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WOTC would benefit from a public test server

WorldofTanks8 - WOTC would benefit from a public test server

Mentioned this in a post on the official WOTC forums back in October, when the devs decided to inject the ‘truevision’ nonsense directly into the live server. Adding it here with updated 6.0 comments, to maybe gain a few more eyeballs on it:

Please consider adopting the model PC uses, where a test server/client separate from the main server/client is available to test proposed changes to game mechanics. This minimizes disruption to casual and time restricted players, who simply do not have the time to research and fully understand what the changes were, and what their impacts are.

For something as fundamental as spotting and rendering – which affects map balance, camouflage selection, crew skills, and equipment – it was disappointing to the see the lack of in game explanations and in game videos to better ease general population players into the test. In this situation, it would have been much better to have set up a separate server/client, with players opting into the system.

If the concern was lack of players interested in participating in the test program, nominal prizes such as season points, boosts, or vouchers could be used to gain more participants. This would be especially useful to newer players, to whom the marginal utility is greatest for these items.

Lastly, the major ramifications to map balance, value/use of camouflage based skills and equipment should have been picked up as “show stoppers” by the Supertest program. As a former Supertester, I sincerely hope this resource is being properly engaged, as the folks who volunteer for it are typically reflective of your most passionate and knowledgeable player base.


6.0 notes:

Friendly reminder. Update 6.0 would have greatly benefited from a public test server period prior to go live.

Though you still would probably have suffered fallout from the changes to crew xp and tank research, at least you would have been able to gather good suggestions on improvements to the HUD, general game stability, broken tech tree and premium matchmaking, thematic misappropriation (seriously? armored warfare’s aesthetic and color palette? a worse copy of your game?), and silver/gold purchase confusion… without the insane amounts of table flipping from this week.

And hey, it would have served as a useful heads up to players to get their grinds done, before their chance of unlocking a 430U is locked away behind a 750k+ exp requirement wall.

These are issues that could have been addressed prior to release – especially one timed so close to the holiday season, where less development and testing is to be expected due to folks going on holiday.

Honestly, we simply want better communication, timelines and expectations. Instead of vague teasers, consider communicating the actual changes, their impact, and their expected timelines way, way, way, in advance.

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