercenaries already a thing when I started), liked the seasonal (autumn /winter /spring etc) games, which were pretty good, hated the Fortnite style season pass, WWE, Hot Wheels and now 6.0. My three pet hates were MM, maps, arty (of course). None of those were fixed with 6.0, but we now have degraded cartoon graphics, tinny Casio-watch SFX (dings and tings, buzzy bee spotted noise….), unfathomable disorientating gameplay, useless armour, all tanks play (and quickly die) the same except now worthless lights and arty. I try to give the game a chance, but I just don't know what's going on any more. I used to enjoy setting targets like maximising spotting damage in lights, or rolling out the Maus to see how much blocking damage I could get (my record is about 11,000 blocked, now I can't get above 200-300 before the Maus vaporises under pin-point accurate arty and mediums gunfire). I played 3-4 hours a day drawn in by those elusive but satisfying long duration cat and mouse games with the (very) occasional carry. Now its down to 30 minutes of yoloing around aimlessly before I switch off in disappointment. Just why have WOT imploded their previously not perfect, but perfectly good game? It's got to be down to commerciality. WOTC *must* be profitable, but likely seeing low growth or even contracting revenues with long term players spending less. I spent gold on some tanks and premium time to get going, but little since, waiting on map & MM improvements, but it seems WG have moved on without me….. is that the norm with veteran players? Growth will more likely come from new players, in terms of numbers and spend, so WG are courting the vast mobile market (will we see vertical tech tree displays on a phone?) , with gameplay and graphics appealing to broader successful Fortnite & Nintendo format audiences demanding instant gratification and similar styling….. if that is where the smart money goes. Fine to a point, but why not create a new version of WOT(mobile) to run alongside WOTC, unless WOTC was simply not viable in its historic form…. and the powers above Paingod have decided, its plainly not his decision, the body language suggests he hates being the public face of WG forced to communicate the 'new vision'. What is apparent reading between the lines, is that old WOT is gone, 6.0 is here to stay. It is not just a recoded platform but an entirely new game format which WG are determined to take forward. The bug 'fixes' will not return the game to its former glory as that is no longer the direction of commercial travel. I think that those players that have already decided to quit or uninstall, have probably made the right decision as the only option is to adapt to the new format and stop dreaming of past glories.


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