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Why does this game even have a silver economy? Should/could they remove silver? How would you change or improve it?

WorldofTanks3 - Why does this game even have a silver economy? Should/could they remove silver? How would you change or improve it?

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Honestly… the more i think about it, and the more posts I see from people who have left the game, the more I realize how little it adds to the game. A popular saying is “WoT is an arcade game, not a simulator.” But why does an arcade game require you to pay for repairs? Ammo? Things necessary just to play the fricken game? Consumables and equipment costs are understandable, but even then, I look at a lot of modern games (like CoD) which give you an entire loadout for free. All you have to do is unlock the equipment or skills by leveling up via xp or weapon xp.

I don’t want to compare this game to CoD, because they’re two completely different beasts, but a major reason so many people have left since 6.0 is the silver economy, and be honest with yourself: Would the game really be much different without silver?

What if each tank had two free consumables per battle, equipment was free, but equipment slots were unlocked with tank xp or free xp, and ammo and repair costs didn’t exist. You could adjust your ratio of AP and HE rounds for free, and premium ammo/consumables didn’t exist.

I know it’ll never happen, but doesn’t this sound better than losing silver on a victory in your brand new M48 Patton, even with a premium account? After the huge grind to tier 10, you should be rewarded for your time, but instead it’s just a silver dumping ground. Too bad we can’t equip our tanks with metal detectors.

There’s the free to play argument. The game doesn’t cost anything to play. People spend gold on premium consumables and premium ammo, so WG would experience a loss of revenue if they dropped silver.

But is that even true? What idiot spends gold on premium consumables or ammo? Who in their right mind would convert gold into silver? Nobody does that. And if you or anybody you know does do this, please correct their behavior so they’re not wasting their hard-earned cash. Spend your gold on more worthwhile things, like premium tanks or season passes, or even premium time.


Premium time would probably be cheaper since the silver bonus would disappear, but they could easily increase the xp bonus from it to balance the loss, or add new features to make premium time worth the cost. Special ops for premium tanks that are unique to players with premium time? They already do it for the season pass, so this isn’t much of a stretch. Increased free xp earn rate? Their creative department could have fun with this.

I know this will never happen. At this point, even if WGBC decided to remove silver, it’s so ingrained in the game that there would inevitably be negative side effects. I’m sure players would be angry since premium tanks would be less useful. But it’s relaxing to think about not having to drop 20k on a premium consumable or spending another 30k just on firing my gun. They might as well make us pay for fuel, too.

Maybe an alternative to removing silver entirely would be to just remove repair and (standard) ammo costs? I don’t know. There has to be a solution. I personally wouldn’t be angry if silver got removed entirely. Even if my premium tanks didn’t have a silver bonus, I’d still enjoy playing them. Maybe a larger, variable portion of their earned xp could be automatically converted to free xp?

I don’t, won’t and never have paid for premium though, so I can’t speak on that. Just doesn’t seem like a worthwhile investment since it doesn’t directly add value to my gameplay. I probably would pay for it if it did something other than increasing my xp and silver gain.

Opinions? Thoughts? Jokes about how the game is being driven into the ground?

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