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Anyone else feel like the XVM hate is a little overboard? I'm not saying I never see someone insulting another for their stats because I do see it happen. But 9 times out of 10 its because the person has very questionable stats like: deep red, sub 40% win rate, 50,000+ games played, and playing like a literal bot. Its very very rare that I see someone call out someone for having yellow, green, or orange stats. Its similar to alot of Reddit threads posted here:

The other thing I see alot of is, when someone announces at the start that they are going to lose, suiciding, going AFK, etc. Most times, again 9 times out of 10 this person isn't using XVM. A perfect example was at the start of a battle when someone said, "This team sucks, were going to lose." My platoon mate immedately says, "this is the kind of toxicity that XVM creates and i cant wait for it to be banned." I check and sure enough the random stranger is not using XVM. I tell my buddy and he just goes quiet.

Because of that situation I make it my mission, or my interest, to contact these people after the game to ask what made them say this or suicide, or go AFK etc. And many times the responses have been unexpected. Never once have they replied back saying their decision was the result of XVM. But i have had replies such as, "I didn't like the tanks on the enemy team." or, "I hate that map." More often than not the people using XVM are generally quiet and don't behave so negatively.


In another situation a totally different friend was having trouble moving around his crews and his binocs/camo net. I suggest he use XVM to help with that so we don't have to wait between battles for so long. Immediately they scoff, "I'm never installing XVM I hope that @#$% is removed." He is so overwhelmed with hate for something he has no idea about that he doesn't realize he can install XVM, and use its many features, without having to dabble with the stats or win chance.

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This brings me to my next point – most people don't know how best to use XVM. They think its for bashing others, they think its the reason for negativity ingame, etc etc. The proper way to use XVM is to use it as a learning tool. Study how others play and observe how they handle a situation. Use it to support a player who is driving a great tank, but not might be the best tanker. etc etc. Turn off the win chance. Spectate a unicum. Observe where they position. If you see a unicum or any skilled player making a push – support them. And if you see a TOG driver with 38% win rate, maybe shoot what they spot as they drive out into the middle of Malinovka.

Please educate others about XVM and how to use it. Dispel the myths and falsities – most likely the guy who just drown themself isn't a XVM user, they just don't want to play against the enemy Defender. And if someone has terrible stats don't call them out about it: their gameplay will reflect their stats for everyone to see. And overall use XVM responsibly because it feels like alot of people are jumping at the chance to throw it under the bus.

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