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Year 3 of Predictions for the game, and some more predictions to come

WorldofTanks10 - Year 3 of Predictions for the game, and some more predictions to come

Hello ladies and gents!

This is now the 3rd year in a row where I give predictions for what is to come to the game! Let us LOOK BACK at last year's predictions and see how accurate I (and some of the rest of you) were!

Prediction 1 from 2018:

The Polish Tech Tree will be preceded by much wailing and gnashing of teeth, but upon release, will be universally hated not because they are very strong, but because they are more like the Kranvagn and are only strong in one specific instance. 

I was pretty much dead on.

Prediction 2 from 2018:

Grand Battles mode will be expanded to include tiers 8-10, with similar ratios as are currently in 15v15 matches (max 6 tier 10s, 10 tier 9's, and 14 tier 8's in a 3 tier match per side). 

Partially right – Tier 8 did get GB's added to them (Tier 9 did not), but my prediction to see all 3 tiers in a GB match at once was off the mark

Prediction 3 from 2018:

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Christmas Loot Boxes for Christmas '17, they will return this year. However, the Type 59 will not be "the golden goose" this year, but instead, it will be the newly improved and buffed KV-5. 

Well, got the nation and buff right, but tank wrong. It was the IS-3A that was buffed and the 'golden goose'

My Misguided Prediction from 2018:

Personal Missions 2.0 will have only 3 tiers, and at each tier of completion, you get to choose from one of 2 possible tanks, so that you can't have them all. 

Half right, again. Only 3 'tiers' of missions 2.0, but no choice in tanks for each level of completion


So, how will the next year pan out? Let me look into the crystal ball and bring you 4 more predictions

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Prediction 1: The next 3 tech tree expansions will be American proto-MBT minibranch, Japanese TD's, and the "Global Initiative' tree with 2-3 branches of mixed nations.

Prediction 2: WG will super testing a new branch of SPG's (or a possible new arty mechanic) that are based entirely around an 'autocannon' like feature that gives 0 stun, and instead, gives you the 'death of a thousand cuts' by importing a similar mechanic to the Air-Strike consumable from FL into regular matches (again, as either a new branch of SPG's, or as a new mechanic for the SPG's to simulate an 'artillery barrage').

Prediction 3: When the bond shop does finally open up, the first tank that will be available for bonds will be the Waffentrager E-100 for 12,500 bonds.

Misguided Prediction: There will be an overhaul to a minor game mechanic that turns the 'meta' against Russian tanks, as this game mechanic change severely hampers their capabilities.

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