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1000000 Giveaway – Mythic BfD Mount from Gallywix Community (Horde NA)!

wow6 - 1000000 Giveaway - Mythic BfD Mount from Gallywix Community (Horde NA)!

I know I said that our second giveaway was going to feature coins from Reddit, but we're actually going to do this one next – a Mythic Jaina kill! This is a joint celebration: 10K discord members for Gallywix and 1M subscribers to
wow - 1000000 Giveaway - Mythic BfD Mount from Gallywix Community (Horde NA)!r/wow.

Here is the message from Gallywix, and much thanks to them for offering this!

Note: you must be Horde and NA to win

Hello wow!

We are The Gallywix Community, a huge community of top players from across the world who arrange boost runs for all kinds of things that WoW has to offer.

The Gallywix Discord Server recently hit 10.000 members, and to celebrate we are doing a Glacial Tidestorm/Jaina Mount giveaway on NA Horde servers with US Top Guild <Big Dumb Guild>.

In the Christmas of 2018, we did a huge sweep of successful giveaways, you can check those out in our Christmas post here!

What is Gallywix?

Besides being the name of everyone's favourite Trade Prince, Gallywix is a Gold Boosting Community that started in Europe but has now expanded to North America as well. We cannot emphasize enough that everything we do is strictly for in-game gold. Under no circumstances do we take real money for our boosts.

Our boosters are all from the very top-end of WoW in their respective areas. They boost for us because they enjoy playing the game, and because they enjoy making gold – which they definitely need to tackle some of the toughest content in WoW! Regardless of where the gold comes from, we ensure that all of our boosters get paid in GOLD only on the server that they want.



  • Leave a top level comment 1 in this thread before Saturday May 25th at noon EST
  • Your account must be at least 30 days old.
  • Your account must have positive karma in /r/wow and overall on reddit.
  • You must have some activity within the last 6 months in /r/wow.
  • You will need an active subscription on the North American servers.
  • You will need a level 120 Horde character that is not saved to a Mythic lockout. (Mount is account-wide!)
  • If you win you will need to share you Battle.Net tag with me (aphoenix) which will be given to Big Dumb Guild.

1 – "top level comment" means a comment as a direct reply to this post, not a reply to other users. The votes will not be considered at all in the draw, so downvoting people will have no effect on their ability to win.

Note from aphoenix: If you make your username in Gallywix' server match your reddit username here during the draw (which will happen on Saturday evening) it will increase your chances to win!


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