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Why aren’t TKers getting banned?

WorldofTanks3 - Why aren't TKers getting banned?

It's not uncommon that someone starts shooting me at the beginning of the match… I should start recording. This morning for example I was playing archer and peeking from one of the windows at… this small map that has a city on the west, open field on the right, and train walls in the middle. So a BDR G1 B rammed me, then shot me right at the start of the game for no reason, immediately gets blue, and then shoots me again… but he's not banned? So he keep ramming me against the hole with my low side exposed, I just made some coffee and when I came back we were 1 tank away from winning… but this as*hole is still ramming me.

Another one I just had on my T9 HT, I'm running across the field to the city (this map that is a small city surrounded by green areas with bunkers and we are attacking, so a STRV says I have to go back, I ignore him and he shoots me from behind, 400 damage and I get tracked, he instantly turns blue too. Then he shoots me again and kills one of my loaders… but he's still playing?

What am I missing here? Are people no longer getting banned for repeated offenses?

Also what are the costs for shooting a blue exactly? I've heard no costs, only the ammo spent (obviously), a smaller penalty than shooting someone normally… But I'm not sure. My guess after the match ended I had 30k credits, so I'm more inclined towards thinking there are no penalties, because I shot the STRV back 2 times. I'd like some confirmation though.

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