World of Tanks

Why is Wargaming fooling the Community over and over again?

WorldofTanks6 - Why is Wargaming fooling the Community over and over again?

Remember Defender and the warcry after that from the Western Community? I cant tell if the russian community was also not pleased about that so im refering only to the western community in this one.

Defender got released.. after a certain amount of time.. Defender got removed and they said "it will never be sold again until further notice…"

Blaah.. blaah blaaahh.. WG will do the same shit with the IS-3 A… The community gets pounded by that russian retarded Overpowerd bullshit… IS-3 A gets removed.. and we will see next December the IS-3 A again.. and probably a new russian Tank that is even more broken.


I wish.. for once.. the russian community would help out the western community and slam a hammer down the throat of the Dev´s. Or at least.. some big ass western community is able to buy World of Tanks and try to fix it before this Game and everything else is just burned ash and dirt on the ground.

The Quackybaby video showed us that the largest playerbase is around russia.. 70-75% ish. If we get them on our boat for once.. that would be the dopest cheeki breeki thing ever. But i have no clue if WG would change anything after that and if the russian community gives a fu*k about what they do anyways.

And all i can do is to accept that im addicted to a self harming and killing game.. playing it with less enjoyement than before. FeelsBadMan

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