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WOTC New Years Wishlist

WorldofTanks9 - WOTC New Years Wishlist

No tank balance talk or arty bashing here… Just honest feedback on the most basic level of things that WOT needs in the new year:

  1. Fix the occasional bug where repair kits will not activate.
  2. Replace Chevron indicators above tanks with tank class symbols. Chevrons provide too little tactical info at quick glance. For example, a super heavy has precious little time to choose how to react to an incoming light tank vs a heavy.
  3. Simplified and greyed out maps (mini and large) have deleted too much detail when compared to Vanilla WOT. Tactical information takes too long to decifer.
  4. Add options to display tank tier, type, and health, at reticle when we have line of sight. Tactical information in bottom left and right corners disrupts concentration in our tank positioning, enemy tank movements.
  5. Combat log should display tank type rather then player names. Player names are not helpful.
  6. Visual cue for reload finished is too muted and can be missed in the fog of war. Add an enhanced visual cue, like a whole reticle glow/sunburst, with color change, when reload completes.
  7. Damage caused/received numbers that pop-up could be better highlighted (larger and better distinction on source) to provide better feedback.
  8. Add options for arc health and reload bars near the reticle, akin to Vanilla WOT. Again, health bars in corners takes too much time to review and forces us to lose track of tank movements and battlefield situation changes.
  9. Need Vanilla WOT ammo type indicators please.
  10. In-game team roster screen is lacking. Too little info is shown and it's needlessly split between to tabs.
  11. Add back indicator of how many people are on cap.
  12. I've always said that if you want to keep new players, situational awareness should just be part of the base code like targeted is. Since new WOT doesn't require a commander (formerly 'crew') to play in a tank, situational awareness could be built (i.e. a core game mechanic) into the commander as a default characteristic/bonus of having one in the tank. Having new players be fodder to experienced players until they get SS on all their crews isn't helping.
  13. Garage wishlist:
  • Enhanced Targeting Info equipment should be free or cheap. This was default functionality in Vanilla WOT.
  • Add new mechanism to make crew transfers more simple, from the garage or when inside tank customization screen (Y button is unused in tank customization screen. That could be for quick & direct commander access)
  • Allow us to respec single skills rather then only the whole slate.
  • Add Filtering to commander screen.
  • You should be able to fully interact with tanks from the tank filter screen, rather then having to get the tank you want into the filter then go back to the garage and find it, then you get to interact with it.
  • I'm not even going to attempt to discuss the tech trees. It's bad enough for me to have stopped grinding all together. At least add something that simply and clearly shows how much xp, minimum, it is to unlock the next tank.

Happy New Year (I hope)!!!!


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